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Trendy Sunglasses: Your Guide to Stylish Eyewear in 2024

Once upon a time, aviator sunglasses — á la Tom Cruise in Top Gun — were the height of cool. We’re not saying they’ve gone out of fashion, but we’re happy that there’s now a much wider range of trendy sunglasses out there. So even if you aren’t a movie star, you can still feel like one.

Let’s get clear on why you need sunglasses at all and then explore some trendy eyewear styles that will improve your vision and your style. It’s all about finding the right pair for you — and the great news is that it’s never not sunglasses season.

Why You Need Sunglasses

Ever been out driving, boating, or skiing and found yourself squinting into the glare? That’s because surfaces like the road, water, and snow reflect a lot of light, making it difficult to see clearly. A good pair of sunnies helps to cut that glare — especially if they’re polarized sunglasses.

And let’s not forget the damage that UV rays from the sun can do to your eyes. Without sunglasses with UV protection, you’re increasing your risk of conditions like photokeratitis or macular degeneration.

Bonus Tip: Just because a pair of trendy sunglasses has polarized or dark-tinted lenses doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll shield you from UV rays. So when you’re buying sunglasses to protect your eyes, be sure to check the level of UV protection they offer — ideally, you’re looking for 100% protection.

And finally, apart from all the practical benefits of sunglasses, they’re also a fashion accessory. The right pair of trendy sunglasses can finish off an outfit to perfection.

Really, what’s not to like?

Trendy Sunglasses for Everyone

So what exactly are trendy sunglasses? They’re sunnies that suit the times and make a statement — and most importantly, they look good on you. To get this right, you need to take into account your face shape and coloring, and your wardrobe.

Let’s look at some of the latest trends.

Strong Geometric Shapes

A good pair of round, rectangular, or cat-eye glasses can take you far — and this is also where your face shape comes into play. There are some general guidelines around the best frame shape for you, but your best bet is to make use of virtual try-on tools that let you see a video of yourself wearing different styles.

Round Sunglasses or Oval Sunglasses

These retro sunglasses often have an old-school vibe to them, whether they’re rimless or not. Depending on what you’re going for, they can look intellectual or creative – think Steve Jobs or John Lennon. Round-shaped glasses suit more angular faces, helping to soften their sharper features. Oval sunglasses can elevate the round style by combining their softness with the edginess of a narrower shape.

Rectangular Sunglasses or Square Sunglasses

Rectangular frames and square-frame sunglasses are both practical and trendy. They offer good coverage from the sun and a timeless style that pairs well with anything. Square and rectangle sunglasses work best for round faces, adding structure and balance.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye glasses, with their upward-turned outer corners, exude a sense of glamor and mystery. They hark back to the ‘20s and yet are as stylish and up-to-date as ever. These trendy sunglasses are also extremely versatile and suit many different face shapes.

Extreme Sizes

While regular sizes never go out of fashion, you’ll notice that many trendsetters right now are gravitating towards extremes. For example, supermodel Bella Hadid is regularly seen out and about in tiny oblong frames, while J-Lo favors chunky oversized sunglasses — also known as shield sunglasses.

That said, finding the right size sunglasses for you is just as important as style. If your eyeglasses are too small, they’ll look pinched and feel uncomfortable. And if they’re too big, they’ll swamp your face and keep sliding down your nose. Always check the size guide when you’re buying sunglasses.

Unusual Colorways

A pair of classic tortoiseshell or black sunglasses are always good minimalistic standbys — and they go with any outfit. But there’s no need to limit yourself to those. If you like to stand out, try white or multicolored frames, or consider unusual features like futuristic blue or green reflective lenses that shout, “Look at me!”

If you just can’t decide, go with snap-on frames that allow you to change your look from day to day — or even from moment to moment. For example, Pair Eyewear offers a wide range of Top Frames, which attach magnetically to Base Frames. Choose from Classic Designs, Collabs, or Limited Editions — there’s something for everyone.

Just make sure the colors you choose suit your skin tone and hair color. Trendy sunglasses should be flattering too.

Find the Best Sunglasses at Pair Eyewear

Man smiling while wearing a pair of trendy sunglasses

When you’re looking for your next pair of sunglasses, look no further than Pair Eyewear. Pair stocks great quality women’s sunglasses and men’s sunglasses that offer so many benefits.

Wide Range of Prescriptions

Whether you need readers, single-vision glasses, or progressive lenses with a prescription gradient, we’ve got you covered. And if you don’t need vision correction, we also offer fashion sunglasses with no prescription at all.

Strong Acetate Frames

Rather than rigid metal frames, our trendy sunglasses are made from hard-wearing acetate, which can withstand quite a bit of wear and tear. Add impact- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses, and you’ve got a pair of trendy glasses that can handle daily life.

UV Protection

All Pair’s sunglasses come standard with 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. They’re also anti-reflective and polarized, so you never have to worry about dealing with glare again.

30-Day Warranty

If you’re not happy with your sunglasses when they arrive on your doorstep for any reason, you can take advantage of our 30-day warranty and get an exchange or refund.

Maximum Versatility

Our customers rave about the fact that they can mix and match their look with a single pair of Base Frames and a few Top Frames. You also get to choose your lens tint, whether that’s a subtle brown or gray or a more eye-catching blue or pink hue.

Alternatives to Sunglasses

If you prefer to carry only one pair of glasses, consider getting light-responsive lenses instead of sunglasses. Transition lenses automatically darken when you move outside or your environment gets brighter and then lighten up as you move back inside.

Another option is to add one of our best-seller Sun Tops to your regular glasses. These are simple to snap on when you need them.

Great Value

Starting at just $60 — including polarized lenses — it’s hard to find better value. By the time you’ve been through checkout, you’ll wonder why you didn’t shop at Pair before.

How To Style Your Sunglasses

Once you have a pair of stylish sunglasses you love, it’s time to pair them with on-trend outfits. There’s nothing better than a ‘fit that features some high-quality shades as the main attraction… so, how can you style your trending sunglasses for the best results? Here are some of our best tips.

Be Bold and Try Something New

We pretty much always recommend getting out of your comfort zone a little when it comes to styling your shades. If you want to feel super confident, try pairing your fashionable sunglasses with an outfit you’ve never worn before — like one with a unique color, pattern, or accessory you don’t typically wear.

Options, Options, Options

Aside from getting out of your comfort zone, we’re also big fans of owning multiple pairs of shades that you can switch out to match any outfit or occasion.

Pair's magnetic Top Frames make it faster and easier than ever to change your look. Our Top Frames instantly transform the look of your standard or prescription sunglasses without you needing to buy a completely different pair.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Neutral colors are always trendy and timeless choices, but if you ask us, there’s nothing wrong with a pop of vibrant color to take your outfit to the next level.

We recommend that you keep at least one Top Frame in your collection that can add a bit of life and color to your look. After all, you can always go for a more neutral set of Base Frames, giving you the option to switch back to a more understated style any time you want.

Slip on Stylish Shades With Your Own Trendy Sunglasses

Woman wearing a yellow dress posing at the camera

The right trendy sunglasses are both functional and cool. They help you see better and protect your eyes. They also compliment your personality and add a little something extra to your look for the day.

Choose bold geometric shapes that flatter your face shape, and pick the size that suits you best — whether that’s regular, tiny, or oversized. Then, depending on your personal style, go with colors that blend with your outfit or demand to be noticed.

And, of course, make sure you buy your trendy sunglasses from a quality retailer like Pair Eyewear. You’ll never look back


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