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Cool Glasses for Everyone: Up Your Style Game

If you’re not sure what defines cool glasses, think Grace Kelly in cat-eyes; Tom Cruise in “Top Gun,” strutting his stuff in aviators; or Chris Rock in dark-framed hipster specs. Style definitions of cool may have changed over the decades, but everyone knows what cool is at its core. And most of us want more.

If you’re in the market for new glasses, these frames can improve your style as well as your vision. We’ll help you find the right cool glasses for you, no matter where you fall on the cool-o-meter.

What Makes Eyeglasses Cool?

The short answer to that is you. It’s less about the specs and more about how you wear them.

That said, eyeglasses can certainly possess a “cool” factor. If your eyewear suits your personality and makes you feel confident and attractive, it’ll look cool. The right pair of glasses can also be cool as the finishing touch to an outfit you’ve carefully curated.

And, of course, some glasses are just intrinsically cool — like Pair Eyewear for example. Pair’s well-designed frames and gorgeous colors flatter your features, adding an element of style to any occasion no matter what you’re wearing.

Cool Glasses for You to Try

Cool glasses: The Striped

Cool glasses come in many different shapes and styles. Even if they’re unisex and labeled best-sellers, it’s important to try on the styles you’re considering, either in store or using a virtual try-on tool, to make sure they suit you.

Here are some ideas for cool glasses to get you started.

Retro Round Eyewear Frames

This glasses style has been around for centuries, making it a certified classic. It may have been updated with new materials and style details, but the essence of cool remains. Retro round frames can add to an intellectual or creative appearance.

Round shapes suit both men and women, and they’re especially good for people with more angular features, like if you have a rectangular face, square jaw, or high cheekbones.

If your face is small or narrow, try The Twain or The Reese. For medium-sized faces, try The Soto, and for wider faces or an oversized look, The Otis is a great choice.

Cool Glasses Bonus Tip: Up your cool factor further by adding a retro Top Frame like the Rainbow Tie-Dye — for more creative personalities — or the Navy Pin Dot for an intellectual look.

Glamorous Cat-Eye Styles

As worn by movie stars, from Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn to Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez, these cool glasses add an air of glam even for the most ordinary occasion. At least part of their cool factor comes from the upturned edges that make this frame so unique. The cat-eye shape flatters most face shapes, making cat-eyes one of the most versatile cool styles out there.

For a small to medium face, try The Ella. If you have a wider face or prefer oversized glasses, go with The Wanda.

Cool Glasses Bonus Tip: Up your cool factor further by accessorizing with a stylish scarf, earrings, eye-catching necklace, or some other element that adds a luxurious touch.

Cool Colors

Nothing emulates modern cool more than a New York hipster. Innovative ideas and progressive viewpoints are often best balanced with a full-rim pair of hipster-style cool glasses in a down-to-earth color like matte black, tortoiseshell, or navy blue. Go for round frames, rectangular frames, or square frames, but keep the colors simple and striking.

If your face is on the rounder side, try a rectangular style in a cool color to add some structure. For example, The Larkin or The Finley for smaller faces, The Casper for a medium face, or The Kirby for a wide face.

Cool Glasses Bonus Tip: Up your cool factor further by choosing a blue tortoiseshell Base Frame instead of a brown one or adding a Top Frame like the Teal to Espresso Gradient. Or step out of the box completely with a top frame like the Striped.

Iced Sunglasses

By their very nature, sunglasses add an element of mystery — an important ingredient of coolness. You don’t need to go as far as wearing them celebrity-style inside or at night, but pick a frame and lens color that suits your skin tone. You’ll usually get UV protection in the deal, too, reducing the chances of wrinkles and keeping your eyes in good shape for years to come.

Get your cool sunglasses in a versatile lens color like black or brown, or stand out from the crowd with pink, blue, or green reflective lenses.

Cool Glasses Bonus Tip: Up your cool factor further with Sun Tops that snap onto your regular glasses, instantly turning them into sunglasses. You’ll never need to carry two pairs of glasses again.

Choosing Your Cool Eyewear

Entrepreneur using a laptop

No matter how cool your glasses are, if they’re not right for you then they’re not going to look good or do their job of improving your vision.

Consider these factors when buying your next pair of cool glasses.

Your Face Shape

Aim to complement and balance your face shape with your cool glasses. For example, rectangular or square glasses work best with a round face, while a round frame shape suits a more angular face.

Your Vision Needs

Unless you’re buying glasses purely as a style accessory, you’ll need prescription lenses. Your vision can change quite quickly, especially if you’re over 40 and at higher risk of developing presbyopia (which makes it difficult to see objects close to you clearly). So make sure you’ve recently had an eye exam, and use your most up-to-date prescription when you order. Then when you receive your single-vision specs, reading glasses, or progressive lenses, they’ll be exactly right for you.

Added Functionality

These days, your glasses can do so much more than simply help you see better.

For example, if you often spend time in front of a screen, consider adding blue-light filters to your lenses. These reduce your exposure to the blue light emitted by many electronic devices, which impacts your sleep patterns.

Light-responsive transition lenses are another great choice if you tend to move indoors and outdoors regularly throughout the day. These lenses stay clear in low-light conditions and automatically darken as you move into brighter environments.

Where to Find Cool Glasses

The Galaxy Sun Top

At Pair Eyewear, you have your pick of cool glasses. Between round, rectangular, and cat-eye Base Frames in a range of classic colors and our huge selection of extremely thin and light snap-on Top Frames, you can mix and match your look to your heart’s content.

Our cool frames are made from tough cellulose acetate while our lenses are forged from scratch-resistant and impact-resistant polycarbonate. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know. Our warranty offers the freedom to exchange your pair of glasses or get a full refund within 30 days of delivery.

Up Your Cool Quotient Today With a Pair of Cool Glasses

Cool glasses styles range from retro round or rectangular hipster frames to cat-eye styles that bring some glam into your day. Wear glasses in classic cool colors or switch them up with a Top Frame that instantly changes your look. Out in the sun, choose cool sunglasses that protect your eyes and make a fashion statement at the same time.

When you’re buying new eyewear, consider your face shape, vision needs, and any extra functionality that might make your life easier. Then head to Pair Eyewear to find the perfect pair of cool glasses for you. After all, you can never be too cool.