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Rectangle Glasses: How to Know if They’ll Work for You

Rectangle eyeglasses are a classic design popularized back in the 1960s. They offer timeless style and a look that goes with anything — but how do you know if they’re for you?

Let’s clarify what defines rectangular eyeglasses and what types of face shapes they best suit. Then we’ll point you in the direction of a super-stylish range of frames and show you how to maximize their versatility, so you’re always wearing a look you love.

What Are Rectangle Glasses?

Rectangle glasses are wider than they are high. They may be quite sharply angular — or have slightly rounded corners to soften their edges and add some subtlety, but their basic proportions remain about the same.

Depending on their design, contemporary rectangular glasses can look sporty, professional, fun, or elegant and sophisticated. The color you choose can also change the overall impression. For example, gunmetal gray frames will create a very different effect from bright pink ones.

While they do come in rimless, semi-rimless, and metal frame styles, if you want the true effect of those rectangular frames, more substantial full-rim frames are the way to go.

What Kind of Face Shape Suits Rectangle Glasses

Rectangle glasses: The Iridescent

Rectangle eyeglasses work especially well for more rounded face shapes. Think round faces, oval faces, or heart-shaped faces.

The rectangle frame shape adds structure and complements the gentle softness of a round face, bringing overall balance. They can also help to widen the upper part of a triangle- or diamond-shaped face, offsetting the differences in width.

That said, every face is different, so if you fancy a pair of rectangle glasses, by all means, go ahead and try them on to see if they work for you.

When you’re shopping for this classic frame shape, it’s important to get the right size, both from an aesthetic perspective and for a comfortable fit. If your frames have nose pads, you may be able to make some small adjustments that way but it’s far better to get a pair that fits well right up front.

To get this right, consult the Size Guide of the retailer you’re buying from, and if in doubt, look for frames that are about as wide as the widest part of your face. They should sit comfortably on your nose and around your temples, without touching your cheeks.

Where to Get Your Rectangular Eyeglass Frames

Looking for the most stylish and versatile collection of rectangle glasses? Make Pair Eyewear your first stop and you’re bound to find the right rectangular glasses frames for you.

Pair offers a range of prescription glasses to cater to every kind of vision correction. Whether you need reading glasses, single-vision specs, or bifocal lenses (hint: our progressive prescription lenses are a stylish bifocal option), we can make a pair of rectangle glasses for you.

Note: If you’re simply looking for a stylish accessory, we also offer non-prescription rectangle glasses.

Our unisex rectangular Base Frames look great on men and women. Take advantage of our Virtual Try-On feature to find out which of these Base Frame styles works best for you:

  • The Larkin is a narrow, very definitely rectangular style, with slightly rounded corners.

  • The Finley is an extremely versatile, narrow rectangular frame designed for small to medium faces.

  • The Casper is slightly less narrow with a keyhole nose bridge, and it’s made for medium faces.

  • The Kirby is a strong rectangular shape, designed for medium faces.

  • The Jessie is a modern, wide rectangular style, with slightly chunkier frames.

  • The Murphy is an extra-wide, oversized rectangular frame that leans toward square.

  • The Drew is an extra-wide rectangular style, with a very structured look and a keyhole nose bridge.

And if you’re looking for sunnies instead, you’ll find these same frames available in our sunglasses range, with a choice of lens colors. Pair sunglasses are 100% UVA and UVB resistant.

Pair Eyewear Functional Features

The Frida Flower Crown

Once you’ve selected your rectangle glasses frames, feel free to take your lenses to the next level with functional add-ons like:

  • Blue light filters to protect your eyes and your sleep if you’re often online late at night

  • Light-responsive lenses that automatically darken as you move into bright light, and then clear up when the level of light dims

  • Ultra-thin Premium Plus lenses to reduce the weight of high-prescription lenses

Pair glasses frames are made of hard-wearing cellulose acetate with strong spring hinges, while the lenses are cut from scratch-and impact-resistant polycarbonate. They all come standard with anti-reflective coatings to reduce any glare from bright surfaces around you.

Starting at just $60 (or less if you have a coupon to apply at checkout) for a pair of stylish prescription glasses, it’s a deal that’s hard to beat.

How to Style Your Rectangle Glasses

With most eyeglass retailers, you get to choose one pair of frames that you know you’ll be wearing every day for the foreseeable future.

At Pair, you can change up your rectangle glasses every day — or every hour, if you choose. Simply add a pair of magnetic, clip-on Top Frames to your Base Frames, and you instantly have a different look. And if you go for Sun Tops, you can turn your normal pair of glasses into sunglasses.

For example, you might choose a pair of classic Brown Tortoise rectangular frames (which look great on their own anyway) then add The Matcha Split Sun Top for instant retro style. Or go with a Crystal Clear Frame and add The Hot Pink Top Frame for a fun night out. The only limit is your imagination.

These are some of our trending Top Frames for rectangular glasses right now:

Take your pick of these or any of the rest of our wide range of gorgeous Top Frames to complement your personality.

If you have any questions at all about Pair’s rectangle glasses, feel free to consult our FAQ page or contact us directly at [email protected].

Rock Your Rectangular Glasses Today

Lakers Splatter

Rectangle glasses are classic for a reason. Their structured lines lend them a certain style and depending on how you dress them up, they can take on any look you choose. And although they’re usually best suited to rounder faces, they’re worth trying no matter what.

Get your rectangular eyeglasses from Pair Eyewear today and add a Top Frame (or two) of your choice. You’ll have a range of looks to choose from and can switch them out as you go. That’s a lot of style and versatility in one simple shape!