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Stylish Glasses for Men: What to Wear In 2024

Men’s glasses styles come and go — and are constantly being reinvented. That can make choosing your perfect pair of specs a little more challenging. Should you go classic or trendy? Retro or hip? The answer is: It depends.

Luckily there’s help at hand. We’ll talk you through the most stylish glasses for men right now and help you decide if they’re for you. We’ll also suggest where to get the most versatile styles around, so you have more than one option on hand. Choice is always good, right?

What Are Stylish Glasses for Men?

Not so long ago, any man or boy wearing glasses might be taunted with insults like “four eyes.” Thank goodness those days have passed.

Men’s eyewear today is both functional and stylish. The right pair of glasses can enhance your appearance. Whether you prefer to look like a polished professional, a suave gentleman, a smart creative, or a mysterious bad boy, there’s a pair of stylish glasses out there for you.

The Most Stylish Glasses for Men in 2024

Style is what you make it. That said, some styles work especially well for men — and are right on trend too. Let’s look at which ones could work for you, based on your personality, style, and personal preferences.

Clear Eyewear

Clear frames are simple and minimal. They’re not as visible to others until they’re up close — compared to colored frames, which are definitely a strong look from any distance. These stylish glasses for men don’t distract from your face and they suit any skin tone.

A contemporary classic, they’re becoming more and more popular as celebrities sport them in public. They’re extremely versatile too and go with any outfit you might choose to wear.

If you don’t want your glasses to stand out, you can’t be bothered to match your glasses to your outfits, or you simply can’t decide what color you want, clear eyeglass frames may be your answer.

Minimalist Colors

Colors like black and tortoiseshell make more of a statement than clear glasses, without being too flashy. They draw some attention to your features but don’t overwhelm them. They also complement many different looks and style choices.

Solid black glasses are quietly bold and can create a strong sense of knowing who you are, a horn-rimmed effect, or a creative vibe, depending on the frames you choose. Black is universally flattering, blending seamlessly with many skin tones or creating a dramatic contrast with pale skin.

The marbled brown, gold, and beige colors of tortoiseshell (thankfully no longer made from real reptiles — a practice that was outlawed in the ‘70s) add a more subtle, vintage-inspired element that suits almost any complexion.

If you’re looking for something bolder than clear but not in your face (pardon the pun), black or tortoiseshell glasses may be the answer.

Round Retro Eyeglasses

While Ray-Ban Aviators and Wayfarers might be considered retro by some, the real retro glasses are round and hark back to the 13th century. From wireframes to thick dark settings, round frames may be vintage-inspired but the modern versions are right up to date.

Round glasses work well to balance out strong facial features, like super-sharp cheekbones or a square face shape or jawline, without losing any masculine appeal.

Consider retro round glasses if you have sharper features that you’d like to tone down and you prefer a low-key creative or intellectual look.

Classic Rectangular and Square Glasses

Stylish glasses for men: The Buffalo Plaid

Rectangular frames are cool and classy, and the clean and simple lines can lend a more formal, professional air. Go minimal and refined with a color like black or choose a bold color like red or blue tortoiseshell that stands out and makes a statement, framing your eyes.

A variation of rectangular glasses is the square frame shape, which brings a hipster element into the mix. It looks good in both plain colors and more edgy, vintage-inspired designs. This type of stylish glasses for men may suit you if you’re an urban creative — or simply have a strong personality and aren’t afraid to stand out.

These classic styles work well if you have a round face or oval face as they add structure and strong lines to complement your features.

Clubmaster Browline Frames

As the name implies, browline frames have a heavier top section that follows the line of the eyebrows. This effect can come from a half-rim that leaves the bottom section of the frame rimless or from a color variation in the frame, with a darker color on top.

The frame shape gives Mad Men vibes: classy, vintage, and refined. They’re a good choice if your face is narrow or your chin isn’t as strong as you’d like — for example, if you have a heart-shaped face. The more defined top section draws attention to your eyes and adds width across the face.

Oversized Men’s Glasses

Oversized glasses frames stand out. Once considered nerdy, they’re now the height of fashion. They’re unapologetic, grab attention, and complete any vintage look.

To make sure they enhance your outfits, choose the right color and style for you. A bigger version of the ideal frame shape for your face usually works well. If your face is on the rounder side, try square or rectangular oversized glasses, and if it’s more angular, round glasses are a good choice.

Go oversized if you’re happy to be in the spotlight — or are actively hiding from it in outsized sunglasses.

Where to Get Stylish Men’s Glasses

Man wearing a pair of sunglasses while smiling at the camera

When you’re ready for your next pair of stylish glasses for men, head on over to Pair Eyewear. Our selection of high-quality, full-rim Base Frames is complemented by a wide range of Top Frames that snap on, changing your look in an instant.

Pair Base Frames

Our Base Frame collection includes both round and rectangular styles. If you’re after an oversized look, choose a pair of glasses with larger lens sizes like The Otis or The Kirby. Our Size Guide can help you there.

Pair acetate frames are hard wearing and available in a choice of colors, including clear, black, and tortoise (as well as blue tortoise).

Use our Virtual Try-On feature to see how our quality frames suit your face. And consider trying them with both casual and formal clothes too, to make sure they work with your wardrobe.

Stylish Top Frames

Stick with the Base Frames on their own if you prefer — or add your choice of any number of Top Frames you fancy. Choose from Classic Colors and Classic Designs, Limited Editions, or sports-related NBA, MLB, or NHL ranges. For a browline effect, go with a two-tone Top Frame like the Black and White or the Red Sox Split.

Customized Prescription Lenses

We offer non-prescription men’s fashion glasses, reading glasses, and single-vision plus progressive prescription lenses.

We can also customize further by adding blue-light filters for computer work, light-responsive lenses that take you from inside to out (or you can go straight to sunglasses), or ultra-thin Premium Plus lenses for higher prescriptions.

All our lenses are made from scratch- and impact-resistant polycarbonate, with an anti-reflective coating that ensures clear vision wherever you are.

Upgrade Your Look With Stylish Men’s Eyeglasses Today

The Red Sox Split

Men’s glasses have evolved from being purely functional into stylish accessories that complement your facial features, your personality, and your wardrobe. Once you’ve selected the frame style that works for you, go with a classic color like clear, black, or tortoiseshell — or put yourself out there with designer colors and patterns.

No matter what your personal style is, you’ll find the right pair of stylish glasses for men at Pair Eyewear. Then your job is to own that style to the fullest, so the world can see who you really are.