Pair Eyewear is a New Children’s Eyewear Brand

We founded Pair to offer you the high quality, affordable, and fun glasses your kids deserve

Why Glasses for Kids are So Expensive

It turns out there is a simple explanation. The eyewear industry is dominated by a single company that has been able to keep prices artificially high, especially in the kids space. By circumventing traditional channels and designing our glasses in-house, we’re able to provide the highest-quality eyewear that kids actually want to wear, at a fraction of the price.

We Talked to Kids and Parents

When building Pair, we spoke to over 500 families and discovered just how dissatisfied kids and parents were by the overall glasses experience. When talking to children, they made the simple observation-why do we change our clothes while our glasses remain the same year after year? From this, Pair was born!

Our Story

One of our two founders, Nathan, began wearing glasses at the age of eight and found the experience dreadful. His glasses felt more like a glaring medical device instead of an extension of his personality.

Together with our other founder, Sophia, the idea for Pair was born while both students at Stanford. They teamed up with the former head of product from Warby Parker to create an easy, affordable and fun alternative to traditional eyewear brands.

In addition to providing a better glasses experience to children all around the US they wanted to make it their mission that every school aged child has access to prescription glasses through the Pair for a Pair program.

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