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Girls’ Sunglasses: Why She Needs Them Plus How to Choose

Just a few short decades ago, sunglasses for little girls were considered either a luxury fashion statement or a costume accessory — but the world has changed. We now know that sunglasses are just as important for kids as they are for adults, if not more so.

Read on to find out why, then we’ll walk you through how to choose the right pair of girl’s sunglasses for your tot, tween, or teen. Because whether you live in Southern California or your yard still has snow in April, sunglasses are a must-have for your youngster.

Why Your Little Girl Needs Sunglasses

Most people know that UVA and UVB rays from the sun can seriously damage your eyes. In fact, even on a cloudy day or in snowy conditions, reflected glare and UV rays can still cause harm. And that goes double for children.

Squinting into bright light can result in eyestrain and headaches. Your youngster may even end up with sunburned eyes — a condition known as photokeratitis — which can be very painful, but the problem doesn’t stop there. Diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts, and ocular melanoma are very often rooted in long-term exposure to the sun, even if they only manifest years later.

Your little (or not so little) girl is vulnerable to the sun for two main reasons. First, because her eyes are still maturing, they don’t do a great job of filtering UV rays. Second, with recess, after-school sports, and playdates with friends, kids are often outdoors during the day and therefore exposed to the sun — and any resulting glare — far more than adults.

Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to protect your daughter from all this with a decent pair of sunglasses. It’s all about finding the right pair for her.

How to Find the Right Girls’ Sunglasses for Your Child

Girls sunglasses: The Serra

Presenting your little girl with the sunglasses you’ve chosen for her might be tempting but there’s a good chance you won’t get the response you’re hoping for. It’s far better to walk through the process with her, starting with getting buy-in.

1. Get Her Onboard

While some girls will be all too happy to wear sunnies, just like the grown-ups, others may be resistant. And if she doesn’t understand why they’re important, her sunglasses will soon be lying unused at the bottom of her backpack, most likely getting squashed and scratched, and certainly not helping her eyes.

So right at the beginning of the process, explain to her that sunglasses will make it much easier to see and keep her safe during recess or when she’s playing with her friends after school. If she’s into dressing up, you could appeal to the budding fashionista in her. Get her pink sunglasses for her own Barbie moment or get matching sunglasses with her favorite cartoon character.

2. Choose the Right Size

Children’s sunglasses are not one-size-fits-all. They’re specifically designed for smaller faces and usually organized by age because toddler girls are very different from teenagers. Check the size guide of the retailer you’re considering but if your little girl is smaller or bigger than average, you may need to go one size down or up.

3. Pick a Style She Loves

This may well be the most important factor in getting her to wear her sunglasses. Bear in mind that just because you fancy a pair of retro cat-eye sunglasses for her, doesn’t mean she will.

Start by considering her face shape. Rectangular girls’ sunglasses tend to suit round, oval, or heart-shaped faces, while round sunglasses suit more angular faces, like square, triangular, or diamond shapes. That said, make a game of trying on different styles and colors of frames and lenses — reflective lenses are especially popular with kids. If you’re shopping online, most good retailers have virtual try-on tools for exactly this purpose.

For example, how about one of these cute Pair Eyewear sunglasses styles?

  • 5-9 years old: Choose between The Serra, which is a round style, or The Cedro, a narrow, rectangular frame

  • 8-12 years old: Your best bet is The Otero, which has a rectangular design

  • 9 years and older: Pick from The Larkin, which is rectangular, or The Twain, a round frame

Where to Buy Girls’ Sunglasses

There’s a good chance you’ll find some kids’ sunglasses in the children’s section at your local retailer, along with other girls’ accessories. But while those heart sunglasses or the Disney ones with Minnie Mouse ears might look super cute on your baby girl, there’s no guarantee they’ll do the job.

If you buy girls’ sunglasses in-store or online from a general retailer, take special care to check the labels to make sure they offer 99-100% UVA and UVB protection.

It’s far better to buy from a specialist eyewear retailer like Pair Eyewear though. Then you can rest assured you’re getting great quality eyewear that does what it says it will.

Why Buy From Pair Eyewear?

The Abby Rainbow

Pair sunglasses are guaranteed to offer 100% UV protection. They also come standard with polarized lenses and anti-reflective coating to make sure your little one can always see clearly, no matter how much glare is bouncing around.

Pair offers both non-prescription and prescription sunglasses, so if your little girl has any vision issues, we can custom-make her lenses just for her. She also gets to choose not just a sunglasses Base Frame but as many Top Frames as she likes to reflect her own personal style — at prices that won’t max out your credit card.

If your child needs prescription glasses, another option at Pair is to buy a regular kids’ Base Frame and add a pair of Sun Tops to instantly turn them into sunglasses. That way, you get two pairs for only slightly more than the price of one.

You’ll also be happy to know that all Pair sunglasses are made of durable, child-friendly (read: child-proof) materials. They’re full-frame sunglasses, which tend to be more hardy than semi-rimless or rimless ones. Pair frames are made from cellulose acetate and the polycarbonate lenses are scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and hydrophobic, so they’re built to last.

Encourage your girl child to browse through these gorgeous Top Frame ranges to find the perfect ones for her:

  • The Peanuts and Sesame Street ranges are popular with younger kids

  • For slightly older kids, the Harry Potter range is all the rage

  • Superhero fans will love the DC and Marvel collections

  • The NBA, MLB, and NHL Collab ranges are perfect for sports enthusiasts

Top Tip: Give her a Pair Gift Card for her birthday so she can choose a new Top Frame for the year from our new arrivals and best sellers. You might want to encourage her to pop a Top Frame case in her shopping bag to keep her new frames safe.

Protect Her Eyes Now and Later

The Wonder Woman

UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause immediate damage to your daughter’s eyes, as well as longer-term damage that might not show up for years. Protect them early on with quality girls’ sunglasses that filter out damaging rays and add an element of style and fun she’ll love.

Get her involved right up front as you pick a pair together, preferably from a specialist retailer like Pair Eyewear. Then set a good example by wearing your own sunglasses whenever you’re outside. Get her into the habit now — it will serve her well for years to come.