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10 Pairs of Unique Glasses With Fun Snap-On Frames

When it comes to driving a car, hiking in the woods, or preparing for a storm, we say: Safety first. But when it comes to style, we never play it safe. That’s the time to be bold, be daring, and be uniquely you!

A pair of unique glasses can be exactly the style statement you need to show off your one-of-a-kind personality — or just feel fabulous in your frames. But choosing unique eyeglasses can come with unique style struggles.

Because they make such a bold statement, your fabulous fashion glasses might not match every outfit. And if you’re anything like us, you might change your mind or change your style on a daily basis. So, you need a pair of unique glasses that can keep up with your ever-evolving spirit. Well, we’ve found them!

We’ve rounded up 10 unique glasses styles that offer fabulous fashion, without any of the potential fashion faux pas.

10 Pairs of Unique Glasses and How to Style Them

With these 10 totally unique eyeglass frames, you can change your eyewear as often as you change your outfits — and you don’t need to buy all 10 frames to do it. Choose your favorite pair from the frames below, and you can change the color, print, or pattern of your glasses anytime you want.

The magic is in tiny magnets that are embedded into each of these unique glasses frames. They allow you to snap on a pair of stylish Top Frames that change the look of the full rim of your glasses. So, you can go from tortoiseshell to cheetah print in a snap!

These 10 eyeglasses provide all the fun of fashion glasses with the high quality you’d expect from prescription glasses. They have lightweight acetate frames with comfortable acetate nose pads so they won’t leave red marks on your nose like heavier glasses. They also have spring hinges, which combined with the acetate frames make these glasses more durable.

And you can get these frames with single-vision prescription lenses, progressive lenses, reading glasses lenses, or non-prescription lenses. You can also add blue-light blocking or light-responsive transition technology to your lenses.

These frames will meet your health needs and your haute couture fashion needs. So, take a look at all 10 — plus a few of the fun ways you can style them — to find your favorite.

1. The Wanda

Unique glasses: woman wearing The Wanda eyeglasses

These retro-inspired cat-eye glasses are one of only two frames on this list that aren’t unisex. They’re made specifically for women because historically cat-eye frames have been the ultimate girl-power glasses. The shape was originally designed to make glasses more feminine and to help women who need glasses feel gorgeous.

Cat-eye glasses are flattering on more face shapes than nearly any other eyeglass silhouette. So, if you have an oval, square, triangular, or heart-shaped face, give these striking oversized glasses a try.

How to Style The Wanda

We like to lean into the 1950s femininity of cat-eye glasses and pair The Wanda Base Frames with girly Top Frames.

2. The Ella

Unique glasses: woman wearing The Ella eyeglasses

Our second pair of ladies-only glasses on this list, The Ella have a more subtle cat eye than The Wanda. These frames are also smaller for narrower faces. They have a sweet, bubbly appearance that will go perfectly with every poodle skirt in your closet.

How to Style The Ella

We love to pair The Ella with bright bubblegum colors and summery prints.

3. The Larkin

Unique glasses: woman wearing The Larkin eyeglasses

Okay boys, welcome to the party! Going forward in this list, all of our styles are unisex, and The Larkin in particular gives us major Clark Kent vibes. The classic rectangular shape has made these frames a best seller, and the narrow fit is perfect for smaller faces.

How to Style The Larkin

The shape of these frames is classic and timeless, so we like to pair them with prints that prove classic doesn’t have to be boring.

4. The Kirby

Unique glasses: woman wearing The Kirby eyeglasses

For a pair of big-frame glasses in a classic square shape, The Kirby make a statement. The oversized lenses are ideal for medium to wide faces, and the square frames highlight the features of people with oval, round, and triangular face shapes. These glasses prove it’s hip to be square!

How to Style The Kirby

As far as we’re concerned, the dramatic size of these frames gives us permission to be a little extra dramatic with our dress code. We like to pair these frames with bold, multi-color prints.

5. The Finley

Unique glasses: man wearing The Finley eyeglasses

A medium-sized, rectangular eyeglass frame, The Finley is a good fit for most people. This pair has lenses that are slightly wider than they are tall, which makes them oh-so-flattering on round and heart-shaped faces.

The high nose bridge ensures they won’t cover your browline, so everyone will know if you raise an eyebrow. And with the unique styles you can create wearing The Finley frames, other people are sure to raise an eyebrow or two as well.

How to Style The Finley

The Finley is one of our more subtle full-rim glasses since the rims are slightly thinner than on other frames. So, we like to style them with more subtle prints and designs that have accents in the corner of the frame.

6. The Casper

Woman wearing The Casper eyeglasses

The Casper frames are the perfect compromise if you can’t decide between square and round eyeglass frames. They’re square frames with rounded edges, so the silhouette offers a combination of structured and soft lines. And with a medium size, these frames truly are a fit for most face shapes and sizes.

How to Style The Casper

This is truly a frame for everyone, so we like to deck them out in styles that everyone loves.

7. The Twain

Woman wearing The Twain eyeglasses

If you want to get one step closer to round frames, but you’re not ready to go full Harry Potter with it, then you need The Twain frames. (Although for the record, we’re in favor of going full Harry Potter, as evidenced by our wide variety of Harry Potter Top Frames.) The extra narrow fit works for both older kids and adults with small faces.

These glasses are the perfect choice for book worms and literati. Add a typewriter and a cup of tea, and you’ll have cozy vintage style to spare.

How to Style The Twain

We like to highlight The Twain’s vintage charm by styling it with retro colors and prints.

8. The Reese

Man wearing The Reese eyeglasses

For a round frame with a small fit, The Reese is ideal for adults with narrow faces. It’s especially flattering on people with square or triangular face shapes because the soft, round lines will contrast with your naturally sharp features, showing off your features at their best (and most stylish!).

How to Style The Reese

The round shape of The Reese has a fun, youthful feel, so we like to let our inner child run free when styling these frames.

9. The Otis

Man wearing The Otis eyeglasses

Our option for oversized round frames, The Otis makes a big, bold statement. The size and shape are 1970s chic for retro appeal, and they look great on medium-to-wide square and triangular face shapes.

How to Style The Otis

We love the ‘70s-inspired style of these glasses, so we like to look to that decade for inspiration — pairing these frames with earthy shades and retro prints.

10. The Soto

Woman wearing The Soto eyeglasses

Our final frame is a classic round shape that makes everyone look just a bit smarter. The Soto comes in a medium size that fits most faces, and the high nose bridge leaves your browline visible for days when your eyebrows are on fleek.

How to Style the Soto

We can’t resist pairing these round frames with Harry Potter-themed Top Frames, but the classic shape also pairs well with more subtle patterns.

Be Younique

If you want glasses that are as unique as you, then you need to be able to change your style any time you change your mood or your mind. And while you might not be able to buy 10 pairs of prescription glasses, you can get dozens of different looks out of a single pair with any of the unique glasses listed above.

To find the style that’s best for you, use the virtual try-on feature on Pair Eyewear. You can pick out your perfect frame, then add our classic collection or limited-time Top Frames to express the many different versions of you.

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