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Pair in Focus - Meet Kali Kazoo!

Say 👋 to our friend Kali! She wears the Wanda and has a big eye for all things eclectic and colorful! 

Name: Kali Kazoo

Top Frames in Collection: "Uh oh, I think I might have eight or nine now. I think–I lost count haha."


Which Top Frame best describes your personality? "TURQUOISE which is seafoam, and seafoam is LIFE. I’ve longed for a good pair of seafoam glasses for a while now, so I am very happy."

What’s your glasses story?

"I’ve been wearing glasses since I was nine years old. And I usually DIDN’T wear them which made my eyesight much worse. Always wear your glasses!"

What do you love about your PAIR?

"Everything!!! So many colors, lightweight, stability with tops not falling off, easy storage."

Do you have any tips for PAIR wearers?

“Having a clear frame as the base gives you the widest range of options. Sometimes it’s nice to just have plain clear frames. ”

Follow Kali on Instagram to keep up with her growing collection and get more style inspiration! 

How do you wear your PAIR? Tag us (@paireyewear) in your photos with #WearPAIR for a chance to be featured next time!


Frame Width -

The width of the front of the frame.

Lens Height -

The vertical diameter of one lens

Bridge Width -

The width of the bridge section

Lens Width -

The horizontal diameter of one lens

Temple Length -

The length of the temple arm, from the front of the frame to the end tip