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How To Find The Perfect Pair of Custom Eyeglasses for You

It’s time for a new pair of glasses but you’re just not that excited about the styles your local optician carries. In fact, all those pairs you’ve tried on are starting to look the same. Where are all the interesting styles — the ones that suit your personality (and come at a reasonable price)?

If you’re an out-the-box thinker — or just have particular needs or aesthetic preferences — custom eye glasses may be the answer.

Let’s look at how you can customize your next pair of glasses to best suit you. After all, you’re unique — and your eyeglasses should be too.

Why You Need Custom Eyeglasses

Everyone’s different, which means that when it comes to glasses, one size does not fit all. Your uniqueness shows up in several different ways:

  • You have a particular face shape and size. These dictate what looks good on you.
  • Your vision needs are very specific. When you go for an eye test, your optometrist gives you the exact prescription you need — and your custom eyeglasses should be able to fulfill that need.
  • Your daily activities also affect the kind of custom eyeglasses you need. For example, perhaps you spend most of your day on your computer or you’re constantly moving between indoors and out. With the right pair of glasses, each of these activities becomes that much easier.
  • You’re one of a kind. There’ll never be someone else with the exact same personality and interests as you, so you want a pair of specs that reflects who you are.

Find an eyewear company that ticks all these boxes, so you get to show up as your best, most magnificent self — and see clearly too.

Where to Get Your Custom-Made Prescription Glasses

Custom eyeglasses: man wearing a pair of eyeglasses

At Pair Eyewear, we understand that everyone is different — which is why we’ve made it easy for you to order your perfect Pair of custom eyeglasses. Each of the elements can be customized to create bespoke eyewear, especially for you. And you won’t pay a fortune for them either.

Let’s look at each aspect of your pair of custom eyeglasses and how to choose them to suit you.

1. Select Your Trendy Unisex Base Frame

Eyewear design starts with eyeglass frames. Our Base Frames are made from tough cellulose acetate in several different frame shapes and frame sizes.

Depending on your face shape, we’ve got the perfect custom frame style for you.

For round face shapes, try one of our rectangular styles:

If you have a more angular face shape, a round style might work best:

  • Our narrowest style is The Twain.
  • The Reese is slightly wider but still on the narrow side.
  • For a medium face, try The Soto.
  • The Otis is a wider style that suits bigger faces.

Or for something a bit different, try a cat-eye style, with trendy upturned outer corners:

  • The Ella looks good on medium faces.
  • For a wider face or an oversized look, The Wanda is the way to go.

Each of our styles has slightly different proportions, so check your glasses measurements to find your perfect fit.

Once you know your best size options, give them a whirl using our Virtual Try-On feature. This allows you to take a photo of your face and then overlay the different styles to see how they look.

2. Pick the Lens Type You Need for Your Personal Style

Pair Eyewear's Rainbow Zebra glasses

When you’ve selected your Base Frame, it’s time to get down to some less exciting — yet still really important — details, starting with the kind of lens you need:

  • If you simply have myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), and/or astigmatism, you probably need single-vision lenses.
  • If you’re beginning to find it more difficult to read anything close-up — like your cellphone, a book, or the ingredients list of a product in the supermarket — you may have presbyopia. In that case, you might need reading glasses or, again, single-vision lenses.
  • And if you have a few things going on with your prescription, you may need multi-focals — in which case, our progressive lenses are a great choice. This update on bifocals gives you a much smoother transition between the different fields of vision, with no nasty hard lines in your lenses
  • Of course, if you don’t need a prescription at all, and simply love the idea of glasses as a style accessory, we totally get it. Who wouldn’t want to wear gorgeous eyewear that compliments your look perfectly?

All our high-quality lenses have an anti-reflective coating and are 100% UV protective. They’re made from scratch- and impact-resistant polycarbonate, so they stay in great shape for longer.

That said, if you tend to take your glasses on and off throughout the day, you may want to invest in a glasses case to protect your specs when you’re not wearing them.

3. Select Your Choice of Optional Add-Ons

Now it’s time to consider your lifestyle as you choose your custom eyeglasses.

If you spend a lot of time online, especially at night, you may want to consider blue-light filters. These protect your eyes from harmful blue light, which can otherwise interfere with your sleep patterns.

If you regularly move between inside and outside during your day, light-responsive lenses can be a boon — and do away with the need to carry multiple pairs of glasses. These special lenses are sensitive to light. Their tint darkens or lightens depending on the brightness of your surroundings, always offering exactly the right amount of protection for your eyes.

And finally, if you have a strong prescription and need high-index lenses, our ultra-light Premium Plus lenses are worth the investment, dramatically reducing the weight of your custom glasses.

4. Choose Top Frames to Suit Your Personality and Interests

Pair Eyewear's Classic Cheetah glasses

And now for the most fun part of creating your bespoke frames: choosing your Top Frames.

Top Frames are just 2mm thick, so they’re extremely light. They attach securely to your Base Frame with tiny magnets, giving you tons of style options with just one Base Frame — and allowing you to change your look instantly, depending on your mood and what you’re up to that day.

Check out some of these best-seller ranges:

  • Classic Colors and Classic Designs never go out of fashion.
  • Art lovers will adore our Van Gogh range.
  • Sports lovers can show support for their team with our NBA, MLB, or NHL ranges.
  • Or grab some of the ever-changing Limited Edition styles while they’re hot.

With such a wide range of designs plus superior craftsmanship and all at a great price — starting from just $60 — you can’t go wrong. But if you’re not 100% happy for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and we’ll organize an exchange or refund for you.

How To Accessorize Your Favorite Frames

Customizable eyewear should strike the perfect blend of comfort and functionality — you deserve glasses that are both comfy and effective for your needs.

Once you have the perfect pair of frames from an eyewear brand you love (like Pair), don’t hit the checkout button just yet — grab some accessories that will help keep you comfortable and confident in your new glasses. If you ask us, a glasses cleaning kit is a must, and it never hurts to grab a stylish case that will protect your glasses and give you easy access to them for those on-the-go days.

Once you’ve stocked up on all the practical accessories you need, it’s time to start pairing your frames with your outfits.

The best way to get a cool, cohesive look is to reach for Pair’s customizable eyewear frames and clip-on sunglasses — with our Top Frames, you can totally switch up your look any time you want without having to buy a whole new pair of glasses. Our Top Frames are a quick and easy switch, thanks to the magnetic link between the Base Frame and the Top Frame.

With a few different Top Frames to go with your base pair of glasses, you can feel like you anywhere you go. We recommend taking a few Top Frames with you when you head out the door so you can make a quick switch whenever you want — just stash them in your purse or backpack, and you’re all set.

From prescription glasses to blue light lenses, kids’ sunglasses, and more, there’s a Pair for everyone.

Order Your Custom Eyeglasses From Pair Eyewear Today

Custom eyewear is made to suit you — because you’re one of a kind. From your face shape to your lens type and prescription, your lifestyle, and your personality, at Pair Eyewear we’ve got you covered.

Let us walk you through the process of choosing your new custom eyeglasses from start to finish.

Are custom eyeglasses worth it? Absolutely — and especially at that price. By the time you check out, you’ll have finally found a pair (or two or three) you love. Guaranteed.