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Coquette Aesthetic: Your Ultimate Guide to the TikTok Fashion Trend

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you might have noticed fashion trends cropping up more than ever before. With social media, it’s easy to find people who have styles similar to ours, and it’s even easier to find inspiration for style trends we might want to try out.

One of the recent trends sweeping social media is the coquette aesthetic. Read on to learn more about this aesthetic and 20 ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe today.

What Is the Coquette Aesthetic?

The coquette aesthetic is a blend of modern style with Victorian and Regency-era inspiration. The look is designed to celebrate femininity and the easy romance of those times. The trend relies heavily on dreamy lace and dainty details.

Technically, the term “coquette” means flirtatious woman. This trend draws from that inspiration by emphasizing playfulness and hyper-feminine qualities, leaning on elements like bows, pearls, and ruffles.

The look might have a new name, but it’s very similar to several other aesthetics out there. For instance, the coquette vibe is reminiscent of cottagecore fashion. It also has elements of Kawaii and Japanese Lolita fashion, emphasizing playfulness and girly details.

When Did the Coquette Aesthetic Start?

Since this trend draws heavily from Victorian-era fashion, it could be argued that the coquette aesthetic started in the 1800s. However, modern-day coquette fashion has been popular since the 2010s.

Back in the 2010s, this fashion style was actually considered alternative. Not many people dressed like this — if you think back, this time frame was heavily dominated by riding boots, flannels, and skinny jeans.

However, cultural icons like Lana Del Ray made the style popular at the time. Nowadays, celebrities like Sydney Sweeney and Lily-Rose Depp have embraced the coquette aesthetic. It’s also become popular thanks to period dramas like Bridgerton and a cultural rise in thrifted fashion.

20 Ways To Embrace the Coquette Aesthetic

If you’re interested in trying out the coquette aesthetic for yourself, there are a few key elements that you can bring into your wardrobe to fit the vibe. As you go through our list, remember that the most important thing is staying true to yourself.

You don’t have to abandon your current wardrobe and completely change your aesthetic to follow the trend. Instead, pick and choose a few things at a time and find some coquette staples that fit the style you already have.

With that said, here’s our list of ways to embrace the coquette aesthetic.

1. Lace

First things first, what’s more romantic and feminine than lace? Lace has been a staple of this aesthetic throughout its lifetime, so it’s safe to say it’s one of the best places to start.

To start, invest in some lacey basics you can pair with anything. For instance, a lace slip skirt, lace blouse, or cardigan with lace detailing are all perfectly on-trend items you can wear year-round. You can even incorporate lace patterns into your eyewear with our Taupe Floral Lace top frames.

2. Ribbons and Bows

Next up, hair ribbons and bows are a great way to easily add a touch of romance to every outfit while still being subtle. You can make your own hair ribbons by tying ribbons onto some hair elastics or you can purchase pre-made hair ribbons.

Hair bows or scarf scrunchies are easy to incorporate, too. All you need to do is use a hair bow to put your hair in a ponytail or a half-up style, and you have an instant nod to the coquette aesthetic.

3. Corsets

Since the coquette aesthetic is based on Victorian and Regency fashion, it only makes sense that the trend would include corsets. No, we aren't talking about the corsets you wear under big dresses — we’re talking about fashionable corset tops.

These tops usually aren’t used the same way as corsets. Instead of compressing your figure as tight as they can, these tops simply embrace the appearance of corsets while still being relatively easy to breathe in.

4. Delicate Jewelry

What’s more feminine and romantic than dainty jewelry? While most dainty jewelry is very thin and lightweight, it’s not just the heaviness of a piece that makes it dainty — it’s also in the simplicity of the jewelry.

Opt for lightweight charm necklaces or lockets, understated bracelets, a couple of rings, and subtle earrings. With this aesthetic, you can still wear plenty of statement jewelry, but the key is to keep it subtle and romantic.

5. Satin

Satin is commonly associated with the coquette aesthetic because it has such a feminine feel to it. Even wearing a simple satin blouse can evoke the soft vibes of a wedding dress or ball gown.

Some fun satin staples you can add to your coquette closet include satin blouses, slip skirts or dresses, hair bows, and camis. Since satin is such a heavy-looking fabric, pairing it with a lightweight fabric like a light knit or voile is also important.

6. Pastel Colors


Another way that the coquette aesthetic gets its signature soft vibe is from the use of pastels. These faded colors are often used to add a lighthearted, innocent charm to different styles, which makes them perfect for enhancing the feminine qualities of an outfit.

You can incorporate pastels by finding a pastel cardigan, dresses, and even a pastel phone case. Of course, you can also incorporate pastel vibes into your everyday look with The Blush top frame, which boasts a subtle pink hue that will fit any occasion.

7. Pearls

Pearls have always been a part of fashion, and they will probably continue to be until the end of time. During the Victorian era, pearls were a highly valuable and sought-after accessory because they were rare. Nowadays, we can get that heightened elegance without breaking the bank thanks to cultured pearls.

Some coquette staples include a simple pearl necklace, dangling pearl earrings, or even pearl studs. You can also opt for clothing that has pearl detailing, such as pearl-like buttons or sewn-on pearl accents.

8. Romantic Heels

Wearing heels is another way to amp up any outfit's femininity. However, to really nail the coquette aesthetic, it’s important to be particular about what kind of heels you wear.

You may want to avoid the sharp lines and patent leather often featured in office pumps. Instead, look for low-to-the-ground kitten heels, heels with bow or ribbon detailing, Mary Janes, or pumps with chunky heels. And, of course, opting for feminine colors like white, taupe, nude, black, and pink can take the look to the next level.

9. Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is trending as more girls embrace ultra-feminine fashion, making it a perfect addition to your coquette lineup. Wearing lip gloss can add a subtle touch of softness that romanticizes your whole look.

Opt for lip gloss in nude or soft pink colors. You can also layer lip oil on top of lip tint to achieve the same effect. If you choose to go with lip gloss, try gloss with glitter or shimmer. There are so many ways to embrace the trend when it comes to makeup, so make sure to play around and find what works best for you.

10. Velvet

Velvet is another classic fabric that practically oozes romance. Back in the Victorian era, velvet came primarily from France and involved a specific production process. Now, velvet is relatively easy to make and doesn’t cost as much to produce.

One easy way to incorporate velvet into your aesthetic is by wearing velvet hair ribbons or a velvet choker necklace. You can also look for clothing with velvet detailing and use velvet scrunchies to add an extra bit of coquette flair to your style.

11. Soft Pink

What’s more traditionally feminine than the color pink? Thanks to cultural influences like the Barbie Movie and Margot Robbie, pink has returned to modern fashion with a vengeance. With its increased popularity, you should have no trouble finding cute clothes in a pink palette.

You can start by collecting a pink cardigan or sweater, although other good pieces to have include pink hair bows, purses, and heels. Another fun and easy way to add a touch of pink to your outfit is by wearing pink sunglasses.

Personally, we think The Ella with pink frames and pink reflective lenses perfectly fit the vibe.

12. Empire Waist

The Regency era was all about the empire waist — just look at the gowns featured in Bridgerton, and you’ll see what we mean. Empire waists typically sit just below the bust, giving the illusion that the waist is much higher.

If you find the empire waist look flattering and enjoy wearing it, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into your look without wearing a copy of a Regency ball gown. For instance, you can look for simple sundresses with empire waists or blouses that feature the empire detail. You can even give the illusion of an empire waist by wearing a cardigan that ties under the bust.

13. Ruffles

Ruffles perfectly embody the flirtatious and playful innocence of the coquette aesthetic. Luckily, ruffles are also a current trend in mainstream fashion.

To incorporate ruffles into your wardrobe, one easy place to start is with ruffled socks. These look especially good with Mary Jane heels. You can also look for cardigans or shrugs with ruffles on the bottom, ruffled blouses, and dresses with ruffled hems.

14. Floral Motifs

Florals have long been used to emphasize the feminine qualities of fashion, so it only makes sense to include a touch of floral embellishments in your new coquette style. Just like with ruffles, florals are currently in style, so it should be pretty easy to find some staple pieces with floral motifs.

For instance, you could wear a headband with a flower embellishment on it or floral earrings. You can also wear a blouse made with floral-patterned fabric or opt for ruffled socks with floral details. You can even add flowers to your glasses with The Berry Indie Floral top frame.

15. Mini Skirts and Tights

Mini skirts are another great way to add a touch of playfulness to any outfit. For instance, pleated schoolgirl skirts are all the rage, although you can also opt for mini skirts with ruffle or lace details.

If you do choose to go the route of a mini skirt, one way you can amp up the coquette appeal is by layering it over a pair of tights. You don’t have to wear plain, sheer tights, either. You can also choose lace tights, tights with polka dots, or tights in unique colors like pink or white.

16. Cat-Eye Glasses

We know cat-eye glasses have only been around for the past 90 years or so, but they still have a flirtatious quality that embodies the coquette aesthetic. Feminine icons like Marilyn Monroe and Bella Hadid have all worn cat-eye glasses, and they're only continuing to become more popular.

You can try the look for yourself with The Wanda base frames. These cat-eye glasses look good on almost any face shape and can even be fitted with your eye prescription so you can use them as your everyday pair of glasses.

17. Glitter

We have good news for you if you love all things glittery and shimmery. Adding a touch of bling is a great way to incorporate a subtle nod to the coquette aesthetic in your everyday wardrobe.

You can start with some shimmery eyeshadow or lip gloss, or wear sparkly bling on your hair or wrists. You can even wear some vintage pieces with woven-in sequins or shimmery embellishments. You can also add some shimmer to your style with The Silver Starburst top frame, which features subtle holographic starbursts.

18. Manicures

The coquette aesthetic is about more than just what you wear — it’s also about subtle touches like how you do your hair and how you keep your nails manicured. It may be a small touch, but keeping your nails clean and manicured can go a long way in emphasizing a feminine appearance.

When you paint your nails, opt for romantic colors like blush, mauve, or nude. You can also choose a pastel tint that will match whatever your current favorite wardrobe item is.

19. Midi Skirts

If mini skirts aren’t your thing, we have good news — you can wear just about any skirt length and still fall into the coquette aesthetic. Midi skirts can fall anywhere from below the knee to the middle of the calf, and they’re a great way to keep a look light and airy while still changing things up.

Look for satin slip skirts or skirts with lace detailing. You can also incorporate some skirts with floral designs or pastel colors. Luckily, coquette-esque skirts are usually easy to find at local thrift stores if you keep an eye out.

20. Flats

Not everyone enjoys wearing heels, and we totally get it — after a couple of hours walking in heels, we’re ready to throw in the towel, too. Whenever you go out in heels, make sure to make a pair of flats so you can give your feet a break.

Coquette flats can be nude, black, or ballet slipper pink, often featuring small bows, flowers, or even lace details. You might even opt for some Mary Jane flats and ruffled socks to fully embrace the aesthetic. Of course, you can also wear flats as part of your everyday look without using them as a break from the rigors of wearing heels.

The Bottom Line

The coquette aesthetic is a popular TikTok trend that is characterized by soft pinks and romantic, feminine details like bows, pearls, satin, and lace. The look is designed to blend modern fashion with Victorian and Regency-era inspirations, and started gaining popularity in 2020.

Whether you like to keep up with each new trend or simply like to express yourself in multiple styles, we understand that fashion is always changing. It’s only natural that your glasses should change with your stylistic expression, too! To learn more about our base and top frame system and how you can embrace different aesthetics, visit the Pair Eyewear blog.


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