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See why moms
love Pair

Our mission is to make glasses easy and affordable for you and fun and personalized for your kids.
Mom of 1
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Such a stress-reliever!
Pair glasses are a big part of Jasper’s life and we so appreciate how helpful the Pair team is. They are life savers! If your kid breaks their glasses, Pair will go above and beyond to get you a replacement within days.
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So happy with our Pair!
I have an active kiddo and with all his sports and activities, having a sturdy pair of glasses is important. We love the flexibility of their hinges and the frames themselves are stylish and durable. Not to mention affordable and they have a great warranty. Could not be happier, thank you Pair!
Mom of 2
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Pair is our favorite!
When we realized Stella needed glasses, we were so bummed and so nervous! But, when we discovered Pair, it was a game changer for my little fashionista. She’s able to swap out the color of her glasses daily with just a magnetic front frame!
From Glasses Parents Like You

Therese, Mom of Bella

Ordered 1 prescription glasses, 5 tops + 1 sunglass top and a wall hanger
"I’ve worn glasses myself for 30 years and never seen anything so cool. When Bella first got glasses it made her very shy and insecure, but with Pair she has become confident and happy in her glasses. I’m so happy my daughter gets to LOVE wearing glasses.
Bella gets comments everywhere we go and she always loves to tell everyone they’re Pair, check out their website!"
Her Pro Tip:
My daughter loves the tops and it makes wearing Pair so much more fun. I'd suggest getting at least 3 to begin with. The best part is Pair is always coming out with new styles so you can get more later and surprise your kids!
From Glasses Parents Like You

Jessica, Mom of Mali

Ordered 2 prescription glasses, 9 tops + 3 sunglass tops and PairCARE
"In a world where kids seem to have to fit a certain mold, Pair Eyewear let's my daughter show her own personality! The bonus is that the Larkin fits me too so we can both ROCK them! We both love to match our glasses to our clothes!"
Her Pro Tip:
Our refrigerator is at our front door. We have all of our Tops on the side so every morning we choose our Top as we leave!
From Glasses Parents Like You

Julie, Mom of Ollie

Ordered 5 prescription glasses + 5 tops
"Tired of the extremely limited kids frames selection in stores, I resorted to looking online. Ollie tried Pair and the process could not have been easier. He enjoyed picking out colorful magnetic add ons, too. Pair is a pleasure to work with and FAST. We will continue to order from Pair until Ollie outgrows them.
Her Pro Tip:
(1) Order two Pairs of most current prescription so you have an extra Pair on hand.
(2) Invest in the wipes to clean glasses nightly if you have a very active child!
the oprah magazine
"If only Pair had been around when I was a kid."
the oprah magazine
"New kid friendly specs designed to withstand gym-class falls."
the oprah magazine
"Pair is the new Warby Parker for Kids."
the oprah magazine
"An affordable alternative to traditional eyewear brands"

Frame Sizing

Small (ages 5-9)


Measurements: 46-17-135


Measurements: 45-18-135

Large (ages 9-Adult)


Measurements: 49-17-140


Measurements: 47-18-135


Measurements: 51-17-140

Understanding the numbers

You can locate the following measurements on any glasses frame’s left arm. If your child has
a frame that they currently use, you can compare our frame measurements with theirs.

Other Helpful Tips

Other Helpful Tips

  • When selecting frames, pick glasses and tops that complement your personal style and hair and eye color.
  • Make sure to coordinate your frame size with our age recommendations. If your child is between the ages of 4 and 8, our Cedro and Serra frames are generally best. If your child is 9 or older, choose between the Otero, Twain or Larkin.
  • As a general rule of thumb, frames opposite a child’s face shape tend to highlight their features best. If your child’s face shape is more circular, choose a rectangular frame. If your child’s face is more narrow, a round frame is usually best! If you’re used to wearing a round or rectangular frames, stick to what you know :)

Make sure to follow all the age and style recommendations above.

Still can’t decide? Please reach out to us at if you have any questions at all about choosing the best frame for your child.
We’ll walk you and your child through all of the options and help your child find the best fit!

Free shipping. Free Returns.

Our top priority is that you love your Pair and feel 100% comfortable in it which is why we stand by our glasses and you have a 30 day trial with your Pair. Return it to us for a full refund. Exchange it for another frame. Whatever you need, no questions asked. Just reach out to our customer success team. We’re here for you.

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