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5 Flattering, Sexy Glasses to Help You Feel Your Best

You know that trope in movies where the girl takes off her glasses and everyone realizes she was beautiful all along? Yeah, that’s not a thing anymore. In a post-Princess Diaries world, we know that glasses can be the sexiest thing about someone — especially if they fit well, help you feel good, and make sure you can, you know…see.

If you want to feel like the best version of yourself without having to switch to contacts, then you need a pair of glasses that works for your lifestyle and flatters your face. When you find eyewear that highlights your best features and shows off your personal style, you’ll feel sexy every time you put them on.

Learn what to look for in your perfect pair, then discover 5 sexy glasses frames for every face shape.

3 Tips to Choose Ultra-Flattering, Sexy Glasses

Sexy glasses: man wearing a blue blazer while posing at the camera

When you’re trying to figure out what’s sexy, just look in the mirror. Your specs should show off the confident person you already are (or are aiming to be). So before you start shopping, consider what you need to look your best — from fit to frame shape to color palette.

1. Find Your Fit

The first order of business is to find your fit.

Glasses range in size from narrow to extra wide. The majority of people will look their best in a medium to wide fit, so if you’re not sure of your size, medium and wide frames are a great place to start. But if you’ve ever felt like everything was too big when you’ve tried on frames, you may need a narrow fit. And if you’ve felt like everything was too small, you may need an extra wide fit.

The best way to determine your size is to find your ideal glasses measurements, especially your frame width. The frame width is the measurement across the front of your glasses, from one edge of the frame across the lenses and nose bridge to the other edge of the frame.

Your frame width is the most important measurement for a set of sexy specs. If the width is too small, your frames will make your head look big. And if it’s too wide, they will slide off your face as you wear them.

To find your ideal frame width, you need to measure straight across your face from one side to the other. It’s important to measure straight across and not curve your measuring tape around your face. Try holding your hands against either side of your face and have a friend or family member measure the distance from one pinky finger to the other in millimeters.

Look for glasses with a frame width within a couple millimeters of your measurement.

2. Find Your Face Shape

Now that you know your frame size, it’s time to find the most flattering frame shape for you. The best frame shape will depend on your face shape.

You’ll want to look for a frame in the opposite shape of your face because the contrast will highlight your features. For example, round faces look great in square glasses, and square faces look great in round glasses.

Here are the most stunning pairings for every face shape:

3. Use Virtual Try-On

While virtual try-on isn’t always accurate for seeing how glasses will fit, it’s a great way to decide if the shape of a pair of glasses will flatter your face. So, if you’re still having trouble deciding on the prettiest frames for your face, the virtual try-on feature on our men’s and women’s eyeglasses pages can give you a better idea (plus it’s fun to play with).

5 Sexy Glasses Frames to Help You Feel Confident

These 5 sexy eyeglasses include frames to flatter every face. These are unisex designs that look gorgeous on both men and women. They’re available as prescription glasses with single-vision or progressive lenses, as fashion eyewear with non-corrective clear lenses, or as reading glasses with strengths from +0.25 to +2.75.

You can also customize your lenses with light-responsive transitioning lenses or with an anti-blue light coating. All of our blue light-blocking glasses feature clear lenses and make great computer glasses for people who spend long hours in front of a screen.

These five pairs are also designed for comfort. They’re made with high-quality acetate frames, which are sturdier than rimless glasses and less likely to cause skin irritation than metal frames. Every pair featured here is available in six colors: black, tortoiseshell, blue tortoiseshell, clear, blue clear, and pink clear frames.

Plus, you can customize your glasses with magnetic Top Frames in the colors and patterns that look sexiest on you. Snap on a pair of Buffalo Plaid Top Frames for an attractive lumberjack look, add Teal to Espresso Gradient Tops for a handsome hipster vibe, or attach a pair of Classic Cheetah Top Frames for some animal magnetism.

These frames make it so you can be sexy in your own way.

1. The Wanda

Sexy glasses: woman wearing The Wanda while smiling at the camera

The cat-eye glasses frame is the flirtiest frame of all time. Cat-eye glasses were the first frames developed as women’s glasses. This silhouette was created by a woman for women, and it quickly became one of the most iconic fashion accessories of all time, partially because it’s flattering on nearly every face shape.

The Wanda comes in a sexy cat-eye silhouette and a medium fit that looks good on almost everyone. It flatters round, oval, square, diamond, triangle, and heart-shaped faces. And you can transform it into a pair of trendy cat-eye sunglasses in a snap with a Sun Top.

2. The Drew

Sexy glasses: curly-haired woman wearing The Drew

Choose The Drew if you’re going for that sexy intellectual vibe. This oversized pair has retro ‘70s appeal. The thick frame still manages to be comfy and lightweight thanks to its acetate design, and the extra wide fit is ideal for people who have larger faces or love a big, bold look. The rectangular shape looks good on round, oval, and triangular faces.

3. The Reese

Man wearing The Reese and a brown jacket

This narrow frame is ideal for people with smaller faces, and the round silhouette flatters square, diamond, or oval face shapes. The Reese frame has bookish good looks written all over it. We can see these frames perched on the edge of your nose as you pen the next Great American Novel at your vintage typewriter — or you know, when you curl up on the couch with your love and want to look your cutest.

4. The Kirby

Man wearing The Kirby and a blue jacket

It’s sexy to feel good about yourself! These medium-sized square glasses look so good on round and oval faces. The straight geometric lines of The Kirby make your cheekbones and jawline look more prominent while the thin frames keep the attention on your pretty face.

5. The Quinn

Woman wearing The Quinn

If your brand of sexy involves quirky meet cutes and witty one-liners, then The Quinn is the fun frame to help you get your flirt on. With a shape that’s somewhere between round and cat-eye, this pair offers plenty of retro charm. It comes in an extra-wide fit and flatters round, oval, triangular, diamond, and heart-shaped faces.

Step Into Your Confidence

There’s nothing sexier than confidence. So, if you want sexy glasses, you need a pair that makes you double-take in the mirror.

Finding frames that fit and flatter your face is the first order of business. But if you really want to show your incredible and unique self, then you need glasses that allow you to express your personality.

At Pair Eyewear, we help you show the world what makes you beautiful with more than a dozen frames to choose from. All of our frames pair with magnetic Top Frames that you can use to customize the look of your glasses to match your outfit or your mood.

Plus, we have a 30-day return policy — even on glasses with prescription lenses — so you can make sure you feel confident in your new glasses. Find your Pair today, and start showing off your best self.