Short-Hair Glasses: Glasses Styles to Flatter Your Cut

Long hair can be beautiful but it’s not for everyone. Many women prefer shorter hair because it better suits their facial features, their hair texture, or their personality. A short haircut also often requires less effort to look good, saving you time every day — which is a real boon for busy women.

Add on the right pair of glasses, and a chic, short hairstyle can create a beautiful frame for your face.

Let’s look at some of the best short-hair glasses styles for different hairstyles, so you can find the frames that suit you best. You’ll also find out where to get those frames and how to personalize them so your whole look reflects the best version of you.

The Role of Your Face Shape When Choosing Short-Hair Glasses

Before we get into finding the right short-hair glasses for your hairstyle, there’s another element you need to consider: your face shape.

A short haircut accentuates both your features and your glasses, so it’s extra important to wear glasses that work for you. And both your hairdo and your glasses should complement your face shape.

As a general rule, when you choose a pair of glasses, aim to balance your face shape rather than match it. For example, round faces are best balanced with more structured glasses, for example, rectangular or square frames. In contrast, more angular features, like square or triangular face shapes, are often better suited to oval or round glasses, which add a little softness.

Your hairstylist will be able to recommend the best hairstyle for your face shape and your natural hair texture. Glasses can completely change the way your hair looks though, so if you already have a pair of specs, it’s a really good idea to wear those to your next hair appointment. Then your hairdresser will be able to take them into account when styling your tresses.

With that important information covered, let’s dive into some of the best short-hair glasses for you.

The Best Eyeglasses for Short Hairstyles

Short hair glasses: The Flora & Fauna

Consider your haircut, then invest in some short-hair glasses to work with that — or complement your existing glasses with a new hairdo. Either way, your glasses will add interest to your face. They can also add a feminine touch — if that’s what you’re after — to complement more severe or tomboyish short hairstyles.

Your bangs affect how your glasses look too, so remember to consider them as part of the equation.

Short Bob Haircut or Lob

Bob hairstyles are great for fine hair, and if you fancy a little more volume, a layered bob is even better. Bobs are low maintenance and especially suit longer faces, and diamond or oval face shapes. A lob is a slightly longer version of a bob – it’s more medium-length than short.

For slightly wavy or straight hair in a bob, classic rectangular glasses add width and symmetry to balance out the vertical lines. If your bob is layered or has full bangs though, you may be able to get away with round glasses to create a smart or creative look. And if you have very light, wispy bangs, cat-eye glasses can look great too.

Pixie Cut

A short pixie haircut works really well for thin hair or fine hair, and it flatters round, oval, and heart-shaped faces. For a trendy look, add choppy bangs or long bangs with a side part, which, for slightly older women, can also help you look younger.

Pair your short pixie — or your long pixie, if you prefer enough length to slick it back — with wider glasses, like rectangular or cat-eye frames. If you want to make a statement, go with big-frame glasses.

Shag Cut

With its multiple layers, the shag cut suits just about every face shape, except for very round faces. Often worn longer, it can work well for shorter hair too, especially if your hair is naturally a bit wavy or curly. It’s also a flattering short hairstyle for women over 50.

Add curtain bangs or choppy bangs to your shag cut, then try some oval or round eyeglasses. They’ll probably look great on you.

Curly Hairstyles

By its nature, curly hair tends to have a lot of volume. Women with thick, textured hair often opt to wear their hair short for easy care, and shorter curls also suit salt and pepper or gray hair. Whatever your hair color though, if you want to keep that natural volume, aim for bigger glasses to match.

Angular frames like cat-eye glasses or rounded rectangular shapes work well to balance out the curls, no matter what length they are.

Ultra-Short or Shaved Hair

Very short hair or styles with undercut sides make quite a statement and can be incredibly liberating, with no daily styling required. They suit rounder or oval face shapes best, although you’ll also want to check the shape of your head, which will be on full display.

With minimal hair to distract the eye, your glasses become the main feature. Look for styles with interesting designs or in bold colors. Oversized glasses can work really well too, if they suit your personality.

Finding Your Short-Hair Glasses

The Seascape

Now you have an idea of what sort of short-hair glasses might suit you, head on over to Pair Eyewear to pick your next pair.

Consider the suggestions above, then take advantage of Pair’s Virtual Try-On feature to check which frame shape suits you best. Our Base Frames come in a range of rim colors: clear, black, classic or blue tortoiseshell, and transparent pink or blue.

The great thing about buying your specs from Pair is that you’re not limited to just one look. Once you have your Base Frames, you can choose to add as many Top Frames as you like from our wide range of beautifully designed styles. Top Frames attach magnetically to the Base Frame, giving you a completely different look in seconds.

To choose your Base and Top Frame color, consider your skin and hair color. If, for example, you have pale skin and short blond hair, you may want to go for lighter colors so you don’t look washed out. If you have darker skin or hair, try experimenting with bolder colors for contrast.

Of course, you should also pick colors that suit your personality. So if you like to stand out and be noticed, feel free to go as bright and bold as you please. Whereas if you prefer a more subtle look, you might choose neutral colors, like the ever-versatile tortoiseshell or even clear frames, which go with absolutely anything.

Or if you chop and change from one day to the next, get yourself a few pairs of Top Frames and swap them out each day, depending on your mood, your outfit, and your activities for the day. That kind of versatility is what makes Pair great.

Pick Your Pair of Short-Hair Glasses Today

The Flowering Plum Orchard

If you’re done with long hairstyles (for now) and rocking a gorgeous short cut, you’ll want to choose a pair of short-hair glasses that works well with your look.

Consider your face shape as well as your hairdo, then pick a pair of Base Frames from Pair Eyewear to flatter them both. Add some Top Frames that look great with your complexion and hair color, and you’ll be ready to rock the world with strength and style.