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Best Rave Glasses in 2024 and How To Style Them

Is there anything better than being at a rave? The music and dancing create an irresistible atmosphere, and the colorful rave outfits take the energy up to the next level.

Many people spend weeks and months putting together their rave outfits. Just like street fashion, the key to putting together a show-stopping rave outfit is the accessories. Read on for a list of our top rave glasses that are sure to add an electrifying element to your next rave ‘fit.

What Is a Rave?

First things first, what is a rave? A rave is a massive dance party that is usually led by a DJ or EDM artist. They might have started out as secret underground parties, but now, raves are open for anyone to come. You might even find art installations and live performers at a rave nowadays.

At a rave, atmosphere is everything. Partiers wear vibrant clothes and makeup to liven up the space, and you’re almost guaranteed to see reflective, mesh, and leather elements. Basically, everyone’s wardrobes go wild.

What Are Rave Glasses?

Rave glasses are glasses that are designed to match the hype of rave outfits. When you’re getting ready for a rave, your everyday pair of frames simply won’t do — you need to go over the top. With rave outfits featuring so many crazy patterns and bright colors, rave glasses simply take your look to the next level.

10 Best Rave Glasses of 2024

At Pair Eyewear, we understand that sometimes you need crazy glasses, and sometimes you need normal glasses. That’s why we built a system that includes base frames and magnetic top frames. With our system, simply select a base frame that fits your overall vibe. Then, you can add as many top frames as you want to change up your look.

Whether you’re rocking a pair of lime green fishnets or some hot pink face paint, here are some of our best top frames for raves.

1. The Pair Music Tour

This top frame features a picturesque scene from dawn to dusk, with day and night being on different sides of the frame. The overall art style is reminiscent of the 70s hippie movement, which fits in perfectly with the vibe of a rave. Plus, with all of the bright colors, you’re sure to fit right in with the crowd.

2. The Jukebox

The Jukebox top frames are an edgy way to pay homage to the history of music while you dance away. This design uses bright colors and graphics to turn your eyeglasses into a jukebox. While these frames bring a retro feel to the outfit, the neon colors also hint at the future.

3. The Diva’s Flowers

Do you love Renaissance art as well as electronic music? With these frames, you get to combine the best of both worlds!

These rockin’ frames feature gold floral details over a bright purple background with a classy vignette. If you want to go full ‘70s and embrace your inner flower child, you can’t go wrong with The Diva’s Flowers top frames!

4. The Rockstar Tortoise

We’re suckers for a good spin on a classic, and what better way to do this than by adding our rave twist to the evergreen tortoise pattern? Tinted tortoise patterns have been around forever, but The Rockstar Tortoise top frames feature a tortoise pattern made out of hot pinks and bright purples. These tops don’t just complement the rave spirit — they embody it.

5. The Freestyle Mural

The Freestyle Mural top frames will be the cherry on top of any rave outfit. With their bright colors and funky music note-inspired pattern, these frames are here to kick the fun factor up a notch. Plus, the graffiti-like art style will be right at home in the rave atmosphere.

6. The Punk Stripes Split

These frames are an ode to punk rock souls everywhere. They feature red and black horizontal stripes on the top half of the frame face with thinner white and black horizontal stripes on the bottom half. Slip on some Converse and a bunch of glowsticks, and you’re rave-ready.

7. The Grunge Plaid

What’s better than classic plaid? A modern, grungy take on plaid, that’s what.

This yellow-and-black plaid pattern features hints of red to add an extra pop of color. Unlike regular plaid, what makes this plaid grungy and ready for the rave is the extra black woven into the pattern.

8. The Folk Melody Paisley

Embrace your ‘60s and ‘70s spirit with The Folk Melody Paisley top frames. These are a rave-esque spin on our classic The Woodgrain top frames, adding a whimsical touch of floral lace patterns over a woodgrain background. From music festivals to raves to front porches to concerts, these rustic frames are right at home.

9. The Statement Snakeskin

What’s better than plain, normal snakeskin? The answer is statement snakeskin.

These top frames show a traditional snakeskin print over a red background with a black ombre effect at the bottom. The best part? These frames are 100% snakeskin-free, so you can wear them without worrying.

10. The Psychedelic Sound Waves

Finally, we have The Psychedelic Sound Wave top frames. These frames feature a similar fade-to-black design concept as The Statement Snakeskin frames. However, instead of snakeskin, the pattern on the top of the frames is an electric psychedelic vortex. The hypnotizing effect of these glasses makes them a must-have for any raver.

How Can You Style Rave Glasses?

If you couldn’t tell, we really love rave glasses — but we know they can get a little crazy. If you’re new to wearing rave glasses, you might be a little unsure of how to style them.

The key here is not to try too hard. The normal rules of fashion you might be used to go flying out the door when it comes to rave fashion. At a rave, patterns don’t clash (even if they do), and bright colors aren’t harsh on the eyes. Makeup can get as crazy as you want, and there’s usually a lot more skin showing than you might be used to.

Plus, it’s important to think about how your look will actually look in the rave environment. There might be blacklights or other cool effects, so bright colors are the key to standing out.

Here are a few outfit ideas to help you style your rave glasses:

  • The Punk Princess: Embrace your inner grunge with some black fishnets, a black bodysuit, some black combat boots, and The Grunge Plaid top frames.
  • The Neon Marvel: Draw attention with brightly colored neon body paint, a vibrant miniskirt and bra top, and The Jukebox top frames.
  • The Hippie Dancer: Ride the energetic wave with some vintage patterned bell-bottom pants, a crochet halter top, some body beads, and The Folk Melody Paisley top frames.
  • The Bedazzled Icon: Take your place as the star of the show with neon leg wraps, a sequined bodysuit, metallic combat boots and gloves, and The Rockstar Tortoise top frames

The Bottom Line

When you’re used to wearing the same things every day, there’s something special about being able to dress up in something wild and fun. While you might not be able to wear bodysuits and fishnets every day, you can still bring the rave spirit by wearing one of these electrifying top frames.

At Pair Eyewear, we know that customization is important — that’s why we made sure that you can customize your most important accessory, eyeglasses, for every occasion. To find a look that fits your occasion, browse our selection of top frames today.


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