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Monolids vs. Double Eyelids: The Comprehensive Guide

Eyelids can significantly affect someone's appearance, and there are many different eyelid types. Today, we're going to compare monolids to double eyelids.

If you have monolids or double lids and are looking for ways to embrace your eye shape, we have you covered.

What Are Monolids?

Monolids, also known as epicanthic folds, are characterized by not having a distinct crease. While some people have a crease separating the eyelid into a lower and upper portion, a monolid features a smooth, flat surface over the entire lid. Monolids are prevalent in people of East Asian heritage, but other people can have them.

Knowing eye anatomy is helpful when trying to understand monolids. Some people have upper and lower eyelids that meet at the corner of their eyes, while people with epicanthic folds have lids covering the inner corner of their eyes. This anatomy can reduce and even eliminate the appearance of a crease. Monolids can make the upper eyelid seem puffier or create a narrow look.

Despite not having a crease, a monolid offers plenty of creative opportunities with makeup and eyewear. There are many ways to enhance the eyes' natural contours, and experimenting with bold colors and designs can be fun.

What Are Double Eyelids?

Double eyelids have double folds, giving a distinct crease in the upper eyelid. Unlike monolids, the folds create a visible separation between the upper and lower eyelid. People with double eyelids don't have extra tissue hanging over the crease.

If you have excess skin, you may have hooded eyes. People can have double eyelids and develop hooded eyes later due to aging or weight gain. Eyelid creases can vary in depth and shape. Some people have a more exaggerated fold, depending on their anatomy. People of different ethnicities have double eyelids.

When it comes to makeup and eyewear, individuals with double eyelids can experiment with a wide range of looks and styles. There are techniques for highlighting the natural crease with makeup, and many pairs of glasses can complement the shape of the eyes.

Double eyelids add depth and dimension to the eyes, whether subtle or dramatic. If you have double eyelids, embrace their natural beauty and let your eyes shine.

What Determines Eyelid Shape?

Your eyelid shape is determined by the same thing that decides your eye color, hair type, and blood type: your genetics. There are numerous different eyelid shapes. Even among people with monolids, there are different shapes based on ethnicity and genetics.

Babies born with monolids may even develop double eyelids when they are young. Others won't see a change in their eye shape since birth.

What’s the Best Eyewear for Monolids and Double Eyelids?

The good news is that brands like Pair Eyewear offer numerous frame styles. Finding the right frame shape will help highlight your eyes regardless of your eyelid type. We have some suggestions for glasses for people with monolids or double eyelids.


When selecting glasses, you always want to consider your face in addition to your eye shape. Here are some suggestions to show off your monolids.

  • Oversized Frames: Slightly oversized glasses won't sit over your lids and make your eyes look smaller. If you have a small lid space, avoid frames that may cause an obstruction. Instead, opt for a pair like The Reese glasses, which are modified round frames.
  • Cat-Eye Glasses: Cat-eye glasses have a flirty, fun, timeless feel. They can work with any eye shape, but a pair of slightly oversized cat-eye glasses can look amazing on people with monolids. Try The Harper glasses, which are a wide cat-eye frame that will give you the best retro-chic vibes.
  • Clear Styles:Clear-style frames can highlight your monolids. The transparency means nothing will make your eyes look smaller. Pair Eyewear's Base Frames come in crystal-clear, blue-clear, and pink-clear options.

Double Eyelids

Again, always consider your face shape when selecting glasses. Double eyelids can look good with almost any frame shape:

  • Rectangle Frame:Rectangle frames look great on people with round or oval face shapes who want to add some angles. The Finley frames are one of our best sellers. They are a narrow rectangular frame.
  • Round Frame:Round frames are ideal for people with oval, square, or oblong faces. However, almost anyone looks good with round frames. If you have a super-round face, you may want to opt for other frames. The Soto glasses are medium, modified round frames with a fun vintage spin.
  • Extra-Wide Frames:If you're looking to make a statement with your glasses, extra-wide frames may be the way to go. The Drew frames will give you that bold look you're craving. The glasses are extra-wide rectangular frames offering a dynamic look. They particularly suit people with an oval, round, or triangle face shape.

What Is Double Eyelid Crease Surgery?

At Pair Eyewear, we embrace eyelids of all shapes and sizes — because it’s important to feel good in your skin. That said, people who are unhappy with their eyelid shape can choose to get double eyelid crease surgery. This cosmetic surgery can transform your appearance and help you achieve their desired look.

The procedure isn't too invasive and can be completed relatively quickly. It focuses on a small area, and patients typically only require a local anesthetic. However, other sedation options are available to help people feel relaxed.

The main goal of a double eyelid surgery is to create the natural appearance of an eyelid crease. Surgeons focus on maintaining your overall appearance and making minor adjustments. They make precise incisions to create the crease without visible scarring.

Some people require a full incision across the eyelid. This technique is ideal for people with excess fat and skin on the upper eyelid. A cut along almost the entire lid can cause some scarring, but it is usually minimal.

A partial incision can be made on patients with fat but no excess skin or without either. The cut is along the upper inner eyelid. The incision is usually less than five millimeters and tends to result in undetectable scarring.

The recovery process for this procedure is only around a week. Patients will notice results immediately following surgery. However, the final results can take a few months to see.

What Are Some Makeup Tips for Monolids and Double Eyelids?

You don't have to get surgery to create a defined eyelid crease. There are many makeup techniques for achieving depth.

Makeup Tips for Monolids

Start your eye look with an eye primer to avoid smudging throughout the day or night. Select a darker eyeshadow shade to contour around your upper eyelid. You can focus the shadow on your eye's outer "V" to add dimension.

Another technique is to create a vertical gradient by applying a darker shadow close to your lash line and a lighter shade near your brow bone. The goal is to still be able to see the darker shade when your eyes are open. Finish by curling and applying mascara to your lashes.

Makeup Tips for Double Eyelids

No matter what type of eyelids you have, you still start with an eye primer. Double eyelids can achieve a defined look with a vertical or horizontal gradient. For the horizontal look, start with your lightest shade in the corner and go darker as you reach the outer corners of your eyes. You'll have beautifully defined creases.

Final Takeaways

The right eyewear can help you embrace your eyelid type. Whether you have monolids or double eyelids, there are options to enhance your unique features.

Pair Eyewear offers high-quality frames to complement every face and eye shape so you can feel like your most confident self.


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