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The Best Top Frame for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign


It’s no secret, you’ve got a great sense of eyewear style. While your Pair collection might include a quirky Rainbow Tie Dye and a classic Matcha Split, some style choices were written in the stars. 

We checked your horoscope, and these are the perfect Top Frames for your astrological sign.


You love a good challenge, especially if that means leading others. Bring on the competition!



You take the phrase “Go big or go home,” to another level. For you, bigger is better!


You’re always down for some good sunshine and exploring. When adventure calls, you follow!


You love to stick to the status-quo, a.k.a. no big changes for you! Simple is key.


You're extremely intuitive and great at thinking on your feet! However, you've always got a lot on your mind.


If duty calls, you’re there! You’re all about getting business done- with a side of fun of course.

Capricorn - The Party Dinos


Charismatic is your middle name! You’re extremely outgoing and never meet a stranger.


Pink or Tortoise? You might be indecisive, but no matter what you choose, the socialite in you is down for it all!


Your motto is “Good Vibes Only.” Your main traits are being easy going and lighthearted!


Your anthem is the Friends theme song  “I’ll Be There For You.” You seek comfort, and are sensitive, but are the calm one everyone needs in their life.


Sarcasm is your first language. You’re known to be extremely deep and intense.


You’re pretty laid back, compassionate and intuitive. Even through it all, you never lost your love for wonder and imagination.


Some eyewear style choices were written in the stars. 🌌 ##TheLarkin ##paireyewear ##wearpair ##zodiacstyle ##astrologytiktok

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Frame Width -

The width of the front of the frame.

Lens Height -

The vertical diameter of one lens

Bridge Width -

The width of the bridge section

Lens Width -

The horizontal diameter of one lens

Temple Length -

The length of the temple arm, from the front of the frame to the end tip