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How to Find Fun, Durable, and Affordable Kids' Prescription Glasses

Kids’ prescription glasses have a big job to do for your little one. Not only is this an essential tool to support your child’s learning and development, it may also be their first introduction to the world of glasses.

If it’s not a positive experience, your kid may learn to dislike their glasses — which will be no fun for anyone when they’ve got many years of prescription lenses ahead of them. Fortunately, with the right pair of specs, you can show your kid that their spectacles are spectacular!

We’ll walk you through what to look for in a pair of kids’ prescription glasses, so you can find something that’s durable and can handle life with your little one. Then, we’ll share five crazy-cool frames that’ll get your kid excited about glasses!

What to Look for in Kids’ Prescription Glasses

A young girl with her parents smiling during an eye exam.

If you want any hope of convincing your little one to wear their eyewear, then your child's glasses need to be fun. But anyone who’s ever met a kid knows that even if your little one loves their new pair of glasses, there’s still a chance they’ll accidentally break or misplace them.

And because kids are constantly growing and changing, their eyes (and their pupillary distance) are also changing. They may need a trip to the eye doctor and a new set of prescription lenses as often as every six to 12 months. So beyond being fun, kids’ eyeglasses also need to be durable to prevent mishaps and affordable in case you need to replace them sooner, rather than later.

We’re sure your kiddo will have lots to say about which eyeglass frames they think are the coolest. (Perhaps they want a sparkly pair or a set of neon frames!) And while they have their eyes on style, you can keep your eyes on the big picture — like finding frames that can survive your little one's big energy. Here’s what to look for to make sure your kids’ prescription glasses can keep up with your kid.

  • Cellulose acetate frames: A bioplastic made from fibers found in wood, hemp, cotton, or other plant sources, cellulose acetate is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and extremely durable. This material is flexible and resistant to temperature changes, which makes it less likely to break. It’s a much better choice for kids’ glasses than bendable metal frames or fragile rimless glasses. Also, because acetate frames don’t have separate nose pads, there’s one less thing to break off and feel uncomfortable on your kid’s face.

  • Polycarbonate lenses: Another strong but lightweight plastic, polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant, so they’re less likely to break if your child drops them. They’re also extremely thin, which makes them weigh less on your little one’s nose.

  • Spring-loaded hinges: Using spring-loaded hinges to connect the temples on a pair of glasses to the frames, which makes the temples more flexible so they can bend but not break. Spring hinges are the most durable option for rambunctious kids.

Think of those first three features as your non-negotiables. Any good pair of kids’ prescription glasses should have these features to make them kid-proof.

These next three features are additional options you can consider in your quest to find the perfect kids’ glasses. While they won’t make or … ahem … break your child’s glasses, they can reduce eye strain, which can protect your child’s eye health and make the glasses more comfortable in certain scenarios. Here are optional upgrades to consider for your kids’ prescription glasses.

  • Blue light filtering: Blue light glasses help ease eye strain when your little one uses electronics. For today’s digital-native kids, blue light-filtering lenses are a great way to protect against an overabundance of screens.

  • UV protection: Sure, you can purchase a separate pair of prescription sunglasses for your child, but buying two pairs of glasses will double your costs. As an alternative, look for transition lenses, aka light-responsive lenses. These options will get darker when your child goes outside. You can also choose clip-on, non-prescription sunglass lenses, like our Sun Tops, which fit over the top of your child’s glasses frames and providepolarized protection.

  • Ear hooks: Add a set of easy-to-use, silicone Ear Hooks to help ensure the pair stays on your kiddo’s face and doesn’t slide down their nose —how annoying would that be?

Now that you know what to consider when you shop for kids’ prescription glasses, let’s take a look at a few eyeglass frames that are worthy of your kid’s consideration.

5 Funtastic Frames for Kids’ Prescription Glasses

One of the best ways to get your kid excited about glasses is to find frames they love. Sometimes that’s as easy as letting them choose their favorite color. Other times, they may need a little reminder that some of the coolest people of all time have worn glasses — umm, Harry Potter, Superman, Supergirl, it’s a who’s who of kids’ heroes.

A pair of frames that allows your child to emulate their heroes, express themselves, and have fun will make them happier to wear their prescription eyeglasses. And the most fun prescription glasses out there are in this selection of kids’ frames. All of the frames below come in six different colors, including black, tortoise shell, blue tortoise shell, blue clear, pink clear, and crystal clear. Plus, they allow your child to change their look in a snap!

These Base Frames have tiny magnets inside that allow your child to clip on a pair of Top Frames in colorful designs, including DC, Marvel, Sesame Street, and Harry Potter themed designs. Your kid’s new glasses will be more fun than their favorite toy! There are even Sun Tops that transform your kid’s prescription glasses into sunglasses for just $30.

All of these glasses are available with single-vision lenses or progressive lenses (which are like bifocals, but better!). They’re made of cellulose acetate and feature polycarbonate lenses and spring hinges. Plus, you can add blue light filtering or light responsive technology with the click of a button.

All five of these frames start at just $60 with single vision lenses, so these kids’ glasses won’t break the piggy bank.

1. The Cedro

A cute boy wearing Cedro kids prescription glasses from Pair Eyewear.

The rectangular frame shape on The Cedro is flattering on most little faces. Because children have rounder faces than adults, rectangular eyeglass frames provide contrast and highlight your little one’s beautiful eyes. Plus, Superman and Supergirl both wore rectangular eyeglasses, so that makes these frames super cool.

The frame size is appropriate for kids ages 5 to 9. Let your child choose their favorite color for their eyeglass frames, then pair them with some Superman Top Frames to complete your kid’s super style.

2. The Serra

A young girl and boy smiling while wearing their glasses.

Another pair for little kids, The Serra glasses frames fit ages 5 to 9. Much like cat-eye glasses, round glasses look great on oval faces, as well as rectangular and oblong faces. This sweet pair of specs is a best seller because it makes the cutest kiddos look even cuter. Pair it with fun, kid-friendly Top Frames, like theSesame Street designs.

3. The Otero

A young girl wearing Pair Eyewear's Otero kids prescription glasses.

Ideal as girls’ or boys’ glasses, these frames are designed for pre-teens, age 8 to 12. The Otero frames have a stylish, squarish shape that looks great on round faces. For an extra splash of fun, pair them with glow-in-the-dark or sun-changing Top Frames (they change colors in different lighting!). And for sophisticated little ones (who are quick to tell you that they’re not little anymore), go fancy with some artful Van Gogh-inspired Top Frames.

4. The Twain

A smiling girl touching the side of her Twain glasses from Pair Eyewear.

Named after a favorite literary figure, The Twain frames look great on bookworms and video gamers alike. And if your child is a bigger fan of Harry Potter than Huckleberry Finn, you can add a pair of Harry Potter Top Frames. The Twain are a great fit for ages 9 and older, and their shape — which is part way between a square and round frame — looks flattering on most faces.

5. The Larkin

A young boy wearing a white T-shirt and kids prescription glasses.

These rectangular frames are another best seller. The Larkin frames look great on round, oval, and heart-shaped faces, and they’re the perfect fit for older kids, ages 9 and up. They’re a great way for your growing athlete to support their favorite team by sporting NBA,MLB, or NHL Top Frames.

Find a Pair With Fun to Spare

With Pair Eyewear, your cool kid will have the coolest glasses in school. Our kids' prescription glasses are made with durability in mind — they feature a strong, cellulose acetate design, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, and flexible spring-loaded hinges. They’re ready for all the big adventures your little one can dream up.

Our wide selection of changeable Top Frames allows your kiddo to express themselves and change their style as often as they change their mind. And our prices are easy on your piggy bank, with single-vision lenses starting at just $60.

We also have free shipping and free returns. With our return policy, your kid can wear their glasses for 30 days risk free. So find your pair and show your little one how fun glasses can be!