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4 Types of Vintage-Style Sunglasses to Try This Season

Remember your mom’s or grandma’s sunglasses? If not, your memory’s about to be jogged because vintage retro sunnies are making a comeback.

Let’s explore what a pair of vintage sunglasses can do for you and learn about some classic styles you can try. Then we’ll be ready to turn back time with a pair of trendy vintage-style sunglasses, updated for modern times but still as stylish as ever.

What Defines Vintage-Style Sunglasses?

Pink sunglasses

Vintage-style sunglasses refers to glasses that reflect a trend from the past. Younger people are already ready to call the early aughts vintage, but vintage sunnies often call upon the styles of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s.

Retro-frame sunglasses live on today with more modern styling. Due to advances in the materials, they’re often lighter on your face and they now come in a ton of colors and designs that simply didn’t exist back then.

Lucky for us though, vintage-style sunglasses still have that same timeless, cool, and trendy air about them.

4 Types of Vintage Sunglasses for You to Try Today

Vintage sunglasses come in a range of styles that have stood the test of time. Let’s explore some options to help you choose the best ones for you.

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses

Round glasses have been around for a while but John Lennon’s round metal sunglasses made this an iconic frame shape of the 1960s and ‘70s. Luckily, the original hippie look has evolved so even if you’re not into tie-dye outfits, there’s probably a pair of round frames out there for you.

Circular ‘70s-style frames suit more angular features, like square, rectangular, or diamond-shaped faces. So if your face is rounder — and you’re dead set on round frames — try a pair of oval sunglasses instead for a little contrast.

If you like a smaller frame and you have a petite face, try The Reese from Pair Eyewear. Medium-sized faces will look best with The Soto, and for a wider face — or an oversized sunglasses look — try The Otis.

Rectangular or Square Sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses

Many decades ago, the strong shape of square or rectangular sunglasses was mainly for men. Women were relegated to cat-eye glasses. We love both frame shapes, but who wants to be boxed in?

Now we know that rectangular and square designs work for both women’s and men’s sunglasses. Slightly rounded corners add a little softness and accessibility to these bold vintage-style sunglasses, without losing strength.

Rectangular and square retro glasses work well for round and oval faces, adding structure and balancing out the curves, as well as for triangular faces. For a smaller face, try The Twain — an extra narrow, square frame — or The Larkin. The Finley or The Casper work well for medium faces.

As a bonus, oversized square sunglasses and rectangular sunglasses like The Kirby offer excellent coverage for enhanced protection from sun damage — as well as hiding tired eyes after a late night.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Vintage style sunglasses: cat-eye sunglasses

Invented in the 1930s and catching fire in the ‘50s, this frame shape is still a bestseller. Cat-eye glasses were designed to draw the eyes upward and women with a vintage sense of style flock to them still today. The style’s unusual lines with upward tilted corners stand out from the crowd, adding movie star glamor to your look.

Cat-eye vintage style sunglasses suit almost any face shape but they’re particularly good for balancing a strong or wider jawline, for example, on a rectangular, square, triangle-shaped, or heart-shaped face.

Go small and delicate with The Ella or, for an oversized look, give The Wanda a go. Either way, you’ll benefit from an infusion of vintage style.

Glasses With Vintage Features

Vintage style sunglasses

Some features instantly turn any shape of glasses into vintage-style sunglasses. For example:

  • Reflective mirror lens sunglasses: Keep the direction of your gaze (and any bags under your eyes) private and simply reflect cool with a flashy pair of mirror glasses.

  • Horn-rimmed frames: Give any frames a retro twist by adding a two-tone Top Frame that gives a horned-rimmed or browline effect. Try The Teal to Espresso Gradient or The Athletics Split.

  • Tinted lenses: For an ‘80s look, choose an unusual lens tint like pink or green, or look for graduated lenses that are darker on top and lighter on the bottom.

  • Vintage designs: Pick a matte vintage-style top frame, like the tortoiseshell (or the updated blue tortoiseshell) or The Buffalo Plaid for an instant retro makeover.

What to Look for in Your Vintage-Style Sunglasses

When shopping for vintage-style sunglasses, it’s important to choose a retailer that can fulfill all your needs. Take Pair Eyewear for example.


Made from cellulose acetate, Pair’s plastic frames stand up well to daily wear and tear. So do our polycarbonate lenses, which are both scratch- and impact-resistant.

A Choice of Prescriptions

Pair offers a range of prescription lenses to take care of all your vision requirements. From readers to single vision or progressive lenses, we can fulfill your sunglasses prescription. Or if you don’t actually need glasses, and they’re simply a fashion statement or to protect your eyes from the sun, you can also choose non-prescription lenses.

Clear Sizing

Finding the right size vintage-style sunglasses is important. You don’t want them pinching you or constantly slipping down your nose. Pair’s size guide gives you all the important glasses measurements you’ll need to choose the right size for you.

Functional Add-Ons

These days, seeing clearly is just one element of a pair of glasses. Pair offers extra functionality like light-responsive lenses, which are an alternative to sunglasses, automatically transitioning to a darker tint as you move into brighter surroundings. Or ultra-thin Premium Plus lenses to ease the load on your nose bridge if you need a higher prescription.


With a few exceptions, most of Pair’s styles are unisex. So whether you’re looking for vintage-style women’s sunglasses or men’s, you’ll find a Base Frame sunglasses style that works for you.

Then change up that style by adding some Top Frames to instantly give you a new look on the fly. Get yourself a Glasses Case or a Top Frame case and a few different designs, and you can change your look several times a day. Now that’s versatility.

Great Value

Starting at just $60, retro Pair sunglasses are already a great deal. Consider that you get polarized lenses thrown in for free, and that all our sunglasses lenses are anti-glare and 100% UVA and UVB resistant, and it’s a deal that’s hard to beat. Once you’ve received your first order, you’ll be hooked and ready for more.

Peace of Mind

In the highly unlikely event that you’re not 100% satisfied with your glasses after checkout, Pair offers a 30-day warranty. Simply return your eyeglasses within 30 days for a replacement or refund.

With a host of regular new arrivals for you to check out, you’ll find our already huge range of Top Frames keeps growing and there’s always something new to explore. Why not try on a pair today?

Retro Sunglasses Are Still Alive and Well

Women wearing vintage style sunglasses

Vintage-style sunglasses are back with a vengeance. With designs that remind you of old times, the latest, updated versions bring timeless style right into the modern era.

Choose a sunglasses frame shape that suits your face shape, then add your prescription, any functional add-ons, and as many Top Frames as you like to suit your personality. With durability, versatility, and style baked right in, Pair Eyewear vintage-style sunglasses are the way to go. Even your grandmother would approve.