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How to Look Good With Glasses: 7 Ways to Style

It wasn’t always the case, but these days, wearing specs can be as trendy as you please. Eyeglasses can enhance your look and act as an accessory that showcases both your personality and your fashion sense — if you choose the right glasses for you and style them well. Which raises the question of how to look good with glasses.

Let’s explore what you can do to make sure both you and your eyeglasses look stylish, rather than nerdy — unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for (nerdy can look fabulous). How to look good with glasses starts with finding the right frames for your facial features, and then styling around those so you look your absolute best.

How to Look Good Wearing Glasses: 7 Style Tips

If you can think of your pair of glasses as an accessory to play with rather than something annoying you have to wear, you’ll be off to a good start. As any good stylist will tell you, your face is a canvas, and you get to create the artwork you choose on it every day.

Let’s start with the basics of how to look good with glasses.

1. Select the Right Frame for Your Face Shape

When you choose your glasses frame shape, your goal is to complement your face shape rather than match it. The style of glasses makes all the difference.

For example:

It’s also important to choose the right size frame. Too small and they’ll look pinched and feel tight on your face, and too large, they may swamp your features. To get this right, check the size guide of the retailer you’re buying from.

2. Choose Flattering Frame Colors

How to look good with glasses: The Lily Lattice

Choosing the correct frame colors is another important aspect of how to look good with glasses. The right frame colors flatter your skin tone, hair, and eye color.

For example, cool skin tones often work best with blue, silver, gray, dark tortoise, shades of pink or purple, or black frames. On the other hand, warm skin tones are flattered by slightly more neutral colors like brown, beige, gold, olive green, or light tortoise eyeglass frames.

When it comes to eye color, you can choose to match or complement it. For example, blue eyes can look great with blue or gray frames, while purple or gold frames can work well for green eyes. If you’re not sure but want to be a bit more adventurous than clear glasses, tortoiseshell is a very versatile color that almost everyone can wear.

The frame color of your perfect pair can also be an expression of your personality and unique style. If you’re extroverted, you might be perfectly comfortable drawing attention to yourself with bright colors and adventurous designs. A more introverted person might prefer more subtle colors that allow their inner light to shine.

3. Wield That Makeup Brush

Bear in mind that whatever lies behind your glasses is magnified through the lenses. That includes blemishes you’d rather not highlight or dark circles under your eyes after a few late nights. Starting your day with tired eyes is not how to look good with glasses. For women who wear glasses, even if you use no other makeup, applying a little concealer can go a long way to helping your eyes shine.

Beyond that, if you’re not someone who wears much makeup, a simple swipe of lipstick or lip gloss might be all you need. If your frames are fairly neutral but you do like a little color, go with a bold lip shade like deep pink or red. If your frames are a bright color though, be careful your lip color doesn’t compete for attention. Sometimes a more muted or even neutral color on your lips can let your eyes and frames shine.

For eyeliner, go with a color like gray, brown, or navy, rather than black, which can look harsh behind glasses. Line your eyes lightly rather than laying it on thick — remember the magnifying effect of those lenses.

Keep your eye shadow fairly neutral to highlight both your eyes and glasses or pick a complementary color to make your eyes look extra bright. And bear in mind that very dramatic eye make-up can make the wearer’s eyes look smaller, especially behind glasses.

Curl your lashes up and away from the frames to avoid smearing your glasses with mascara (and annoying yourself every time you blink). And lastly, put your blush on after your glasses to make sure it’s not covered by your frames.

Helpful tip: If you can’t see much without your glasses, use a magnifying mirror to put your makeup on.

4. Experiment With Your Hair

It’s a good idea to take your glasses to the hairdresser with you to make sure the hairstyle you’re planning to get works with your glasses.

Aim to balance the size of your hair with the size of your frames so everything looks in proportion. So if you have fairly big hair, you can get away with bigger frames, whereas a shorter style — especially a blunt cut — can look better with smaller frames.

5. Minimize Other Accessories

With how to look good with glasses top of mind, don’t make your jewelry and your glasses compete for attention. Keep earrings and accessories like decorative hair clips on the smaller and more delicate side, and make sure their color complements your glasses.

The same goes for other accessories like hats — unless you want to hide your features completely.

6. Keep Your Glasses Clean

This might seem like a strange style tip, but a dirty pair of glasses can detract hugely from your overall look. It’s also more difficult to see clearly through all those smears.

Invest in a cleaning kit — or even just a microfiber cloth — and learn how to clean your glasses correctly so they do their twin jobs of helping you see and making you look good.

7. Get a Pair With Snap-On Top Frames

The Floral Ribbons

Wouldn’t you love to be able to choose a different look for your glasses every day, depending on your mood, your outfit, and the occasion?

If that sounds like a pipe dream, it doesn’t have to. Sure, high-quality eyewear can be expensive, but there are ways around that.

Take Pair Eyewear for example. You only need one pair of Base Frames — which contain your prescription if you need one — then you can mix and match your Top Frames to your heart’s content. Pick a professional look one day and a fun and flirty vibe the next. Or even switch between the two as you go from day to night. With our huge collection of Top Frames, there’s something for every personality and every occasion.

How to Look Good with Glasses? It’s Easy if You Know How

Handsome man smiling at the camera

To look your best in glasses, start by choosing the best frame shape for your face and colors that flatter your features. Then go ahead and style them further with the right makeup, hair style, and other accessories to pull the whole package together.

Get creative with your look by shopping with Pair Eyewear for your Base Frame and Top Frames that will take you anywhere. Most importantly, choose eyewear that reflects who you are and makes you feel confident and fabulous. We can all do with more of that.