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Glasses for Square Face Shape: 5 Styles to Accent Angular Features

Looking for the perfect pair of glasses to complement your square face? With so many styles to choose from, advice on which designs fit which features best, and hundreds of colors to choose from, the options are endless.

Don’t go around in circles trying to find the best eyewear. With this handy guide, you’ll find the best glasses for square face shapes including oval, round, and cat-eye styles.

How to Know If You Have a Square Face

To find the best-fitting glasses, you first need to know your face shape. While most people have a combination of different face shapes, there are a few main ones to look for: square, oval, round, and heart-shaped. Here's how to determine the shape of your face.

Start by looking for the widest part of your face. For square-faced individuals this might be tricky. Square faces don't really have a feature that’s wider than the rest. If your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw all seem even in width, you likely have a square face shape.

A strong jawline with sharp angles on the sides is also a good indicator of a square face shape. Most square faces are also as long as they are wide.

Here are a few indicators that you have a square face shape:

  • Your face appears angular and boxy, with a broad forehead and chin

  • You have a blunt or flat chin

  • Your brow bone, cheekbones, and jaw are even widths

  • You have a straight hairline (rather than a widow’s peak or a curved hairline)

In contrast, the cheekbones are usually the widest feature for people with round faces or heart-shaped faces. If your jaw comes to a narrower point than your forehead, you'll want to look for glasses for heart-shaped faces instead. If your jaw and forehead are narrower than your cheekbones, and the edges are more rounded than angular, take a look at glasses for oval faces.

Looking for comparisons to confirm if you have a square face? Some celebrities that have square faces include Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, and Demi Moore. Brad Pitt, Lieve Schreiber, and Daniel Dae Kim are leading men that also boast square face shapes.

Some of the most famous faces have strong, angular features. In fact, consider yourself lucky if you have a square face — this shape is considered among the most attractive. Thanks to strong features and sharp lines, the square face shape is a memorable one.

Plus, once you have the basics down, it’s easy to choose glasses that will complement your look. Below, we’ll highlight the best styles and glasses for square face shape so you can find a design that helps you look your best.

The Best Types of Glasses for Square Face Shape

Glasses for square face shape: 3 pairs of eyeglasses on a pink background

Finding the perfect glasses is all about looking for the right shapes to complement your own. The best types of glasses for square face shapes are round, oval, and cat-eye. Brow-line frames and aviators are also good choices for people with square faces.

Round and oval frames help to soften and balance the strong angles of your face. Look for glasses with round frames and gentle curves to add dimension to your angular features.

Cat-eye glasses feature an upward angle that can add dimension to a square face. The added height creates an illusion by elongating your features, making your face seem longer than it is.

Browline glasses — eyewear that features a prominent, thick top bar — can also help balance out your features. The top-heavy frames draw attention and add width to your brow bone, minimizing your angular jawline.

Thin frames also help to add contrast to square faces that have a boxy look. They don’t add extra bulk and can help to make your facial features seem smaller.

Frames to Avoid If You Have a Square Face

Square frames and boxy glasses are generally not recommended for people with square face shapes since the square shape is too similar to square features. Adding more square elements can make your face look even boxier by making your wide forehead and chin look broader.

If you like the look of square frames, look at rectangular frames instead. They offer the boxy look of square frames, but help to lengthen the width of your face. This can balance out your wide features by creating some dimension. Keep in mind, they may accent strong features since they are still angular in shape.

That doesn't mean you can’t try square frames if you find a pair you absolutely love. After all, these are just guidelines and you should wear whatever makes you feel your best — whether they’re round frames, square designs, or something in between.

Our 5 Favorite Glasses for Square Faces

Now that you know the different frame shapes that work best for your square face, it’s time to pick a stylish pair you love! From cat-eye frames and oval glasses to aviator frames, here are the best glasses for square face shape to accent your facial features.

1. The Wanda

Glasses for square face shape: The Wanda

The Wanda is an oversized cat-eye frame that adds height and draws attention to the brow bone — a perfect match for square faces. Choose from six different colors including classics like black and tortoiseshell as well as vibrant styles like blue and pink. This style also looks great on people with round face shapes and oval-shaped faces.

2. The Reese

Glasses for square face shape: The Reese

Round glasses are among the best options for people looking for glasses that complement a square face shape. The Reese features swooping lines and gently rounded edges that soften the angular lines of square faces and diamond faces. The frame is smaller than others, making it ideal for people with smaller square faces.

3. The Soto

The Soto

With a vintage spin on the aviator frame style, The Soto is ideal for people with square faces. This pair of glasses features rounded edges to minimize a horizontal jawline. The retro detailing makes it ideal for individuals that like classic designs.

4. The Otis

The Otis

Looking for a circular style to balance out the features of your square face? Take a look at The Otis. This design features smooth, rounded edges to add a soft element to angular faces. Add Sun Tops to the standard eyeglasses to turn these beauties into summer-ready sunnies.

5. The Ella

The Ella

If you love drama and charm, The Ella is the perfect way to complement your square face. It features delicate angles and a cat-eye style frame to create dimension and balance out square shapes. It’s designed for narrow to medium faces. Try The Ella in prescription sunglasses, eyeglasses, or non-prescription lenses.

Find a Pair for the Perfect Square

With these best frames and glasses for square face shapes, you’re sure to find a pair to fall in love with. Try Pair today and discover a range of glasses with rounded edges, oval designs, and styling that help to balance square face features. Not sure if they’ll fit your face the way you want them to? Do a virtual try on to see the frames on your face before making a commitment.

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