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Behind the Design: The Sparkle Collection✨

We sat down with Pair's VP of Merchandising and Top Frame Product Development Emily Gerhardstein, for her take on everything about the Sparkle Collection. We're so excited to pick Emily's brain about the collection and learn more about the inspiration behind it all. 

What was the inspiration behind this new collection of Sparkles?

"I'm like many who are attracted to shiny things! When my friends see glitter or sparkle, they tend to think of me. Love anything with a shine or sparkly."

The Sparkle Collection - Gold Sparkle Sun Top

What is something surprising that we might not know about this collection? 

"The Rose Gold Top—Originally I only saw the picture of the sample and I was not impressed. Didn’t even add it to the collection. Then when I saw it in person I was like, 'This is AMAZING! We must have it.' I was able to squeeze it in our Sun Tops. The lens really came out beautifully and really complimented each other."

Which Top Frame is your favorite? 

"Rose Gold!!"

Which sparkle top frame will you be sporting most: the sparkle sun tops or classic sparkle top frames?

"Ooo now that’s a tough one. For summer the Sparkle sun tops then I will move more into the classic sparkle top frames. I have some sequin shoes that will match brilliantly with the gold and black sparkle!!"

The Black Sparkle and The Gold Sparkle

Big thanks to Emily for giving us even more insight into our newest collection. Which design in this collection is your favorite? 

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Frame Width -

The width of the front of the frame.

Lens Height -

The vertical diameter of one lens

Bridge Width -

The width of the bridge section

Lens Width -

The horizontal diameter of one lens

Temple Length -

The length of the temple arm, from the front of the frame to the end tip