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A Pair, For A Pair

For Every Pair of Glasses you Purchase, Pair Will Provide Glasses to a Child in Need

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Today, A Pair Of Glasses Could Help Correct the Vision of 239 Million Children!

Pair Exists To Help Support This Problem, With Your Help We Can Make Sure Every School Aged Child Has Access to Vision Care.


Our Partnership

We Partner with The Eyelliance to Provide Glasses to Children in the Developing World With Poor Vision


The Power of One Pair


80% of learning occurs through vision


Glasses are the most effective health intervention


Glasses increase potential earnings by 5%


Glasses increase productivity by 30%

Poor vision, if left uncorrected, leads to countless children falling out of school. The fix, a pair of glasses, is so simple yet remains out of reach for far too many. What an injustice, what a shame. Let’s bring change together!

- Dr. Jordan Kassalow
Co-founder of EYElliance

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