The Best Big-Nose Glasses to Flatter Your Features

Working with a prominent nose? You’ll be happy to know there’s a lot you can do to complement it. Maybe you want to de-emphasize it for now or maybe you want the right pair of specs that highlight your beautiful nose. It’s all about finding the right big-nose glasses for you!

Let’s define the elements of a perfect pair of glasses to flatter your facial features — including your larger nose. We’ll also direct you to the best place to buy your big-nose glasses so you get a quality pair that looks gorgeous on you.

The Best Eyeglasses for a Big Nose

If you have a big nose, the best glasses are ones that fit well, flatter your face, and draw attention to your whole beautiful face. Your nose isn’t something that needs to be hidden unless you want to. But sometimes you just want a balanced look without your nose being the star of the show!

Let’s start with the shape of your frames.

1. Find the Right Frame Shape for Your Face Shape

Opinions are divided on whether round or more angular frames are best for big-nose glasses. Instead of getting caught up in that debate, we recommend that you focus on choosing the right eyeglass frame for your face shape. The ideal glasses frame shape will enhance your features, regardless of the size of your nose.

As a general guideline, you could consider these recommendations:

That said, every face is unique, so try on a range of shapes to see what looks best. If you’re buying online, most quality eyewear retailers offer a virtual try-on tool for this purpose.

2. Get the Right Frame Size

Big nose glasses: Pair Eyewear's frame sizes

Eyeglass frames come in standard sizes. You’ll usually find their dimensions printed on the inside of the frame, either somewhere on the temple arm or on the nose bridge.

You should see three numbers, separated by dashes, spaces, or squares, which represent the lens width, bridge width, and temple arm length. Check your current pair of glasses for these numbers before you buy a new pair, and if in doubt, ask your eye doctor for the right measurements.

If your hope is to downplay your bigger nose, it’s best to aim for wider lenses or a slightly oversized frame. That said, it does need to fit you. If it’s too small, it will make your large nose look even bigger, as well as being uncomfortable to wear all day. And if it’s too big, it’ll keep slipping down your nose, which is annoying and could be a problem if you wear glasses with progressive lenses, which need to sit in the right place to be most effective.

If your eyewear has nose pads, you can make slight adjustments to the fit by opening or closing those. There are also other ways to keep glasses from slipping, but it’s best to get as close to the right size as possible.

You’ll know you’ve got the perfect fit for your big-nose glasses if they sit comfortably on your nose bridge, with your eyes roughly centered in the frames.

3. Choose a Flattering Bridge Type

Most glasses have one of two different bridge shapes: a saddle bridge or a keyhole bridge.

A saddle bridge (like you'll find on The Reese) fits closely to the shape of your nose bridge and highlights your nose. If you want a different look, go for a keyhole bridge, as The Twain features. This allows a slight gap between your glasses and your nose, which gives a sense of space and makes your nose look smaller.

Nose bridges differ quite widely depending on your ethnicity and inherited features. If a normal bridge doesn’t fit you, you might need to try a pair of low-bridge-fit frames. The bridge on these frames is closer to the center of the lenses, like it does in The Finley.

4. Go for Solid Frames

Rimless, semi-rimless, or metal frames tend to disappear into your face. This highlights your nose and you might not be comfortable with that just yet. So go with solid, thick frames that de-emphasize your nose and frame your eyes.

5. Choose Eye-Catching Colors

To balance out a larger nose, choose a frame color or colors that grab attention, again bringing the focus to your eyes.

One way to do this is to choose bold colors that make a statement. For example, you might go for classic black to accentuate your eyes. Or try another strong color, like dark blue or red.

Another option is to pick frames with multi-colored patterns or glasses that have differently colored frame fronts and temple arms. For example, you might choose a tortoiseshell frame front with black temple arms.

And, of course, you can always draw focus to your eyes by wearing strategic makeup for glasses.

Where to Shop for Big-Nose Glasses

The Flora & Fauna

To find glasses that check all these boxes, look no further than Pair Eyewear.

Our range of round, rectangular, and cat-eye glasses is designed to offer something for every type of face shape. Simply use our Size Guide and Virtual Try-On tool to find the best options for you.

You might want to try one of these keyhole frames for starters:

  • The Soto: a round style for medium-sized faces

  • The Otis: also round, but for wider faces

  • The Twain: square and designed for extra-narrow faces

  • The Casper: a medium, rectangular style

  • The Drew: also rectangular and works well for extra-wide faces

Our Base Frames for women or men come in several color options and can be worn on their own. But the real magic happens when you add a Top Frame of your choice — which automatically gives your glasses a different frame front from the temple arms. Our magnetic top frames come in a huge variety of colors, including sunglasses, solid shades, two-tones, and multi-colored designs.

For example, you might like one of these Top Frames for your big-nose glasses:

At Pair, we cater for all types of prescriptions, from reading glasses and single-vision lenses to progressive lenses. You can also add some useful functional features, like blue-light filters to protect your eyes and your sleep, or light-responsive lenses that change tint to shade your eyes when you move outside.

All our frames are made of hardwearing cellulose acetate, giving them a solid look that stands out. Our lenses are scratch- and impact-resistant and come standard with anti-reflective coating to reduce any glare.

And with prescription eyewear starting from just $60, you can’t go wrong with Pair.

If you have questions about our eyewear, feel free to contact us directly at [email protected].

Flatter Your Features With Big-Nose Glasses

The Teal to Espresso Gradient

If you have a larger nose, you might worry that that’s all people can see. There's a simple way to deal with it: Own it! After all, it’s part of you, so it's beautiful by default. But if you want to balance it out and draw attention to your eyes instead, a pair of big-nose glasses should do the trick.

Look for glasses that work well for your face shape and fit correctly — you don't want them to pinch or keep sliding down your nose. Choose solid frames in a bold color rather than rimless or metal ones, and go for a keyhole nose bridge if you can.

If you’re buying from Pair Eyewear, you get the best of both worlds: A Base Frame that works on its own, plus the option to add as many eye-catching Top Frames as you like. That means you'll have the freedom to change your look whenever you want.

Just remember that your unique nose is nothing to be ashamed of — after all, it’s perfect for holding up your stylish glasses!