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Glasses With Bangs: The Best Frames for 8 Types of Fringe

Some might say that if you wear glasses, you shouldn’t complicate things by having bangs too. We disagree. Glasses with bangs can add a whole new dimension to your look — if you choose the right styles for you.

Let’s look at some popular styles of bangs and clarify which face shapes they work well for. Then we’ll explore the most flattering frames to pair with your bangs so your best features can shine.

How to Pick the Right Pair of Glasses With Bangs

Both your hairstyle and your glasses are a form of self-expression. Together, they should frame your face, calling attention to your eyes and any other outstanding facial features, like your cheekbones, for example. At the same time, they should minimize any features you’re not so wild about. Your bangs, being so close to your glasses, are an important part of that equation.

When you’re looking for the perfect trendy eyeglasses as well as the best hairstyle for you, you need to consider a few things:

  • Your face shape — whether it’s round or more angular

  • Your hair type — whether it’s thick or thin, straight, wavy, or curly

Bonus Tip: Your eyeglasses can completely change the way your hairdo looks. Take your specs to your appointment so your hairstylist can see what you look like while wearing them and suggest the best bangs for you. You also want to make sure that your bangs don’t interfere with your glasses. Having to constantly push them out of the way so you can see clearly can get really annoying.

Glasses Pairings for 8 Types of Bangs

Finding the right combo of glasses with bangs makes all the difference. These hairstyle ideas will give you some food for thought.

1. Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs make a sharp line, without any feathering, that touches your eyebrows. They can make the top part of your face look wider, balancing out a long forehead. On the other hand, avoid them if you already have a broad face.

Blunt bangs work with short hair or longer styles, as well as ponytails and half-up styles. You may just need to blow dry them to help them keep their shape.

Best for:

  • Thick hair that falls straight

  • Square, triangle, or oval faces, or if you have a longer chin or high forehead

Best glasses with these bangs: Rectangular frames with a flat top and rounded corners, or upswept cat-eye frames

2. Micro or Baby Bangs

Short bangs that fall above the eyebrows open up your face and showcase your eyes and eyebrows. These straight bangs with an edgy French vibe go well with styles like a sleek short bob or a longer, messier hairstyle. Avoid them if you have a square jaw or a wide forehead though as they’ll reinforce those features.

Best for:

  • Straight hair, which can be thick or thin

  • Oval faces or shorter foreheads

Best glasses with these bangs: Vintage round glasses or cat-eye frames

3. Long Bangs

Long bangs usually fall below your eyebrows (sometimes quite a way below) and may touch your glasses. They can work with a short hairstyle like a pixie haircut — especially if your bangs are swept to the side — or a longer one that falls straight. If you have a delicate face though, be careful that your long bangs aren’t so heavy that they overwhelm your features.

Best for:

Best glasses with these bangs: Rectangular frames or oversized glasses

4. Wispy Bangs

The '90s are back! Wispy bangs — or see-through bangs — are barely there. They’re made up of a very fine layer of hair and create an extremely feminine look. They work well with more delicate features as they don’t overpower your face.

Best for:

  • Thin hair or fine hair

  • Fine-featured, oval, heart-shaped, or square faces

Best glasses with these bangs: Round frames or Korean glasses

5. Curtain Bangs

Face-framing curtain bangs part in the middle — much like a pair of curtains — then fall softly past your temples. These ‘70s-inspired bangs can be shorter, with layers that frame the face, or longer, flowing into your long hair. You may even be able to tuck them behind your ears. Either way, they’re an easy hairstyle, fairly low maintenance, and tend to look quite natural.

Best for:

  • Thinner hair that can be straight or slightly wavy

  • Long faces, diamond- or triangle-shaped faces

Best glasses with these bangs: Oversized frames, or round or rectangular glasses to contrast with the lines of your bangs

Bonus Tip: Because your bangs are touching your face, they can pick up quite a lot of oil from your skin — which can then transfer to your lenses. Wash your face and your bangs regularly (you can even wash your bangs on their own) to keep them clean. Also, consider keeping a cleaning kit with a microfiber cloth on hand so you can wipe your glasses whenever you notice a smudge.

6. Side-Swept Bangs

This asymmetrical version of curtain bangs has a side part, with bangs that are heavier on one side than the other. The angle of the parting contrasts well with a round face, slimming it down and creating the perception of more length. It plays nicely with your cheekbones too. This style can also work really well with an elegant updo and is especially flattering for older women.

Best for:

  • Thinner hair

  • Round faces or diamond-shaped faces

Best glasses with these bangs: Square frames or cat-eye frames to complement the asymmetrical style

7. Choppy Bangs

Yes, it's a thing — these unevenly cut bangs create an interesting texture and can help to draw attention away from the width of your face. Sometimes they’re cut shorter in the middle and longer at the sides. They can work well with a short pixie cut or a shag cut.

Best for:

  • Thick or slightly wavy hair

  • Round, heart-shaped or square faces

Best glasses with these bangs: Square or slightly rounded frames

8. Curly Bangs

Curly bangs add interest, texture, and fun to your look. Wet curly bangs pull up as they dry, so get your stylist to cut them slightly longer or only cut them when they’re dry. Seek out a curly hair specialist so they can give you the perfect fringe. At home, use curl cream, plenty of conditioner, and the scrunch method to create a playful, sleek look.

Best for:

  • Naturally curly hair

  • More angular or oval faces

Best glasses with these bangs: Oval or round glasses

Where to Get the Perfect Glasses for Your Bangs

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Wearing Glasses With Bangs: Find the Perfect Pair

Sometimes you regret getting bangs, but you won't regret finding the right glasses for you.

The perfect pairing of glasses with bangs depends on your face shape and the type of hair you have. Whether your bangs are long or short, thick or thin, there’s a pair of glasses out there for you.

For the perfect blend of style, versatility, and quality, start your search at Pair Eyewear today.