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Pair In Focus - Meet Tracy Andrews

Say 👋 to our friend Tracy! She wears both the Kirby and Twain and loves how much FUN it is to change out her tops. Want to know more about Tracy? Keep reading to hear all about this weeks Pair in Focus! 

Name: Tracy Andrews

Top Frames in Collection: "Close to 30."

What is your favorite Top Frame? "My favorite top is Aurora Sky! It incorporates all of my favorite colors and the pattern is so pretty, I love how the colors flow. It also happens to coordinate really well with my hair, they both have patterns and colors that are bright and constantly changing :)."


What’s your glasses story?

"I started wearing glasses as a freshman in high school. My glasses were narrow, brass colored wire frames. I was very awkward and wore them as little as possible."

What do you love about your PAIR?

"I love the oversized shape of my Kirby frames and how much FUN it is to change out the tops (multiple times a day)! There's a top for every outfit, every occasion, every holiday, every mood. Even pizza tops for Pizza Fridays in my house! I also LOVE the looks on people's faces when I show them what my glasses can do!

Do you have any tips for PAIR wearers?

HAVE FUN! And try something out of your comfort zone! A new shape, color, or print may surprise you and become your new favorite!

Join the Pair Family Facebook group to keep up with her growing collection and get more style inspiration! 

How do you wear your PAIR? Tag us (@paireyewear) in your photos with #WearPAIR for a chance to be featured next time!


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