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Taylor Swift Sunglasses: A Close-Up on the Star's Glass Style

Taylor Swift is captivating people worldwide, and they pay attention to more than just her music. Everything the singer does or wears becomes front-page news. And who wouldn't want to look like the biggest pop star?

Taylor Swift's sophisticated style includes retro looks and, of course, an iconic red lip. She also loves a pair of sunglasses. Swifties have seen her wear many styles over the years, but she definitely has her favorites. We're exploring the star's sunglass style and where you can find similar shades.

Taylor Swift: A Fashion Icon

From her early days as a country music singer to her transformation into a global pop phenomenon, Taylor Swift has been stepping out in style. Her fashion has evolved over the years from ball gowns to tailored suits.

No matter what fashion era she's in, Swift wields significant influence. Her style choices can make a large economic impact. When the star wore a bracelet to a football game, the associated brand saw a 477% increase in sales.

At a different game, Swift wore a vintage-style jacket. Compared to the previous month, online searches for similar jackets shot up over 3,000% in the U.S. and Canada. There's no question that many people are following her fashion choices.

Swift's sunglasses are no exception. In her music video for "You Need to Calm Down," she wore a pair of crystal-studded shades. Soon, fans began looking for the sunglasses, and brands began producing their own versions of the pair.

Websites and social media pages are dedicated to posting everything Swift is seen wearing. A book has even been written about the artist's style. Her fashion will continue to evolve, and we’ll see even more sunglass inspiration in the future.

What Are Some of Taylor Swift’s Iconic Sunglass Moments?

There have been many memorable moments in Taylor Swift's career. The star loves incorporating sunglasses into her art and life. Let's review some of her most iconic sunglass moments.

Feeling 22

Heart-shaped glasses are one of the most popular sunglass styles she's known for. Swift wore them in the music video for one of her hit songs, "22," in 2013. She returned the iconic glasses for the "22 (Taylor's Version)" music video in 2021. You can see Swifties around the world wearing heart-shaped glasses attending The Eras Tour.

Blank Space

Taylor Swift mixed vintage Hollywood glamour into her "Blank Space" music video. She wore oversized cat-eye sunglasses with a curved top lens.

Recreate the look through Pair — we offer different cat-eye frames, including The Quinn shades. They are extra-wide, modified cat-eye sunglasses. You're sure to feel like you're dressed like a daydream.

Futuristic Taylor

Haters gonna hate, but Taylor Swift is going to rock a pair of sunglasses. Swift strayed from her usual timeless style for one of her looks for the "Shake It Off" music video.

The video features Swift dancing dressed up in outfits for various personas. There's ballerina Taylor, boombox Taylor, and cheerleader Taylor, to name a few. In her futuristic Taylor outfit, she's wearing a pair of metallic visor sunglasses. They aren’t an everyday look for most, but still fun.

What Are Some Sunglass Options for the Taylor Swift Look?

Swift likes to rock many other styles of sunglasses besides heart-shaped glasses. Let's take a closer look at some of the singer's favorite sunglasses and how you can channel her iconic looks:

Classic Round Sunglasses

Taylor Swift loves retro, timeless fashion. She effortlessly pulls off classic round-frame sunglasses. You can find your own round shades to express your style on Pair Eyewear. The Reese sunglasses have a narrow, modified round frame, perfect for creating a Swift-inspired look.

Statement Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Following her timeless style choices, Swift is known for wearing cat-eye frames. These sunglasses feature upswept corners and a feminine touch, adding a vintage feel to any look. Swift doesn't shy away from color and patterns when wearing cat-eye sunglasses.

You can channel Swift's retro-chic aesthetic by adding Pair's The Wanda cat-eye frames to your collection. Switch up the color with one of our many Sun Tops. They snap right on the front of your glasses.

Tortoise Sunglasses

Taylor Swift has been seen wearing tortoiseshell glasses quite a few times. The pattern adds warmth to her appearance and can be worn with almost any outfit. You can recreate this look by exploring Pair's collection of tortoiseshell frames. All our Base Frames come with a tortoiseshell option in classic and blue.

What Are Some Tips for Emulating Taylor Swift's Sunglasses Style?

Everyone can pull off Taylor Swift's iconic sunglasses. We have a few tips to help you look effortlessly chic.

Find the Right Shape for Your Face

Wearing frames that fit your face is the key to pulling off Taylor Swift's sunglasses look. For example, round face shapes look ideal in narrow cat-eye frames or square glasses. Rectangular face shapes look good in round glasses and oversized cat-eye frames.

Styling Tips and Tricks

When styling sunglasses, Taylor Swift isn't afraid to experiment with different colors and frames to create fashionable looks. Try some bold colors or playful patterns to add interest to your outfit. Consider layering your sunglasses with other accessories, like a pair of statement earrings. You should have fun showing off your own style and let your personality shine.

Taylor Swift wears sunglasses outside of music videos — she'll finish off a look with timeless shades while wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Sunglasses can add a touch of glamour or elevate a simple outfit. Find ways to mix sunglasses into your everyday looks.

Confidence Is Key

One of the most important things to remember when taking inspiration from someone else is to wear your outfits confidently. If you're stepping outside your comfort zone, fake it until you make it. Swift exudes confidence and poise everywhere she goes, and that's something you can only find from within. Channel your inner pop star and incorporate some new sunnies into your style.

In Your Sunglass Era

Taylor Swift's sunglasses will continue to inspire fashion trends. Fans are taking notice, whether she's rocking oversized sunnies or sporting quirky frames in a music video. So, next time you want to elevate your look, take a cue from the pop star herself and make a statement with your sunglasses. At Pair Eyewear, we never go out of style.


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