About us

It all started with a simple observation—Why do we change our clothes every day, while our glasses stay the same year after year? Our most prominent accessory is just uninspiring.

One of our two founders, Nathan, began wearing glasses at the age of eight and found the experience dreadful. Aside from the general “uncool” factor, there was a lack of style options. His glasses felt more like a glaring medical device instead of an extension of his personality. Together with our other founder, Sophia, the idea for Pair was born while both students at Stanford. When studying design for social good in a club called Design for America, they discovered how common it was for parents and children to feel dissatisfied by the overall glasses experience. From there, they teamed up with the former head of product from Warby Parker to create an easy, affordable and fun alternative to traditional eyewear brands.

Unlike traditional eyewear brands, Pair is affordable, giving our customers the ability to purchase multiple frames & top frames without denting their piggy bank.

With your help, we can make sure every school aged child has access to prescription glasses. For every Pair purchased, we provide a pair of glasses to a child in need through our partnership with Eyelliance. Find out more here.