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Snoopy Girl Style: How To Capture The Peanuts Look This Season

Is there any figment of pop culture more iconic than Snoopy? This little beagle has been a fashion statement since he was first introduced in 1950, and since then, his popularity has only continued to skyrocket.

Snoopy tends to weave in and out of fashion trends, resurfacing every so often to remind us all of why we love Peanuts nostalgia so much. We’re on the verge of another Snoopy fashion wave, and it’s never too early to prepare. Read on for our favorite Snoopy fashion essentials, as well as a little walk through memory lane.

Where Did Snoopy Come From, Anyway?

Back before there was Netflix and TikTok, many people found entertainment in the comic section of their favorite newspaper. The first Peanuts comic ran in 1950, with Snoopy formally making an entrance in October.

However, the inspiration for Snoopy was born about 23 years earlier. The original inspiration for Snoopy was Charles M. Schulz’s dog, Spike, who he first adopted in 1927.

Now, Snoopy is about 74 years old, and he’s been up to quite a bit during that time. Throughout the comics, Snoopy has flashbacks of his past, which includes a stint as an author and a career in the military as a flying ace.

Why Is Snoopy So Popular?

Historically, Snoopy has been a fan favorite for his storied background, his charmingly self-centered tendencies, and his simple graphic character design. He’s far from just another character in a comic strip — he’s a cultural phenomenon!

As Peanuts gained popularity throughout the 1960s, it became even more ingrained in American culture. Multiple movies were made, character balloons were flown down the streets of New York City, and Snoopy was even adopted as the official mascot of NASA.

Nowadays, Snoopy has returned to the public eye thanks to a stuffed Snoopy plushie distributed by convenience store CVS. This is no ordinary stuffed Snoopy — this Snoopy is wearing a puffy blue coat and a green and yellow hat.

After this plushy hit the stores, it quickly became a Gen Z phenomenon, spreading quickly on TikTok as more and more influencers picked up their plushies. As the stuffed Snoopies have gained popularity, we’ve seen Snoopy merchandise slowly coming back to the spotlight.

Snoopy Staples To Capture the Peanuts Aesthetic

Now that Snoopy has returned to his rightful place as the center of fashion, you might be wondering how you can jump on this trend. Here are our favorite Snoopy pieces and accessories that you can use to build your perfect Snoopy aesthetic.

1. A Snoopy and Strawberries T-Shirt

Blending two of the most recent fashion trends, this off-white boyfriend cut t-shirt from Hot Topic features a graphic of Snoopy holding a brightly colored strawberry. The Snoopy is bordered by more strawberries in a design that’s reminiscent of vintage colors and style.

You can style this terrific tee by tucking it into some oversized jeans with a chunky belt or by simply layering it over some sweatpants. The beauty of a T-shirt is that your fashion choices are endless!

2. Embroidered Snoopy Crewneck

If you love classic Snoopy style, opt for this embroidered Snoopy crewneck straight from the official Peanuts storefront. Available in both pink and grey, this sweatshirt features a small Snoopy looking at a little heart on the upper left.

You can wear this crewneck to lounge around the house or dress it up with a pair of tights and a truly oversized fit to take this look from day to night. Just like any crewneck, the details can make or break your look!

3. The Snoopy Top Frames

Speaking of details, if you wear glasses, you can easily turn these everyday tools into a fashion statement with one magnetic snap. With The Snoopy top frames and a set of base frames from Pair Eyewear, you can add a little extra Snoopy to your look in the blink of an eye.

These frames feature an abstract pattern of Snoopies and Woodstocks over a light blue background and can fit any of our base frame shapes. You can even pair it with one of the Snoopy tees on our list to take your Peanuts style to the next level.

4. Snoopy Phone Case

Everyone knows that your phone case is just an extension of your personal style. After all, it goes pretty much everywhere you go!

If you’re looking to embrace the Snoopy girl aesthetic this year, having a Snoopy phone case is almost a given. For a classic Snoopy look, opt for this Snoopy phone case from the Peanuts store. This iPhone case features dual-layer protection and a tough polycarbonate outer shell so that your phone will be as protected as it is trendy.

5. Snoopy Embroidered Hat

There’s just something effortlessly fashionable about a classic dad cap. Bring this breezy vibe into your Peanuts closet with a graphic Snoopy spin!

This white baseball hat features a smiling black Snoopy outline embroidered with thread. Plus, it has a vintage-style buckle to amp up the retro factor.

6. Puffer Snoopy Mug

If the stores sold out of the Puffer Snoopy plushie before you could get your hands on one, go for the next best thing with this official Puffer Snoopy mug. This design features Snoopy and Woodstock in iconic oversized puffer coats over a faint checkerboard background.

You can use this mug to hold a latte or some matcha, or you can use it to store your favorite knick-knacks in. This trendy mug is sure to brighten up any room it hangs out in, thanks to its Snoopy style!

7. Snoopy Eras Tour Sweatshirt

If you’re a dedicated Swiftie, celebrate your two favorite obsessions with this Snoopy-inspired riff on the Taylor Swift Eras merch. In the background are Snoop-ified versions of Taylor’s past album covers, and in the foreground is Snoopy with Woodstock.

This Snoopy sweater comes in 12 base colors with almost unending options for sizing, including baby sizes. You can style this sweatshirt with a pair of skinny jeans or some cutout leggings — like any sweatshirt, it can be dressed up or down.

8. Snoopy Embroidered Ankle Socks

Everyone wears socks, so why not amp up this closet staple with some Snoopy decals? These Snoopy socks are embroidered with Snoopy sitting down, standing up, and riding a skateboard.

You can use these socks to add a little Snoopy detail to your everyday outfits, or you can pair them with a Snoopy sweatshirt or hat to round out your Snoopy Girl aesthetic. Wear them with boots, sneakers, or even slippers around your house.

9. Snoopy Plushie

What would this list be without a classic Snoopy plush? This nod to Snoopy is made of soft shaggy material and has floppy black ears for ultimate cuteness.

The best thing about stuffed animals is that they’re great for people of all ages. Even if you aren’t snuggled up with your stuffed Snoopy, you can enjoy the aesthetic by placing it on your couch or among the pillows on your bed.

10. Personalized Snoopy Water Bottle

If you love Snoopy and you love personalizing your accessories, this water bottle will be perfect for you. This simple white stainless steel water bottle features a fun design of Snoopy in action and, above that, your name in cursive.

This bottle is vacuum-insulated, so you can enjoy your drink of choice for hours on end. Fill it up with some iced tea, some hot coffee, or simply some water — this bottle can handle it all!

11. The Snoopy Doghouse Top Frames

Our top frames feature a Peanuts-style depiction of Snoopy and Woodstock sitting under a blue sky. With a bespectacled Woodstock on the right corner and Snoopy on the left, these top frames will go perfectly with any of your other Snoopy merch or serve as their own pop of Snoopy.

Just like the earlier top frames, The Snoopy Doghouse frames will snap over any of our base frame styles so that you can effortlessly change your aesthetic as needed. You can wear a classic top frame like The Woodgrain at work and swap it out for The Snoopy Doghouse frames on your way to the car!

12. Kawaii Snoopy Stickers

If you’re new to Snoopy girl style, you might not have that many Snoopy-themed items. Luckily, you can instantly add some Snoopy charm to any of your favorite knick-knacks with these Kawaii-style Snoopy stickers.

These stickers feature Snoopy, Woodstock, and other Snoopy-inspired designs that you can use to furnish your laptop, your water bottle, your journal, and even your favorite mug. These stickers can help you take Snoopy wherever you go.

13. Snoopy Nail Art

Incorporate Snoopy into your everyday fashion with some Snoopy-themed nail stickers. When you’re rocking this pooch on your manicure, every outfit becomes a Snoopy outfit.

With 3D designs that feature everything from Snoopy wearing sunglasses to other members of the Peanuts gang, this is an easy and chic way to highlight your love for Snoopy. Put these stickers over a solid base coat or a classic French manicure for an effortless look.

14. A Groovy Snoopy T-Shirt

No Snoopy closet is complete without a trendy graphic tee, and we can’t find one better than this groovy Snoopy t-shirt from the official Peanuts collection. This shirt features a ‘60s-themed design over a buttery yellow background, which is perfect for adding a casual flair to any outfit.

Pair this tee with some boyfriend jeans and combat boots to embrace a casual-chic air, or tuck it into some fashionable trousers with some sleek sneakers to add a more refined touch. Luckily, this T-shirt can fit almost any style!

15. The Peanuts Checkers Top Frames

If you’re looking for an easy way to add some color to your day, level up your Snoopy style with our The Peanuts Checkers top frames. These frames feature the Peanuts gang (including Snoopy) worked into a rainbow checkerboard pattern.

With this nostalgic pattern, you can easily use these frames to add some retro glam to your everyday style. We particularly love them over The Ella cat-eye base frames.

16. Joe Cool Snoopy Cap

Is there anything more iconic than Snoopy in his Joe Cool sweater? Bring that easygoing vibe into your wardrobe with this Joe Cool Snoopy Cap.

You can get this hat in 20 different colors, each featuring this iconic Snoopy design embroidered over the front and center of the cap. You can throw on some sunnies and put your hair up for a quick grocery store run, or you can style it with some hoop earrings and one of the Snoopy t-shirts on this list for a coffee date out with the girls.

17. Snoopy Planter

Embracing Snoopy style isn’t just about what’s in your closet — it’s about the overall aesthetic of your home. If you’re looking to expand your collection, there’s no easier way to add a touch of Snoopy to your environment than with a Snoopy planter.

This mini planter is made of ceramic and features an artificial succulent that will look fresh no matter how much you forget to water it. It will look great on a desk, by the wooden kitchen utensils, or even on an entryway table.

18. Snoopy Pillow

Tie your Snoopy aesthetic into your living room with this adorable Snoopy Sherpa Pillow. This pillow features Snoopy’s classic visage with a long, floppy ear and fluffy sherpa material.

Pair it with some other brightly colored throw pillows to brighten up your living space, or arrange it with your bed pillows to add some Snoopy style to your bedroom. You can even place this pillow on your desk chair or an armchair, depending on how many pillows you already have.

19. Snoopy PJ Set

Want to embrace your love for Snoopy even when you’re just lounging around the house? Look no further than these Peanuts-themed pajamas.

These pajamas come in grey with a snoozing Snoopy design, beige with a Snoopy heart design, and pink with a Snoopy Valentine design. Put these on and snuggle up with your Snoopy plushie and a pair of Snoopy-themed slippers for the ultimate cozy evening.

20. Snoopy Night Light

There are many reasons you might need a night light. Maybe you need to see on your way to the kitchen for a midnight snack, or maybe you simply have a kiddo who hasn’t quite learned to appreciate the dark.

Either way, you can brighten up your space with a Snoopy night light. This little light features Snoopy lying on top of a colorful rainbow, making it a perfect addition to the average Snoopy-inspired home.

21. The Joe Cool Split Top Frames

Add a touch of Snoopy to your glasses with our The Joe Cool Split top frames. These frames feature a split red and black design with a sunglasses-wearing Snoopy in the top left corner and a matching Woodstock in the upper right corner.

You can make these glasses office-friendly with some slacks and a button-down shirt, or take them out on the town with some skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and a warm flannel.

22. Snoopy Wine Glass

What better way to enjoy your newfound Snoopy obsession than with a nice glass of wine? Of course, you’ll have to enjoy your wine in a Snoopy-themed wine glass.

This stemless wine glass features Snoopy laying on his signature red doghouse with Woodstock underneath the word “Chillin’.” This wine glass also holds up to 20 ounces, so you can settle in for the night in your cozy Snoopy pajamas without having to get back up for your second glass.

23. Snoopy Comic Water Bottle

This stainless steel water bottle is inspired by the original Peanuts comics, featuring classic Snoopy comic strips over a sage green background.

This trendy water bottle is also insulated, meaning it can hold both hot and cold liquids. Plus, the one-button lid opens to reveal a straw, which makes staying hydrated easier than ever.

24. Snoopy Sneakers

If you want a simple touch of Snoopy, opt for these Peanuts-inspired sneakers. Designed in a classic skater fashion, these sneakers are eco-conscious and feature a skater Snoopy and Charlie Brown along the bottom rubber sole.

These sneakers come in three different colors, and you can also shop through the other Snoopy-inspired sneaker designs on the website. Pair these with some high-waisted jeans, some of our Peanuts glasses, and a cutoff Peanuts tee for ultimate skater vibes.

25. Monochromatic Snoopy Sweatshirt

If you like a laid-back, sleek aesthetic, there’s still a way for you to sneak some Snoopy into your closet. For instance, you can opt for this monochromatic embroidered Snoopy sweatshirt.

This sweatshirt features an embroidered design of Snoopy listening to cassette tapes using thread in the same color as your sweatshirt. You can dress it down with some flared leggings or dress it up with some plaid slacks — the choice is totally up to you!

26. Snoopy-Inspired Cutting Board

If you’re a sucker for a wooden cutting board, express your Snoopy style with this Snoopy-inspired wooden cutting board. This cutting board is engraved with a design featuring Snoopy and Woodstock cooking a big pot of soup over the words, “The secret ingredient is always love.”

Even if you don’t plan on actually using this cutting board, you can level up your Snoopy vibes by displaying it on your counter or by fixing it to the wall in your kitchen. This cutting board is handmade and comes in four different sizes, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

27. Snoopy Slippers

Do you love to get cozy at the end of a long day? There’s no better way to end the day than with these fuzzy Snoopy Slippers.

These slippers feature a Snoopy design over a sherpa texture with extra fur along the inside of the slipper. Pair these with the Snoopy pajamas from earlier in the list, and you’re set up for a perfect night of lounging.

28. Snoopy Tote Bag

Rounding out the list of Snoopy accessories is this Snoopy tote bag. This canvas tote bag has a simple design that features Snoopy and Woodstock wearing round sunglasses over an orange background with the words “Far out” underneath.

The tote itself is made from off-white canvas, making it a simple statement piece for any outfit. You can use it to transport your books, daily essentials, or even beach items if it’s summertime.

29. The Peanuts Gang Top Frames

Finally, embrace the classic Peanuts comics with our The Peanuts Gang top frames. These top frames feature all the members of the Peanuts gang over a sky-blue background, Snoopy included. We love these frames over our classic square frame, The Murphy.

The Bottom Line

Snoopy has been a part of fashion since he was first introduced in 1950, and he continues to ride the fashion wave in exciting new ways. This newest resurgence of Snoopy style is all about bold colors, graphics, and lifestyle aesthetics — which is right up our alley.

At Pair Eyewear, we embrace living boldly with our brightly colored and patterned top frames. Learn more about how we can help you take your style to the next level by visiting the Pair Blog today.


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