What Are Progressive Lenses?

Progressives consist of a single lens that provides sharper correction for multiple fields of vision with an easier adjustment process.

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Why Pair's Progressive Lenses?

  • Save over $100 compared to competitors' premium offerings

  • Single lens adjusts to all distances

  • Our two phases of blending allow for no visible lines between prescriptions

  • Fewer peripheral aberrations allow for quicker adaption

  • Digital free-form technology for bespoke lens creation

  • Anti-reflective and smudge- and scratch-resistant

Design Your Progressives

Are Progressives Right for You?

Specific elements in your prescription may signal that progressive lenses could enhance your vision!

  • ADD Power: The ADD value applies to multifocal lenses like progressives. It provides power to the lens for close-up tasks like reading. This is the first strong indicator that your eyes would benefit from progressive lenses.

  • Different Rxs for Distance & Reading: If you have separate prescriptions for distance (OD - Right Eye, OS - Left Eye) and reading (ADD), progressive lenses seamlessly blend these prescriptions.

  • Preference: Even without these prescription differences, you can still wear progressives. If you have multiple vision needs and want to have an all-in-one Pair, opt for progressives!

Bifocals Vs. Progressives

Challenges With Bifocals

Bifocals have two distinct prescription powers and are usually divided by a visible line on the lens. This may lead to adjustment difficulties, discomfort, and can impact aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Progressives

Progressives allow for a seamless transition between prescriptions with no visible lines. These lenses offer a more natural visual experience, improved aesthetic, and enhanced visual comfort.


Customize Your Progressives

Lens add-ons like light-responsive, blue-light filtering, and Premium Plus can enhance your all-purpose Pair. Plus, you can snap on our magnetic Top Frames and polarized Sun Tops to switch up your everyday style!

Design Your Pair

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