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How to Find Narrow Eyeglass Frames That Fit You Perfectly

Bemoaning the difficulties of finding a gorgeous pair of glasses to suit your narrow face? We don’t blame you. When you have a narrower-than-average face, it can be a challenge to find a pair of glasses that fits you well — without visiting the children’s department. And the recent trend towards oversized glasses doesn’t make it any easier.

Luckily, modern eyewear does come in a wide variety of sizes, including narrow eyeglass frames — which, as it happens, are coming back into style. The trick is to know where to look for them.

Let’s clarify exactly what narrow frames are and how to choose the right pair for you. We’ll also suggest where to get great quality narrow eyeglass frames that look good and help you see clearly as you go about your day. That’s a winning combo right there.

Why You Need Narrow Eyeglass Frames

If you have a narrow or petite face, regular-sized glasses probably aren’t going to fit you well. They’re not particularly flattering and to make matters worse, they keep sliding down your nose. Of course, you could choose to tighten the nose pads (if your glasses have them), but then you’ll end up with indents on your nose or — worst case scenario — a headache from the tight squeeze of the pads.

And if you do resort to eyeglasses from the children’s department, you might find your ears being squeezed by the frames because kids’ glasses have smaller temples.

Also, kids’ frames generally don’t offer quite as much variety and style as adult’s glasses do.

On the other hand, when you find the right narrow eyeglass frames for adults:

  • They’ll look and fit better

  • You’re more likely to find a style you love

  • If you wear a higher prescription, the lens thickness is not as noticeable as it is with bigger lenses

  • You'll enjoy the lightweight feeling of smaller lenses

Find Your Perfect Fit for Narrow Eyeglass Frames

Narrow eyeglass frames: man wearing a green jacket

To find your ideal fit, have a look at your current glasses (assuming they fit well). Somewhere on the inside of the frame — sometimes on the temple arms and sometimes inside the nose bridge) — you may see three sets of numbers. These describe:

  • Lens width

  • Bridge width

  • Temple arm length

If you add the lens widths and bridge width together, you’ll get the frame size. Narrow glasses usually have a frame width of around 129 mm or less.

Then when you’re looking for your new pair of narrow eyeglass frames, look for those same numbers on the glasses or consult the frame size guide for the retailer.

If your current glasses don’t have numbers on them, either ask your eye doctor for your measurements or keep trying styles at your local eyewear shop until you find one that fits. Then make a note of those numbers.

You’ll know you’ve chosen your narrow-fit glasses well when:

  • The frame width, including the end pieces, is about the same width as your face — or just a couple of millimeters wider — to create the most flattering “frame” for your features.

  • The nose bridge sits comfortably on your nose, without pinching or sliding (it’s also worth trying low-bridge fit glasses to see if they work better for you).

  • Your eyes look out from the center of your lenses — or very slightly more towards the inside or top — so the glasses look good and your prescription is lined up as it’s supposed to be.

When your glasses fit right, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them.

The Best Small Eyeglasses for Narrow Faces

To look your best, your narrow eyeglass frames should enhance your facial features. To get this right, it’s important to choose a frame shape that flatters your face shape.

Smaller faces can wear many of the same frame shapes as larger ones, just slightly scaled down. For example, cat-eye glasses, square glasses, or rectangular frames with narrow lenses, or smaller round glasses with a retro feel.

Your narrow glasses should also help to create balance in your face. The longer your narrow face, the more height you need in your lenses to keep things in proportion. So for example, you may need frames that are more square than rectangular.

Avoid top-heavy designs like rimless or browline styles, which can make your face look elongated. If your face is already narrow, this will throw the proportions out further.

For smaller faces overall, you don’t need as much lens height, and you can rock skinny glasses.

When it comes to color, if you like bright shades, keep your frames thinner so it doesn’t look like your glasses are wearing you, rather than the other way around. Otherwise, lovely, more neutral colors like rose gold or tortoiseshell work well. And if you really want thick frames, it’s a good idea to stick to clear glasses or lighter translucent colors.

Where to Find Small Glasses for Small Faces

Woman holding a pair of sunglasses

Looking for custom-fit narrow eyeglass frames? You’ve come to the right place!

Pair Eyewear carries a range of full-rim glasses designed for small and narrow faces. Use our Virtual Try-On feature to help you choose the right narrow Base Frames for you. Here are a few frames that really suit your face shape:

For the exact measurements of each frame, check our size guide.

If you need prescription lenses, we cater to that too, offering readers, single-vision, and bifocal (or progressive) lenses for your narrow eyeglass frames. You can also choose from a range of optional add-ons creating, for example, blue light glasses for working on your devices at night or light-responsive lenses, which darken as you move into a brighter environment.

You can complete your order right there if you choose. Or you can add some of our gorgeous Top Frames to your cart. Top Frames attach to the Base Frames with magnets so you can snap them on when you want to change your look.

We offer a huge range of Base Frame options for every taste under the sun.

Take your pick of Top Frames, and if you simply can’t decide, add any extras you’re considering to your wishlist for later.

Heavy glasses are even more likely to slide down your nose. So you’ll be happy to know that Pair’s narrow eyeglass frames are made from lightweight, yet tough cellulose acetate frames with scratch- and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses.

We also offer free returns as part of our 30-day warranty, giving you complete peace of mind when you buy.

Dress Your Narrow Face With the Perfect Small Frames for You

Finding glasses you love for your narrow or petite face isn’t always easy — and kids’ frames don’t really work either. What you need is a high-quality retailer like Pair Eyewear. We offer narrow eyeglass frames in flattering colors and styles to complement your features.

Once you have your perfect fit, dress your Base Frames up with a pair of Top Frames to suit your personality, your mood, or the occasion. Narrow eyeglass frames never looked so good!