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Make Your Style Clear With These 10 Clear-Style Glasses

Clear-style glasses have taken the style world by storm. These clear frame, clear lens glasses are also called transparent glasses because it's easy to see through the entire frame to your pretty face.

And it’s this very fact that makes clear glasses so universally flattering. These frames let everyone see past your glasses to your face. And trust us, your face looks good on you.

Basically, clear-style glasses are the ghosts of the glasses world — as long as ghosts are ridiculously cute (kind of like the ghost emoji 👻). They’re see-through, they’re super fun, and if you don’t find yourself a pair soon, it’s sure to haunt you.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a scary ghost story. It’s more of a friendly ghost story. That’s why we’re here with this friendly style guide that will help you find the perfect clear-style glasses.

10 Clear-Style Glasses That Are Clearly the Cutest

We’ve rounded up 10 of the cutest pairs of clear glasses for a variety of face shapes. All of the clear-style glasses on this list, like all clear-style glasses in general, feature plastic frames. This is good news for many glasses wearers. Metal frames can sometimes trigger an allergic reaction in people with metal allergies, but plastic is comfortable and nonreactive.

For the most comfortable fit, these frames are made from cellulose acetate, a plant-based plastic, which is one of the best materials for making lightweight glasses frames. So, these eyeglasses won’t feel heavy on your nose or ears. They also feature durable spring hinges, and durable and lightweight polycarbonate lenses.

Not only do all of these glasses come in crystal clear frames, but you can also get them in clear with a blue or pink tint. Then, you can customize your frames with single vision, progressive, reading, nonprescription, or sunglass lenses. Plus, they’re available as blue light glasses or with transition lenses.

If you find a pair in this list that you love, you can do a virtual try-on to see how they look.

1. The Kirby

Clear style glasses: woman wearing the Kirby glasses

These big-frame glasses are ideal for wide faces and for anyone who likes an oversized fit. Plus, the square shape of the frames makes The Kirby a flattering pair of glasses for round faces, oval faces, and diamond faces. (If you're not sure which face shape you have, use this guide to figure it out.)

Big eyeglass frames have big benefits. Because of their extra large lens width, you’re less likely to see The Kirby frame peeking into your peripheral vision. It also leaves a lot of room to accommodate progressive lenses (which are like bifocals but better).

Plus, the look of oversized glasses is geek chic. Picture the cute scientist from a 1980s disaster movie. This look was hipster before hipsters were even a thing!

But oversized glasses aren’t a good fit for everyone — literally. If you want to keep your glasses from slipping off your nose, make sure to figure out your ideal glasses measurements before ordering an oversized pair.

2. The Larkin

Clear style glasses: person wearing the Larkin glasses

This pair of rectangular eyeglass frames is always a best seller. In the black frame color, The Larkin gives off serious Clark Kent vibes, but in the clear color, they’re Superman all the way! (Hey, clear frames are basically incognito anyway.)

With their rectangular shape, these are some of the best glasses for oval faces. They look great on round and heart-shaped faces as well. The narrow fit is perfect for people with small faces, and the unisex design makes this style flattering on both men and women.

With a flat top and a high nose bridge, these frames also leave your browline fully visible. So, when life makes you raise an eyebrow or two, your expression will be clear to see.

3. The Wanda

Clear style glasses: pink Wanda glasses on a white and pink background

Another pair of large lens eyeglasses, The Wanda is ideal for wide faces and for those who love an oversized look. This vintage retro-inspired frame is a modern update on classic cat-eye glasses. They make us want to put on our poodle skirts and head to the drive-in.

Cat-eye frames are classic for a reason. They’re flattering on most face shapes, including oval, square, diamond, and heart-shaped faces.

The wide lenses make them a good choice for people who wear progressive lenses. And like all the glasses frames on this list, they’re also available as reading glasses or with single vision lenses or non-prescription lenses. Because these clear eyeglasses make a statement, The Wanda frames are a perfect pair of fashion glasses.

4. The Ella

Clear style glasses: woman holding a pair of Ella glasses

Another classic cat-eye frame, The Ella is designed to fit medium faces. When in doubt, medium-width eyeglasses are a good fit for most people, and The Ella looks great on faces ranging from narrow to average widths.

With that flattering cat-eye shape, these clear-style glasses have retro appeal, but the clear frames keep it subtle. So, this timeless eyewear can complement all your outfits from your vintage-inspired victory rolls to your modern mohawk.

These are some of the best glasses for heart-shaped faces, and they also flatter oval, square, and diamond face shapes.

5. The Finley

Clear style glasses: woman happily wearing the Finley glasses

We love how The Finley frame falls halfway between a square and a rectangular shape. And yes, we know that all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. (Shout out to our middle school math teachers!) But, go with us here.

This shape isn’t as blocky as a full square, but it also isn’t as wide as a rectangular frame. So while rectangular frames are more flattering on longer faces, and square frames are more flattering on wider faces, The Finley is flattering on all sorts of faces.

This frame looks great on round, oval, and heart-shaped faces, and its medium width fits most face sizes.

6. The Casper

Man wearing the Casper glasses

Speaking of ghosts, meet The Casper. These square frames have rounded edges, which gives them softer lines and makes them look more subtle on your face. So, you can count on The Casper frames to make you the star of the show, rather than stealing your spotlight.

And when you’re ready for your close-up, The Casper will let your expression shine through. Its subtly arched top line mirrors your browline, and the high nose bridge ensures your brows are fully visible. So, whether you’re feeling surprised, concerned, or overjoyed, these clear-style glasses won’t hide who you are.

The medium width is an easy fit for most people, and their square shape looks great on oval, round, and diamond faces.

7. The Twain

Man holding his Twain glasses

For people who need extra-narrow frames, we’ve got glasses for you, too. The Twain is the ideal frame for petite people with small faces, and it’s a good choice for kids’ prescription glasses. These frames typically fit kids from age nine and up.

The Twain toes the line between square and round glasses with a straighter top of the frame that’s typical of square glasses and rounded edges that are typical of round frames.

This subtle shape is flattering for most faces, and it looks especially good on round, oval, and diamond face shapes.

8. The Reese

Reese glasses on a yellow background

For people with narrow faces and a love of round eyeglass frames, this frame could be the perfect fit. The Reese is designed for small faces, and its round shape flatters people with square, oblong, diamond, and heart-shaped faces.

Many of the most iconic glasses of all time are round glasses. (Picture Harry Potter, John Lennon, Elton John, and Cary Grant.) So if you want an iconic pair of clear glasses, The Reese is ready to take on all your big fashion moments.

9. The Otis

Woman wearing the Otis glasses

Round eyeglasses can be oversized, too. The Otis is the biggest pair of round glasses on this list. They’re perfect for creating a stylish yet bookish look to let out your inner nerd. (After all, nerds run the world!)

Like the other oversized glasses on this list, The Otis is great for wide faces and people who just love that oversized look. They can accommodate any type of eyeglass lens and will give you an extra wide field of vision with your progressive lenses.

The shape and size of these frames is great for wider square, diamond, or oblong faces.

10. The Soto

Woman wearing the Soto glasses

These round glasses with their keyhole nose bridge are at once classic and timeless. They come in a medium width, so The Soto frames provide a flattering fit for most faces. And like the other round glasses on this list, The Soto look best on square, oblong, and diamond faces.

The high nose bridge on this design won’t hide your browline, so these frames let you express yourself — showing off both your dramatic facial expressions and your subtle style.

You can have The Soto frames made with any lens, including single vision, progressive, reading, and non-prescription lenses. These frames also make a great pair of round sunglasses with prescription or non-prescription lenses, or you can transform your regular glasses into sunglasses by adding Sun Tops.

The Choice Is Clear

Person holding a pair of eyeglasses

Clear-style glasses look good on everyone. You just need to find the clear frames that are the perfect size and shape for your face. To do that, you can use virtual try-on to see what your favorite pair looks like on you.

At Pair Eyewear, we offer virtual try-on to make your shopping experience easier. And you’ll have 30 days to return or exchange your new glasses if you decide they aren’t right for you.

Plus, when you get your clear glasses from Pair, you can make your style really clear. In addition to your clear Base Frame, you can add stylish Top Frames that change the look of your glasses in a snap. Your glasses can be clear today, tortoise tomorrow, and leopard print the next day.

So, if you want glasses that let you show the world who you are, the choice is clear. Shop Pair Eyewear.