5 Reason Why Pair Glasses Will Change Your Life

1. Pair Eyewear is Affordable

Pair Eyewear offers the highest-quality prescription lenses and frames for some of the lowest prices on the market, starting at just $95 for prescription lenses and frames. Kids are impatient, and their tastes are constantly changing, so why break the piggy bank for 1 pair of frames when Pair offers multiple looks for the price of one? It’s the best eyewear deal we’ve heard of… Plus: we sell polarized sunglasses too, starting at just $35.

2. Glasses shopping is easier than ever before

“What if it doesn’t fit?” - you, while clicking “add to cart” anyways.

Pair eliminates the “what ifs” with their home try-on kit, a painless solution to finding the best-fitting glasses for your children. Just a few clicks on the website and you’ll be sent cardboard cutouts of their 5 base frame shapes, so that you can find your perfect fit from the comfort of your home. The best part? It’s totally free.

3. Wearing glasses keeps your eyes healthy

The dangers of not wearing the correct prescription glasses can range from mild discomfort to serious vision damage. This becomes a problem when a kid’s pair of glasses look like an alienating medical device. Pair Eyewear is dedicated to making glasses that kids are excited about wearing at school and with their friends, in fun colors and trendy shapes, so that there are no excuses when it comes to seeing clearly.

4. Get multiple looks in one

Pair Eyewear is the only prescription eyewear company in the market that offers a continually customizable look. With simple magnetic tops, kids can change the style and color of their frames anytime, anywhere. The days of boring glasses are over; now, kids can use their glasses as a fashion accessory and an extension of their personality. Keep the same pair of frames for years with the customizable choices from Pair Eyewear.

5. Pair Eyewear helps kids participate in social good

Pair Eyewear is teamed up with the non-profit EYElliance to ensure that kids everywhere can have access to clear vision, a necessity for their education and personal growth. With their “Pair for a Pair” program, for every Pair purchased, another pair of prescription glasses is distributed to a child in need. The program helps involve kids in social good by reminding them that people everywhere share common struggles and experiences.

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