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Stylish Sunglasses for Men: Find the Right Shades for You

These days, a pair of sunglasses is an essential accessory for every man. Sunny days are fantastic but if you have to squint to see against the glare, that’s not as much fun. And of course, those UV rays aren’t doing your eyes — or your skin — any favors either. A pair of stylish sunglasses for men is the obvious answer.

Luckily, you don’t need to take a trip to Italy to find a stylish pair of shades (although, let’s face it, those Italians do know how to do style). You don’t even need to go to New York or London. You can buy trendy men’s sunglasses from the comfort of your couch, no matter where you live.

Let’s get clear on exactly what makes for a pair of stylish sunglasses for men, as well as the functional elements you need to consider for your sunnies. Then we’ll talk about where to find a selection of sunglasses for men that will leave you feeling fly.

What Makes a Pair of Sunglasses Stylish?

Stylish sunglasses for men: The Drew

Some sunglasses brands cost an arm and a leg, but those sunglasses styles may not suit you — even if your wallet can cope with that price point.

Cheaper brands are nothing to turn your nose up at! You don’t need to sacrifice exceptional craftsmanship and quality to get a pair of shades that makes you feel like a million bucks.

The truth is that the coolest and most stylish sunglasses are the ones that look great on you. In other words, they suit your face shape and size and their design enhances your features.

Let’s break those details down a little further.

The Frame Suits Your Face Shape

Different frame shapes flatter certain face shapes and tend to create a specific look.

If your face is fairly angular, like rectangular, square, or triangle-shaped, you’ll likely look best in round sunglasses. Many round frames have a retro feel to them and create either an intellectual or creative vibe, depending on the style.

If your face is round, oval, or heart-shaped, then rectangular or square sunglasses will add some structure to balance out the softer lines. Depending on their proportions and styling details, rectangular and square frames can look professional or sporty.

Another common silhouette is the cat-eye frame, which suits many different face shapes. Once mostly for women, this unusual shape is now often used in men’s and unisex glasses too, and it can make you look cool and mysterious.

And of course, other details also make a difference in a pair of sunglasses. For example, a keyhole bridge is especially flattering for a larger nose and a narrow face looks best in shades that have some height and are slightly wider than your temples.

Don’t worry though, you don’t need to know all the ins and outs of styling details. When you’re buying online, simply use your favorite retailer’s virtual try-on tool. You’ll know what looks good when you see it.

They Fit Well

Stylish sunglasses for men come in different sizes to suit a variety of faces, and it’s important to find the right fit for you.

If your sunnies are too big, they’ll keep slipping down your nose — which is extremely annoying, especially if you’re actively using both your hands, for example, for cycling, skiing, or sailing. Overly large glasses can also make your head look smaller — which may or may not be the effect you’re looking for.

And if they’re too small, they’re likely to pinch your temples and your nose and make your face look pinched too.

Some styles of glasses have nose pads and you can adjust their fit slightly by widening or narrowing the gap between them. It’s far better to buy the correct size of sunnies to start with though.

To get that right, consult your retailer’s size guide. Even if you don’t know the exact proportions of your face, the guide will usually indicate whether frames are designed for small, medium, or larger faces.

Functional Elements of Stylish Sunglasses for Men

Man wearing a pair of sunglasses

You might be wearing your stylish sunnies purely as an accessory — and if so, there’s no judgment here. They can really up your cool quotient.

If you’re after both style and substance though, this is the functionality to look out for.

UV Protection

It’s now well documented that sun damage can not only cause wrinkles and sunburned corneas but can also be a factor in serious eye conditions like ocular melanoma or cataracts. Luckily, most sunglasses nowadays offer some degree of protection from UV rays — but that degree can vary widely.

You’re after a pair that gives you 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Check for a sticker or label on your sunglasses that confirms this.

Anti-Reflective Glare Reduction

When sunlight reflects off bright surfaces like water, snow, white sand, or the road — all classic situations in which you might be wearing your sunnies — it can cause some serious glare. This can range from mildly annoying to downright dangerous if you can’t clearly see oncoming traffic.

Because of their tinted lenses, most stylish sunglasses for men will give you some protection from glare. Some lenses even have a gradient with a darker tint at the top for looking into the distance and a lighter one at the bottom for looking down at your dashboard or phone.

You can take this glare protection up a level by investing in sunnies with an anti-reflective coating. Again check the label or the description by the eyewear manufacturer or retailer to confirm this.


And if you want to reduce the glare even further, plus increase color contrast and see through reflective surfaces — which is useful for, say, deep sea fishing — you’ll want polarized sunglasses. Many sunglasses come standard with polarized lenses — but not all. So be sure to check this too before you turn over your hard-earned cash.

Vision Correction

Finally, if you’re near-sighted or far-sighted, have astigmatism, or any other vision issues, you’ll also want your stylish sunglasses to take care of that — just like your regular specs.

Make sure you have the correct prescription before you order your sunglasses. Your prescription does change with time, so use one from a recent visit to your eye doctor.

Useful Tip: If you don’t want to carry two pairs of glasses — a pair of regular prescription ones plus your shades — around with you, you have a couple of other options. You could invest in transition lenses (also known as light-responsive lenses) which darken as the light around you brightens. Or you could go with Sun Tops, which magnetically clip onto your regular glasses, instantly turning them into sunglasses.

Where to Find Stylish Sunglasses for Men

Pair Eyewear's sunglasses for men

If you want high-quality materials plus style and versatility, start your search for sunglasses at Pair Eyewear. All Pair sunglasses offer 100% UV protection plus an anti-reflective coating and polarization built right into the scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lenses. The acetate frames are tough enough to withstand plenty of wear and tear from outdoor activities.

Use our Virtual Try-On feature plus our Size Guide to find the best Base Frame shape for you. You’ll also select a color for your Base Frames from a range including black, clear, and classic tortoiseshell. You can choose a lens color from several options like brown, black, green, or reflective blue lenses.

You can stop right there if you like, but if you fancy a bit more versatility and style in your sunglasses, you choose one or more Top Frames to finish off your look. Top Frames clip magnetically to Base Frames and are made to perfectly fit the Base Frame you choose. Lots of people like this option to pair with their regular eyeglasses so they can add a Sun Top when they need it.

For example, if you want a Man of Steel look, you could go with The Brushed Nickel Top Frame, which looks like a metal frame. For a day at the beach or out fishing, you might like The Ocean Blue. For a paintballing spree, The Classic Camo would work perfectly. And if you’re a huge fan of your favorite sports team, pick the appropriate option from our NBA, MLB, or NHL ranges.

Make Your Day With Stylish Sunglasses for Men

When you’re out and about on a bright day, everything’s easier when you can see clearly — and a pair of stylish sunglasses will achieve just that.

The best sunglasses for men are the ones that suit your face shape and size, plus give you UV and glare protection plus the vision correction you need.

Take your look up a notch by picking your stylish shades from the Pair Eyewear collection. Then you’ll know for sure that you can enjoy your outdoor activities all day long and look good doing it.