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Lightweight Glasses Frames for Function and Style

The last thing you want during a busy day (or night) is to have your glasses weighing you down. It’s annoying and distracting — and it’s no longer necessary. The latest technology allows us to create glasses frames so light, that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them.

Let’s clarify exactly what lightweight glasses frames are and why they might work for you. We’ll also look at where to get the best lightweight glasses and how to style them. After all, your glasses are part of your look and deserve as much attention as the rest of your outfit.

Advantages of Lightweight Eyeglasses

A pair of eyeglasses on a block

Lightweight eyeglasses are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. They offer many benefits:

  • Proper fit: As most glasses wearers know, a pair of glasses that keeps slipping down your face can be extremely annoying. A well-fitted pair of lightweight glasses stays firmly where it’s supposed to, removing the need for adjustable nose pads and leaving you free to use that energy and attention elsewhere. They’re especially good for athletes and active kids, as well as anyone who requires excellent vision but can’t afford to spend time adjusting their glasses.

  • Less pressure: The weight of normal glasses can sometimes cause a headache when wearing them all day, or leave an imprint on your nose when you take them off. Lightweight glasses frames reduce the pressure on your nose bridge.

  • Longer-lasting: Lightweight glasses tend to survive longer than average glasses, partly because they’re less likely to slip off your face. And if they do fall, their lightness means there’s a good chance they won’t sustain too much damage.

  • Maximized use: The more comfortable your glasses, the more likely you are to actually use them, rather than squinting at your computer screen or the ingredients list of a product in the grocery store. Being able to see clearly not only helps you go about your day more easily, it also adds confidence. When you have a pair of lightweight glasses on, you can almost forget you’re wearing them.

What Makes Eyeglass Frames Lightweight?

As glasses are made up of both frames and lenses, there are a few factors that can make for lightweight glasses:

  • Materials: Eyeglass frames have been made of many different materials over their long history, including bone and wood, with metal frames being introduced around the 1500s. Further evolution in technology led us to an even wider range of materials from basic stainless steel to lightweight materials that allow for ultra-lightweight glasses frames. You can now get frames made from metals like titanium or high-quality plastic materials like acetate or ultem.

  • Rim variety: Traditional full-rim frames add weight to your glasses. Nowadays you can get semi-rimless or rimless glasses, with less frame to weigh them down.

  • Size: The size and width of the eyeglass frame make a difference too. Bigger and wider frames are heavier simply because there’s more material to them.

  • Lens thickness: The final factor in light glasses is the thickness of your lenses. You don’t have much control over this one as lens thickness depends on your prescription, and the higher your prescription, the thicker and heavier your lenses are likely to be. However, a lightweight lens material like polycarbonate can reduce the weight of your lenses.

Where to Get the Best Lightweight Glasses Frames

Man picking between 2 lightweight glasses frames

When you’re looking for a pair of stylish lightweight glasses frames, look no further than Pair Eyewear. Combining functionality and style, we make single-vision glasses, progressive lenses, reading glasses, and sunglasses with or without prescription lenses. You can also add blue light filters to protect your eyes if you work online a lot.

Start by selecting a Base Frame from our collections of women’s frames, men’s frames, and children’s frames.

Many of the frames are unisex and each style has a specific lens width, bridge width, and temple arm length, so there’s bound to be one that’s perfect for you.

Next, choose a Top Frame. Top Frames are 2 mm thick and are made of lightweight plastic. In fact, the Base and Top Frames together weigh only 17 grams, compared to an average frame of 20 grams.

Our Top Frames are made of cellulose, which allows for beautiful colors and designs to suit your personality and flatter your look. The range includes best sellers like our classic designs, limited edition collections like Bring Back Summer, and collab collections, like the Van Gogh range, with new arrivals weekly.

How to Style Lightweight Eyewear

Woman wearing a pair of eyeglasses while holding 2 more pairs in her hand

When you’re buying lightweight glasses frames, it’s best to opt for a style that suits your face shape. That often means choosing a complementary shape, rather than one that’s similar. For example:

  • Oval faces: This versatile face shape is flattered by many different shape frames. Try choosing a pair that’s as wide or wider than the broadest part of your face. You can wear rectangular frames like the Kirby or Casper, cat-eyes like the Ella or Wanda, or even round glasses like the Soto or Otis.

  • Round faces: These look best when complemented by angles, so square or rectangular frames are a good choice. The Kirby or Casper are good fits for round faces, as well, or try the Finley or the Larkin.

  • Square faces: Oval or round lightweight glasses frames soften angular features, and stand out in their own right. Good choices would be the Twain, the Reese, the Otis, or the Soto.

If you’re not sure which lightweight glasses frames will work best for your face, use our Virtual Try-On service to explore your options. Simply select a base frame, click Virtual Try-On, then follow the prompts to take a photo of your face.

Once you have your Base Frame and you’re ready to choose your frame color and design, think about the color of your skin, hair, and eyes. Depending on your personality, you might choose to blend with them or contrast with them to really stand out.

Select a design that best suits your personality, too. For example:

Lightweight Glasses Frames Are Easy to Wear

Lightweight glasses frames have many benefits. They stay put on your face during your busy day, and don’t weigh you down or cause headaches. They can be made from several different kinds of innovative materials, making them lighter than an average pair of glasses.

When you’re shopping for them, choose a high-quality brand, which also offers a wide selection of designs and styles for you to choose from. You’ll go about your day feeling lighter and brighter than ever.