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Glasses for Heart-Shaped Faces: Pick the Right Fit and Style

You’ve seen heart-shaped eyes on emojis and cartoon characters, but it’s actually possible to have a heart-shaped face in real life.With a wider forehead that slims down to a pointed chin (reminiscent of the actual heart shape), you may wonder what the right glasses are for your face shape.

Should you go for rectangular frames to match the angles on the bottom third of your face? Or some oval lenses to complement the curves? Frame shapes aside, which spectacle style and design should you pick?

If you need some help in this department, our guide to the best glasses for heart-shaped faces has your back — or should we say, your face?

Face ID: Do You Have a Heart-Shaped Face?

A woman wearing a pink sweater and touching the side of her glasses for heart-shaped faces.

Before you learn how to choose the best glasses for heart-shaped faces, let’s first determine whether your facial structure falls into this category.

The defining facial features of a heart face shape include:

  • Wide forehead

  • Prominently high cheekbones

  • Pointed, narrow chin

      Still not sure if you do have a heart face? Look in the mirror and scrutinize your facial structure as you go through the following questions:

      • Is your forehead the broadest part of your face?

      • Are the tops of your cheekbones prominently visible?

      • Does your jawline taper into a “V” shape toward your chin?

          If you’ve answered yes to all of the above questions, chances are you have a heart-shaped face — along with the likes of famous faces like Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Campbell, and Ryan Gosling, to name a few.

          The Best Glasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

          A variety of red and orange glasses for heart-shaped faces sitting on an orange block.

          OK, let’s get into what you really want to know — how to choose the best glasses for heart-shaped faces. Before you add the frames you’ve been eyeing to your shopping cart, think about what you want from your eyewear.

          Do you prefer your glasses to highlight or soften your angular features? Are you going for the professional, business-like look, or do you want to show off your personality with funky frame styles? Are you more inclined toward masculine, feminine, or gender-neutral designs?

          Whichever way you lean, the good news is that a heart face is one of the more versatile facial structures. In other words, there are tons of frame shapes, styles, and sizes that go well with your appearance.

          Oval and Round Frames

          If you want to soften your facial features, oval glasses and round frames are some of the best glasses for heart-shaped faces. Oval frames downplay prominent cheekbones and angles (if that’s what you’re looking for). Plus, they draw attention to your eyes and away from a broad forehead.

          The same goes for round glasses. The curved contours add some degree of roundness to your edgy facial contours without overemphasizing the forehead.

          To make oval and round frames work to your advantage, keep the frame size in mind. For instance, Pair Eyewear’s Otis is designed for wide face types. On the other hand, The Reese is more suited for petite faces.

          Boxy Rectangular Frames

          The rectangular frame shape adds a nice contrast to the curves characteristic of heart-shaped faces. We recommend these boxy frames for a more balanced look. Guys may prefer dark, solid colors that align with their browline. A good option would be The Finley in black, as this pair of frames flatters all faces.

          If you want to keep things interesting with unique colors and styles, go wild with our collection of Top Frames. From Marvel Tops to Van Gogh, you don’t have to limit yourself to shades on the color wheel. Instead, you can wear your favorite superhero or art on your face literally.

          Of course, the ladies aren’t forgotten. The Casper is the ideal eyeglass frame for a medium-width face. Men who prefer a snugger fit may also find their perfect pair in The Casper.

          Between the ever-chic tortoiseshell and play-it-safe black, ladies are sure to find new glasses they love within our range of Base Frames. But if you want to customize your eyewear, our Top Frame designs cover all the bases.

          Cat-Eye Frames

          Cat-eye frames are especially popular among women, as customer reviews for The Wanda can prove.

          The retro design works well for heart-shaped faces, courtesy of the wider-than-forehead frame. Plus, the winged top corners highlight the angles of your facial structure if that’s the look you’re going for.

          Classic styles that you may consider include timeless tortoiseshell and solid shades. But at Pair Eyewear, we like to give you the option to custom-build your glasses as you see fit. That’s why our Top Frame collection has everything you can think of, from sparkles to limited-edition spring motifs.

          Minimalist Frames and Optical Illusions

          If you’re looking for barely visible glasses for your heart-shaped face, a pair of clear frames, like The Kirby in Crystal Clear, offer a minimalistic look for people who prefer to show off their facial features as they are. The light hue also keeps it professional-looking with the illusion of being rimless.

          Meanwhile, two-toned frames with gradient or split colors (darker on top and lighter on the bottom) mimic the look of semi-rimless eyewear. The spectacles draw attention away from the bottom two-thirds of your face to focus on your eyes. This is where you can play around with our Top Frames to your heart’s content. Think The Wanda in Black and White (for a monochromatic look), The Finley in Black Cheetah (if you’re into animal prints), and The Twain in Yankees Split (for the baseball lovers).

          Wayfarer-Style Sunglasses

          The best glasses for heart-shaped faces also include sunglasses to protect your peepers from the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays.

          The Wayfarer-style frames are ideal for your face type. Their trapezoid shape and chunky arms inject a dose of coolness into your overall look. You can turn any pair of Base Frames into stylish sunnies with our Sun Tops collection, but The Larkin in particular interprets this classic silhouette with a near-universal fit.

          Pop on Your Glasses of Choice With Pair Eyewear

          A man in front of a blue background wearing black sunglasses.

          Why wear contact lenses when there are so many flattering glasses for heart-shaped faces? With a wide range of glasses frames and styles to match well with your facial contours, the only question is: Should you go for a toned-down look or let your playful side out?

          At Pair Eyewear, you can have the best of both worlds. Each pair of glasses can be suited to your heart-shaped face while reflecting your personality. Our Base Frames offer a mix of everyday, go-to shades, while our lightweight Top Frames are a fun collection of nearly every design under the sun. Combined, you create your own unique eyewear starting at just $60 per pair, including single-vision prescription lenses. Plus, you can upgrade to blue-light glasses, progressive lenses, or light-responsive lenses. Start your search and try a pair risk-free for 30 days.