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How to Pick Your Pair

Choose your Base Frame
Choose your Base Frame

All frames start at $60! You can choose from our different styles adults and kids.

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Express yourself with Top Frames
Express yourself with Top Frames

Choose from hundreds of different tops to customize your base frame!

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Rock your style
Rock your style

Be yourself in your PAIR! Not quite what you were expecting? You have 30 days for any returns. No questions asked.

No more tired eyes

If you work in front of a phone or computer all day, our Blue Light Glasses are for you.


Why wear Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light is everywhere — it’s naturally emitted by the sun, but you take in a load of it from digital screens, too. Excess blue light causes increased light scatter, misfocused vision, and generally uncomfortable eyes. Luckily, we’ve got a solution for it. Our Blue Light Filter blocks 90% of those misbehaving rays, so you can spend a whole day behind your laptop and still keep your eyes feeling happy.

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Don't sacrifice on style

Build a pair of Blue Light Glasses that are uniquely you. Find your perfect frame and choose from our hundreds of Top Frames to complete your look.


Have tired eyes?

Block pesky Blue Light rays emitted from screens with our filtering technology.

Refuse to sacrifice on style?

Pick from our thousands of options to build your perfect Pair.

Need a prescription?

We do that too! Plus, our Blue Light presecription glasses are HSA/FSA eligible.

What are you waiting for?

Grab a pair of Blue Light Glasses and choose from hundreds of Top Frames to complete your look!