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PAIR in Focus - Meet Julio Nazario-Valle

Introducing a new series, PAIR in Focus! Here we’ll shine a spotlight on some of the people who make our PAIR family so special.

Name: Julio Nazario-Valle

Location: Florida

Top Frames in Collection: 32

Which Top Frame best describes your personality? The Cobalt Split

PAIR in Focus: Meet Julio Nazario-Valle

Whats’s your glasses story?

“I started to wear glasses in elementary school. As I grew up, I felt that glasses were part of my personality. Although, in my elementary school years, I never thought that having fun with my glasses was an option. And, in fact, it was not a viable option. Glasses were and still are expensive. So when I was young, you bought glasses for the durability and not so much for the look. That is, until PAIR; finally now you can have both. And not only one look for one occasion, many looks for many occasions at an affordable cost.”


PAIR in Focus: Meet Julio Nazario-Valle

What do you love about your PAIR?

“The thing that I love most about PAIR is that it opened up never ending possibilities to show off your personality while having fun. For parents, the frames are of great, durable quality at a fraction of a cost of other eyeglass stores. For adults, I have found it to be one of the best eyeglass option. I have used my PAIR toppers during workouts (I am also a Zumba instructor), casual outings, and work.”

PAIR in Focus: Meet Julio Nazario-Valle

How would you describe your style?

“Fashion forward, open-minded, and love the professional look. I love to match from my shoes, belt, messenger/laptop bag, masks, watch bands, and even hats if it is a casual day.”

PAIR in Focus: Meet Julio Nazario-Valle

Do you have any tips for PAIR wearers?

“I use magnetic boards to store my tops. That way I can quickly select which tops match with my outfits.”

Follow Julio on Instagram for more style inspiration! 

PAIR in Focus: Meet Julio Nazario-Valle

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Measurements: 45-18-135

Lens Height: 35mm

Frame Width: 125mm

Typically fits ages 5-9

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Frame Width: 130mm

Typically fits ages 8-12

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Measurements: 47-18-135

Lens Height: 36mm

Frame Width: 128mm

Typically fits ages 9-adult

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Measurements: 51-17-140

Lens Height: 33.7mm

Frame Width: 133mm

Typically fits ages 10-Adult

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