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Protect Your Eyewear With Correct Eyeglasses Storage

When you’ve spent time and effort selecting the perfect pair of new eyewear, the last thing you want is to damage them. Luckily, it’s easy to keep your glasses pristine and scratch-free with the right eyeglasses storage solution.

Find out why it’s important to protect your glasses so they’re ready for you when you need them. We’ll also look at some different types of eyeglasses holders and eyewear display cases to keep them safe and secure, both at home and while you’re out and about.

Why You Need to Protect Your Eyewear

As you go about your day, your glasses are vulnerable in a few different ways.

Let’s start with the frames. When you put pressure on the frames, they can get bent so they don’t sit in the right place on your face. This looks lopsided and if you have progressive lenses, you may end up looking through the wrong part of the lens. The screws that secure the arms may also loosen, so your glasses no longer sit securely against your temples or on your nose.

Bonus tip: When taking your glasses off, don’t tug them with one hand or you may end up with those twisted and loose frames we just mentioned. Instead, use both hands to hold the frames aligned as you carefully remove them from your temples.

Moving on to the lenses, even if they have a protective coating, they’re still prone to damage from contact with sharp objects or if you drop them.

Scratched lenses can cause blurry vision or you may struggle with glare or reflections. It’s annoying and distracting, and as your eyes strain to adjust to the distorted vision, you could even end up with a headache.

If your glasses do get scratched, be careful how you try to repair them.

To avoid these issues, let’s rule out some places for eyeglasses storage.

Where Not to Store Your Eyewear

When you’re busy or distracted by something that doesn’t require your glasses, it’s easy to take them off without thinking about where you’re putting them. However, if you keep your glasses in any of these places, they have a good chance of being damaged:

  • On your head: Many people wear their glasses like a hairband. This is risky since they can fall off or you may stretch the frames. Not to mention that they’re sitting on top of the natural oils in your hair, which could leave a film on the lenses. If that happens, make sure you clean them correctly.

  • Lying around on a table: You could knock them off or put something on top of them by mistake. Or, if you have kids, you could find them (or not find them) under the couch or out in the backyard later on.

  • Loose in your bag: If you drop your sunglasses straight into your purse or bag without any kind of case, they’ll be rolling around with a wide variety of objects that could damage them.

With those bad eyeglasses storage habits out the way, let’s look at what you can do.

Eyeglasses Storage Cases to Protect Your Glasses

Eyeglasses storage: Pair Eyewear's Glasses Case

There are many different types of eyeglass storage organizers and eyewear display cases available. Ask your eye doctor for recommendations and also look in home décor stores for organizers that are the right size for your glasses.

These are some options to look out for:

Eyeglasses Storage Boxes with Grids

Eyeglasses boxes can be made of many different types of materials. Whether it’s a plastic, fabric-covered, or PU leather (artificial leather) glasses case, it usually has dividers to separate the different glasses, creating a kind of grid. It may even come with several levels of drawers. The key is to make sure the lenses aren’t touching the eyewear storage box or they may get scratched. Slot eyeglasses into their allocated space with the lenses facing up or, if the box is designed that way, sideways.

Sunglasses Organizer Boxes for Sunglasses Storage

Because sunglasses are more likely to be bigger, sunglasses storage cases often have larger spaces between the dividers. The same applies though: Slot sunglasses into the sunglass storage box with the lenses up if possible, regardless of whether the case organizer is made of fabric or some other material, like a wood sunglasses case.

Eyeglasses Display Box or Display Case

The difference between an eyeglass storage case or holder box and a glasses or sunglasses display case is that you can see the glasses in a display storage case. The display organizer may be made of plastic, vinyl, or glass and be fully transparent, or it may just have a glass top. A glasses display case helps you see all your glasses at a glance so you can easily pick the ones you want to wear that day.

Jewelry Box

If you’re lucky enough to find a jewelry organizer or some other type of tray with big enough slots, you can use that instead of a specific glasses case. However, don’t store your glasses in the same jewelry case box as your necklaces or earrings, or your lenses are likely to get scratched.

Eyeglasses Wall Hangers

Pair Eyewear's Wall Hanger

Display your range of glasses on the wall, out of harm’s way, with our Pair Eyewear Wall Hanger. The wall hanger is not only stylish, but it’s also foldable, turning it into a portable glasses organizer. It simply rolls up to keep all your eyewear safe and secure while you’re traveling.

As an alternative, you could get creative with a hanging shoe organizer, and use it to store your glasses as well as other small items like your car keys or a set of gloves for frosty days. Or securely tack or glue some ribbon to an old photo frame and fold your glasses over the ribbon. Or stick large, round adhesive hooks to the wall and hook your glasses over those.

Travel Cases for Eyeglasses Storage

Pair Eyewear comes with a Base Frame. If you choose to add a Top Frame, you’ll need safe storage for both. Our eyewear lenses may be made from impact-resistant polycarbonate and treated for scratch resistance, but they’ll last even longer if you look after them.

For a classy and easily portable eyeglasses storage solution, try our Pair Eyewear Glasses Case. It has room for your favorite Base Frame plus two Top Frames, and it keeps everything secure in a durable, lightweight case. You can use it as a sunglasses holder for smaller pairs of sunglasses too.

If you’re planning some quick changes during the day, carry an extra two Top Frames in our Top Frame Case, which comes in three colorways—navy, green, and tan.

Add any of our Pair eyeglasses storage solutions to your cart directly, or add them to your eyewear purchase just before checkout.

Bonus Tip: Whatever type of eyeglasses storage you choose, put your glasses away as soon as you take them off or you may end up searching for them later — without being able to see clearly.

Correct Eyeglasses Storage Protects Your Glasses

Pair Eyewear's Top Frame Case

Your glasses are precious because they help you navigate the world with ease. So, it’s worth looking into good eyeglass storage solutions that keep them safe and scratch-free. Choose from glasses storage boxes or display cases to keep at home, or portable glasses cases to keep on you as you go about your day or travel.

If you’re in the market for new glasses, pick up some Pair Eyewear, and while you’re at it, add an eyeglasses storage option.

Find the right solution for you, and you’ll be seeing clearly for a long time to come.