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The Most Popular Glasses That Won’t Go Out of Style After 2023

Gone are the days when eyewear was purely intended to help you see better, and you didn’t have much choice in style. Now, between contact lenses and regular glasses, there’s such a wide selection available it can feel quite overwhelming. Never fear though, we’re here to help you sort through the options for your next pair of glasses.

Let’s explore some popular glasses you should consider after your next eye exam. Whether you need reading glasses, distance glasses, computer glasses, or something else, these eyewear trends will make you wonder why you haven’t been wearing them for years.

Classic, Neutral Colors

Popular glasses: The Kirby

Some colors never go out of fashion. And because these popular glasses are neutral, they pair with just about anything in your wardrobe — you really can’t go wrong.

Clear Frames

Clear frames sit lightly on your face, quietly doing their thing in an understated way, without the need for bells and whistles. Their transparency makes them less noticeable as they fade into the background, and they suit everyone. They’re a great choice if you prefer your face to take center stage, rather than your glasses.

Black Frames

Black frames create a bold, structured look that makes a statement. They work especially well if you have strong features, and they can take you effortlessly from day to night, or from work to a classy event.

Tortoiseshell Frames

Tortoiseshell frames are classy, elegant, and timeless — they’re a popular glasses color for a reason. Their lovely neutral color is extremely versatile, and it complements many different hair and skin tones. They’re there, flattering your eyes, but they’re not in your face (pun intended).

Retro Eyeglass Shapes

Popular glasses: The Tortoise

Trendy retro glasses date back to previous decades but are now back in style, often with a modern twist. Pick the right vintage glasses to suit your face shape.

Round Glasses

Round glasses have been around for centuries — since the 13th century, to be precise. They lend an artistic or intellectual look to the wearer, depending on your features and personality (think John Lennon or Steve Jobs). Round frames can be rimless or full-rim, and they look good on more angular faces, helping to soften strong lines.

Cat-Eye Glasses

Chic cat-eye glasses have been worn by many style icons over the last century. Inspired by harlequin masks, their bold yet flowing lines and upward-tilted corners add an air of glamor and femininity. That said, modern versions can look really good on men, too. This popular frame design is almost universally flattering and suits most face shapes. Go dainty or oversized, movie star style — it’s your choice.

Rectangular Glasses

Rectangular or square glasses frames were originally considered quite masculine — especially in browline styles with metal frames — but rectangular glasses flatter any gender. They come in different shapes and sizes that work with a variety of faces, so try on the different styles. This type of frame shape usually suits round faces and oval faces, adding structure and balancing out the curves.

Glasses With Extra Functionality

Woman using a tablet

Of course, glasses have always been designed to help you see clearly — but now, they can do so much more. The latest technology has quite simply taken popular glasses to the next level.

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are all the rage these days and if you often use your devices late at night, they can be a real saving grace. While blue light from electronic screens is fine during the day — in fact, it helps you stay alert and focused — it suppresses melatonin, and can therefore interfere with your sleep cycle after dark. Slip on a pair of blue light specs though, and you can work (or play) late and still sleep like a baby.

Progressive Lenses

There was a time when glasses could only accommodate one prescription per pair. Then came bifocals, with two different prescriptions fused into one lens, to help you see both near and far. And now we have the new generation of bifocals — progressive lenses. These no-line multifocals offer a graduated change of lens power so you can see at any distance by simply changing where you look through the lenses — and look great while you’re doing it.

Light Responsive Lenses

Move over Oakleys and Ray-Ban Aviators. If you’re still carrying your pair of sunnies around every day in case you need them, you’ll be happy to know there’s another option. Light responsive or transition lenses are photochromic, which means they change tint depending on the brightness of the light around you. When you go out into the sunlight, they darken to protect your eyes, then when you move back inside, they lighten until they look like regular glasses again. If your day regularly takes you inside and out, they could be just what you need. Why carry two pairs of glasses when you only need one?

Eyewear With Versatility

The Royals Home Run

How would you like one pair of popular glasses that gives you multiple different looks at the snap of a magnet? At Pair Eyewear, that’s exactly what you get — whether you wear prescription glasses because you need to or non-prescription glasses as a style accessory.

Beautifully Designed Base Frames

Our Base Frames come in several different beautifully designed shapes, sizes, and colors. Use our Virtual Try-On feature to find the glasses style that best suits your face. You can also check our Size Guide to help you choose the right size frame for you. Pair eyeglass frames are made of cellulose acetate, which is designed to withstand the rigors of your day and still stay in good shape for ages, giving you real value for the money.

Stylish Top Frames

Top Frames attach to the Base Frame with tiny magnets, keeping them secure, no matter what you’re doing. Our Top Frames are just 2 millimeters thick, so they’re extremely lightweight and don’t obstruct your vision. Whether you prefer classic designs, wearable art, or a bit of sparkle, or you’re a sports fan or movie buff, our impressive range includes something for everyone. Select your favorites and keep them safe and close at hand with a Top Frame Case. Then simply switch them out as the mood takes you.

The Prescription Lenses You Need

Pair Eyewear caters to a variety of different popular glasses prescriptions, from non-prescription lenses to readers, and single-vision or progressive lenses. Add your choice of lens add-ons, including blue light filters or light-responsive lenses, or order polarized prescription sunglasses. Made from hard-wearing polycarbonate, all our glasses are impact-resistant, scratch resistant, anti-reflective, and 100% UV resistant, so your eyes are protected on every level. That’s good eye care right there, wrapped up in style and functionality.

Find the Right Popular Glasses for You Today

Eyeglass trends come and go but these popular glasses are here to stay. From classic colors and retro shapes to extra functionality and enough versatility to suit every occasion, we offer it all — and more.

Visit Pair Eyewear today to find the right glasses for you. Then go about the rest of your day knowing that a package of clear vision and style is on its way to you. You deserve nothing less.