DIY This Holiday Sweater in Under 30 minutes

'Tis the season for holiday parties galore. Looking for the perfect funny holiday sweater for your next party? Well we've got the perfect one for you incorporating the best accessory ever–your Pair! This easy DIY is a fun project that you can complete in under 30 minutes. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Green Crew Neck Sweater
  • Tinsel
  • Mini Assorted Ornaments
  • Hot Glue
  • Small Magnets
  • Your Favorite Top Frames

Start by laying out your crewneck and determining how long you need to cut your tinsel. Then secure down your tinsel with the hot glue gun. For the next step, evenly space out and secure down your ornaments with the hot glue as well (while we personally used mini ornaments, feel free to use any colors, shapes, and sizes that you prefer)! Once the ornament “bulbs” are down and secure, you can then start to add the magnets in between the “bulbs.” It is important to note, make sure you have a good amount of space between each magnet, as you don’t want your Top Frames magnetizing together!

Now the real decorating begins! Go in your Pair “closet” and pick out your favorite Top Frames to accessorize to your special sweater. The best part about this whole sweater is throughout the night, you can change and snap on any of your Top Frames whenever you want!

It’s that simple! We can’t wait to see all the fun Pair sweaters you all make this holiday season! Be sure to post your pictures and tag @PairEyewear and #WearPair, so we can see all of your creative looks. Happy Holidays and happy crafting!