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Girls’ Glasses: How to Choose Glasses She Can’t Wait to Wear

If your little girl needs prescription glasses, it’s worth taking the time to find the right girls’ glasses for her. After all, if she doesn’t like them, she’s unlikely to wear them. Then she (and you, by extension) will be dealing with eye strain and headaches — which, incidentally, provide excellent excuses for not doing her homework.

So how can you choose the best eyewear for your little one? Let’s start with what you need to keep in mind when buying girls’ glasses. We’ll also look at some useful extra features you should consider and explore fun options she might enjoy. Finding the right pair of girls’ glasses will make both your lives easier.

What to Consider When Buying Girls’ Glasses

Girls glasses: girl wearing glasses and smiling at the camera

First, you’ll want to make sure you have the right prescription for her. The wrong one could do more damage than good, and remember that prescriptions change over time. So be sure to take your daughter for regular eye tests at your local optometrist.

Beyond that, one obvious thing when it comes to glasses for juniors is the size difference. As they get older, your daughter may be able to wear some of the smaller adult specs, but younger children need smaller glasses frames to fit their faces.

The bridge fit — that’s the space between the lenses — is important, and so is the width of the glasses themselves. You can make some adjustments to tighten the fit on the nose or around the temples, but it’s a good idea to go for smaller frame sizes designed for children so they don’t slip down her nose.

The other important quality you’re looking for is durability. Little girls are very active and their glasses need to be able to stand up to that. A combination of cellulose acetate frames and polycarbonate lenses is a good bet — both of these materials are extremely hard-wearing and can take some rough and tumble.

Another tip here is to go for full-rim glasses. Rimless or semi-rimless glasses tend to be much more fragile and are therefore not generally suitable for kids.

How to Choose the Best Girls’ Eyeglasses

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Making sure your girl’s glasses reflect her personality and interests — rather than simply being trendy — becomes ever more important as they reach their teenage years. At that age, it’s vital that they feel comfortable with how they look (as much as possible for a teenager at least).

Eyeglass frame shapes vary from rectangular or square to cat-eyes or round. The right pair of girls’ glasses will complement her face shape, whether it’s round, oval, or heart-shaped. Whatever her face shape, her eyeglasses should align with her eyes and brow line and not be touching her cheeks.

Use the Pair Eyewear Virtual Try-On feature to try the different kids’ Base Frame options. Be sure to get her input into this process — the more involved she is, the more likely she is to wear her glasses.

These are some great Base Frame options for girls’ glasses:

Once she’s selected her Base Frame, she gets to choose from a wide range of Top Frames. Between our range for kids and our best sellers, there’s bound to be something she loves. Top Frames are only 2mm thick so they’re light and don’t obscure vision in any way.

These are just some of the awesome Top Frame designs we offer for girls’ glasses:

Once she’s chosen her Top Frame(s), you’ll need to select her lens type, whether that’s non-prescription eyeglasses, single vision, readers, or progressive lenses. If your little one has a prescription for bifocals, progressive lenses are a good choice. This modern take on bifocals provides a much smoother transition between the different fields of vision.

You can upload a photo of her prescription, including her pupillary distance, the strength of her prescription, and whether she’s farsighted or nearsighted. Or, if you prefer, you can ask us to reach out to your eye doctor to get the prescription for her girls’ glasses.

You’ll also be happy to know that all Pair Eyewear lenses are made from polycarbonate. They’re impact- and scratch-resistant, as well as being superhydrophobic, anti-reflective, and 100% UV protective.

Finally, select any additional features (more on this below) before checking out.

If you have any questions about the process, have a look at our FAQs page or contact us for further information.

Note: Pair Eyewear accepts FSA and HSA dollars if your HSA or FSA card is affiliated with a major credit card provider. Be aware though that your coverage may not extend to any Top Frames you add, as these are considered accessories, rather than essential medical devices.

Extra Features for Kids’ Glasses

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Now that you have an idea of what kind of frames you’re looking for, you may want to consider a few additional features.

Blue-Light Filters

Kids these days spend more time than ever in front of devices. Most screens emit blue light that can cause eyestrain and affect a child’s sleep patterns.

Luckily there’s an easy solution when you’re buying girls’ glasses: blue-light glasses. Kids’ blue light-blocking lenses filter out most of the blue light they’re exposed to, reducing eye strain, and helping them produce the melatonin they need to get good quality sleep. The simple measure of choosing blue-light lenses for them will save you from dealing with a tired and grumpy child in the morning.

Sun Protection

Kids often live their best lives outdoors — which means their eyes are constantly being exposed to the sun. Prevent eye strain and protect their eyes from harmful UV rays by adding a layer of sun protection to prescription or non-prescription glasses.

Pair Eyewear Sun Tops are 100% UVA and UVB resistant. They’re also polarized and will protect your daughter’s eyes under the harshest sun.

Alternatively, if she’s regularly moving in and out the house, you may want to consider light-responsive lenses instead. These change from clear to tinted as they’re exposed to sunlight, making that indoor-outdoor transition effortless.

To add any of these features to your order, simply select the relevant option for that feature just before checkout on the Pair Eyewear site.

Find the Right Girls’ Glasses With Pair Eyewear

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It’s tough being a youngster with less-than-perfect vision, but you can make it easier for your daughter by helping her select the right girls’ glasses for her. Consider the frame size and shape to make sure they’re the best fit for her, and make sure you’re choosing glasses that show off her personality and will stand up to the rigors of her active life — like Pair Eyewear.

Then add any helpful extras you feel may make a difference to her, like blue-light blockers, Sun Tops, or light-responsive lenses. Each of these will help keep her eyes in tip-top shape that much longer. Even if she doesn’t thank you now, she will one day.