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Buy your Pair with your FSA & HSA Save some money by putting those pre-tax dollars to use. We accept FSA and HSA for all prescription glasses, including single-vision, blue-light filtering, readers, premium plus, light responsive, and progressive lenses.

What can I buy with HSA / FSA?

Spoiler alert: a lot!

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Single Vision

This Rx option will correct vision for a single distance. Our state-of-the-art lens lab produces optical powers from -14.5D to +5.00D. All of our lenses are treated with anti-reflective, anti-scratch treatments to make sure you’re always seeing 20-20.

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Progressive Lenses

Our progressive lenses start at $259. It’ll provide you with sharper vision and a smoother transition between multifocal views. This means your eyes will have an easier time adjusting to progressives.

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Bookworms–this one’s for you. The simple magnification gives your eyes an extra boost when reading small print at a close range.

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Premium Plus

These high-power, high-index lenses are ultra-thin, anti-reflective, and scratch-resistant. This option may be necessary for strong prescriptions with a power below -6.00 or above +3.00.

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Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Our blue light lenses filter out potentially harmful rays of visible light that are typically emitted during screen time and by the sun. Reducing your exposure may help with eye fatigue and sleep issues.

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Light Responsive

If you’re quickly moving from indoors to outdoors, it can be a hassle to have to swap out your glasses. These photochromic lenses darken when they hit UV light. This tint will deepen as the rays become stronger, making this Pair very practical!

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Select accessories -- like our cleaning kit and cleaning cloths -- may be FSA or HSA eligible. We recommend checking with your account's provider before ordering an accessory!

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How to Pick Your Pair

Choose your Base Frame
Choose your Base Frame

All frames start at $115! You can choose from our different styles adults and kids.

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Express yourself with Top Frames
Express yourself with Top Frames

Choose from hundreds of different tops to customize your base frame!

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Rock your style
Rock your style

Be yourself in your PAIR! Not quite what you were expecting? You have 30 days for any returns. No questions asked.