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How to Know If Square Glasses Frames Will Work for You

Who was it that decided square should be a synonym for nerdy? Because we have a bone to pick with that person. Some of our favorite things are square — town squares, square pizzas, and definitely square glasses frames.

Far from being the nerdy choice, square glasses frames manage to be both trendy and timeless. This is one of the most flattering glasses styles for three different face shapes, and it never goes out of style.

To help you decide if square glasses frames are right for you, we’ll share the face shapes that look best with this frame shape. Then, we’ll have our five favorite frames square off so that you can find your perfect pair.

The Best Face Shapes for Square Glasses Frames

Square glasses frames: entrepreneur smiling at the camera

Every face shape is beautiful on its own, but pair your face shape with the wrong frame shape, and suddenly your features can start to look out of proportion. The key to finding the right glasses for your face is contrast.

You want your glasses to be the opposite — or at least a different — shape from your face because that helps create balance and draw attention to your eyes.

So, when it comes to finding your ideal eyewear, you want to fit a round face (or oval or triangular face) in a square frame. Think of it this way, a picture made up of nothing but circles is boring, but a picture made up of circles, squares, and triangles is interesting.

If you’re not sure what your face shape is, you can use this guide to figure it out. Or you can use the virtual try-on feature on our product pages to decide for yourself whether square glasses frames look good on you.

These are the face shapes that look best with a pair of square frames.

Round Faces

Square glasses add more angles to the soft features of round faces. The bottom of a square frame can create the appearance of stronger cheekbones. And the straight lines will contrast with a rounded jawline, making it look prominent.

Oval Faces

People with an oval face shape benefit from oversized glasses where the lens height is about equal to its width, so square frames fit the bill (and the oval face) perfectly. Because oval faces have a greater height than width, choosing a narrow lens, like a rectangular lens can make the face look long. A square lens will add balance and flatter an oval face’s natural proportions.

Triangular Faces

Square glasses frames flatter triangular faces for the same reason that they flatter oval faces. They keep triangular faces from looking too long with the balanced proportions of the lenses. So, these frames will help show off the natural beauty of a triangular face’s proportions without over-emphasizing the length of the face.

Face Shapes That Don’t Pair With Square

Because contrast is key to face-flattering frames, people who already have a square or rectangular face shape should avoid a square frame shape. Instead, look for round or cat-eye glasses, which help soften sharper features.

Heart-shaped faces can also do better by choosing a pair of glasses where the lens width is greater than the lens height (as opposed to square eyeglass frames where the width and height are about the same). So, if you have a heart-shaped face, look for oval, rectangular, or cat-eye frames.

5 Customizable Square Glasses Frames

These square styles are undeniably cool. Plus, they all feature light-weight, full-rim, acetate frames with molded acetate nose pads and spring hinges to make them comfortable and sturdy. All of these glasses are available for both men and women.

For added style, they’re available in six different colors, including black, tortoiseshell, blue tortoiseshell, clear, pink clear, and blue clear. And you can get snap-on Top Frames to change the color or look of your glasses at any time.

You can get any of these pairs with prescription lenses, including single-vision or progressive lenses, or with reading glasses lenses. The lenses come with anti-scratch and anti-glare treatments. And you can order them with blue-light-blocking lenses to get prescription or non-prescription blue-light glasses.

All of these styles are also available as square sunglasses to protect you from UV rays, or you can add snap-on Sun Tops to get eyeglasses and sunglasses from a single frame.

1. The Kirby: For Round Faces or an Oversized Look

Square glasses frames: woman wearing a pair of eyeglasses

The Kirby’s oversized square frames are oh-so-flattering on triangular and oval face shapes. And with their wide fit, they also work well on wider round faces. The high nose bridge leaves your browline visible, so they won’t hide your facial expressions. So, the Kirby is the perfect pair of glasses to help you express yourself and your style.

2. The Larkin: For Petite Facial Features

Square glasses frames: man smiling at the camera

The Larkin frames are a perennial best seller because their classic, retro design never goes out of style. In the black color, these glasses give us major Clark Kent vibes. And with a narrow fit, they’re ideal for anyone with smaller facial features. (Check out this guide to learn how to measure for glasses.)

3. The Finley: For Narrow Faces

Woman posing at the camera

Another best-selling square glasses frame, The Finley has a medium fit. This size flatters the majority of faces, so if you don’t know what size glasses you need, we recommend starting with medium. (Although, using our virtual try-on feature or that measuring guide we mentioned above is an even better strategy.) The nose bridge is at just the right height to prevent the glasses from resting on most wearer’s cheeks without hiding your browline.

4. The Casper: For a Universally Flattering Look

Man wearing a pair of eyeglasses

The Casper frames have a slightly arched top line that mirrors the natural shape of your browline. It’s much subtler than the arch of a cat-eye frame but will still highlight your facial expression — so when you raise an eyebrow, people will notice. These frames also have that medium fit that flatters most faces.

5. The Twain: For Extra-Small Features

Woman smiling at the camera

If you find that nearly every pair of glasses you try on is too big on you, then you need to meet this small square pair. The Twain frames are designed with an extra-narrow fit that’s perfect for people with extra-small features. The shape is square with slightly rounded edges to soften the look, and it features a high nose bridge to keep your brows visible above the frame.

Have Fun With Your Frames

Man holding a pair of eyeglasses while using a laptop

Your glasses frames are an extension of you — and not just because they help you see. They also become a feature of your face, so your frames should flatter your face shape and draw attention to your most beautiful natural features. Square frames will do just that for people with round, oval, or triangular faces.

And when you choose a square glasses frame from Pair Eyewear, you can also make your frames an extension of your style. At Pair, you can get endless style from a single glasses frame. With our snap-on Top Frames, you can turn your classic frames into spunky cheetah-print frames, sparkly frames, or sports-team-themed frames. You can even transition them into square sunglasses with our polarized Sun Tops.

Our square glasses frames start at just $60 with single-vision prescription lenses. You can do a virtual-try on to find the pair that’s best for you, and add all your favorite Top Frames at checkout. If you’re not happy with your square glasses, you can return or exchange them for 30 days. So, start shopping now and get your glasses squared away!