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Trendy Fashion Glasses Take Your Style to the Next Level

Who said you can only wear glasses if you need them? Certainly not us! Fashion glasses are for everyone and can update your style in an instant. On the other hand, we also believe that glasses you do need can be fashionable too.

Let’s define what fashion glasses are and why people might wear them. We’ll review some of the latest trends in fashion glasses and explore how to make sure even prescription glasses look great on you — no designer brands required.

What Defines Fashion Glasses?

When people refer to “fashion glasses,” they usually mean non-prescription glasses, the kind you’d wear when you don’t have any vision issues. They’re often worn as a style accessory and for good reason: the right pair of glasses can take the wearer’s outfit from flattering to perfection.

And there’s absolutely no reason why a pair of prescription glasses can’t do the same.

You don’t have to be a slave to fashion either. While designer glasses styles shift from season to season — which means those designer frames you’ve paid so much for may well be residing at the back of your closet next year — some timeless trends will always be fashionable.

That said, the trend in fashion glasses is definitely tending away from serious and overdone, toward more playful and quirky or, for a change of pace, charmingly minimalist.

Let’s see what’s going on there.

The Latest Trends in Fashion Glasses

Fashion glasses: man wearing the Matcha Split Sun Top

First, let’s talk about frame shapes. Whether you’re buying non-prescription fashion glasses for fun or prescription glasses you really do need, the frame shape you choose should enhance your features. That usually means a shape that complements rather than matches your face shape.

These perennially fashionable frames suit different face shapes.

Retro Round Eyewear

Round glasses have been around since glasses were invented. Their simple, gentle silhouette evokes peacefulness, creativity, freedom, or deep intellect, depending on who’s wearing them. They’re friendly and approachable, and you can wear them to a business meeting or a hard rock concert — or anywhere in between.

Round glasses tend to suit more angular faces, balancing strong lines to create a harmonious whole.

Try these round fashion glasses for style:

Square Eyeglasses Frames

Whether they’re truly square frames or more of a gently rounded rectangle, these fashion glasses have a definite hipster vibe. Also with a creative edge, they’re found in design studios and on rock stars who don’t want to look like they’ve tried too hard. They’re like the polar opposite of powerbroking browline frames. Nobody said you can’t look good while you’re rebelling against the system.

Square and rectangular glasses work well for rounder faces with softer lines, bringing some structure and definition to the overall look.

Give these angular fashion glasses a try:

Cat-Eye Styles

Fashion glasses: The Teal to Espresso Gradient

Cat-eye glasses exude glamor and mystery — especially if they’re cat-eye sunglasses. Another retro style, this time with uptilted corners, extroverts love them in bright, eye-catching colors that demand attention. In a less vibrant color, like matte black for example, they can convey a sassy professional vibe that says you’re up and coming and take no prisoners.

The flowing lines of cat-eye frames mean they flatter many different face shapes, so it’s always worth trying them on — and despite what some people may say, many cat-eye styles are unisex.

Experiment with these cat-eye fashion glasses:

Oversized Eyeglasses

No matter what shape your frames are, you can always find a bigger version. Oversized fashion glasses with thick frames draw all eyes to your face, highlighting it — or hiding it, if you’ve gone for oversized fashion sunglasses. Either way, they’re not for the faint-hearted because they really stand out in a crowd.

Anyone can wear oversized fashion glasses. Just pick a frame that suits your face shape and make sure it doesn’t dwarf your features.

These oversized fashion glasses may be made for you:

It’s not only the frame shape that makes a pair of fashion glasses — the color counts too. Choose shades that complement your skin tone, eye color, and hair color.

Contrasting Frames and Temple Arms

This trend adds an element of fun as well as versatility. Fashion glasses with differently colored frames and arms — or with more than one color on the frame front — add interest to your face and pull attention to your eyes. They also give you different colors to play with in the rest of your outfit, since you have more than one color to choose from.

For example, you could go with crystal clear arms and bright pink front frames. Or black arms with a tortoiseshell front. Or blue tortoise arms with a gold glitter front piece.

Glasses with multiple colors can work for anyone, provided you pick colors that suit you.

Pair one of these best-seller Top Frames with your favorite Base Frame:

Where to Find Your Fashion Glasses

Woman smiling at the camera while holding 3 pairs of eyeglasses

Fashion glasses are everywhere — but if you want a gorgeous range of eyewear frame designs to choose from, plus quality materials and great prices, visit Pair Eyewear today.

Pair’s Virtual Try-On feature gives you a chance to experiment with different Base Frame shapes and colors (frames from just $60, including your prescription) before you settle on your favorite. But the fun doesn’t stop there. You also get to choose as many Top Frames as you like (starting at $25), including Sun Tops, giving you myriad options for contrasting temple arms and frame fronts.

If your eyesight is perfect as is, you can choose non-prescription lenses and simply enjoy playing with your new accessory.

If you need prescription eyeglasses though, we’ve got you covered there too. We can custom-make prescription lenses for a wide range of vision issues. From single-vision lenses or reading glasses to bifocal or trifocal progressive lenses, we do it all.

We can also add optional extra functionality if you’re looking to take your fashion eyewear to the next level. For example, if you’re often online, we recommend you upgrade to blue light blocking glasses to protect your eyes and help you sleep better after a late night of work — or gaming.

We also make light-responsive eyewear that starts with a clear lens and then darkens as you move into the sun.

Pair Eyewear frames are made from tough cellulose acetate and our lenses are scratch- and impact-resistant polycarbonate. All our eyewear comes standard with an anti-reflective coating, and if you’re shopping for sunglasses, you can rest assured that they’re 100% UV resistant, as well as polarized to reduce glare.

And if you’re buying your first pair from us, you’ll get a discount coupon to use at checkout, giving you even better value for money.

Complete Your Look With Fashion Glasses Today

Matcha Split Sun Top

Fashion glasses are often sold with non-prescription lenses, but they’re just as stylish if you opt for prescription lenses instead. Trends come and go, but some styles stand the test of time and are simply updated to suit modern tastes. Think round, square, and cat-eye styles, oversized frames, and contrasting elements like differently colored front frames and temple arms.

Pick your pair of fashion glasses from Pair Eyewear today with your choice of lenses, funky frames, and optional add-ons to suit your taste and lifestyle. With such gorgeous and up-to-the-minute options, you’ll never have to worry about your fashion choices again.