Premium Plus

Experience elevated clarity and thinness with maximum comfort.
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Who Is Premium Plus Perfect For?

Premium Plus is a valuable add-on for anyone with single-vision or a progressives prescription. It's recommended for those with high-power prescriptions, as you'll see a difference in the lens thickness. That being said, it's a beneficial upgrade for any adult who prefers thinner, more premium lenses. They're up to 20% thinner than our standard selection!

Have your Rx handy? Take a look at your sphere (SPH) number. If it's below -6.00 or above +3.00, you have a prescription that would benefit from a Premium Plus upgrade!

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Up to 20% Thinner Than Standard
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93% Customer Satisfaction
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Provide Outdoor Protection
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Free 30-Day Returns

5 Reasons to Shop Our Lenses

1. Scratch-Resistant 2. 100% UV-Blocking 3. Anti-Reflective 4. Hydrophobic 5. Made in the U.S.A.

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How to Pick Your Pair

Add Premium Plus Lenses for Just $59

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Premium Plus Rx Compatibility

Single Vision

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